How To Outsource Tough Tasks For Only $5

Do you ever get stuck on a project because you need something done, and a) you don't know how to it, b) it's taking you forever to figure out how to do it, or c) you don't want to do it?

The Solution? Fiverr!

Fiverr allows you to browser service providers who will do a task for only $5.

From header graphics and caricature drawings, to business card and logo designs - you name it, you can get it done on Fiverr for five bucks! Need someone to model your merchandise or hold your sign for an awesome unique selling graphic? No problem. πŸ˜‰

Fiverr Examples

The amount of creativity brimming in this single website is nothing short of amazing. Or you could also say... "It's amazing what people will do for five dollars!"

Think Fiverr is just for graphics? You should take a look around. πŸ˜‰

Service categories on Fiverr include:

  • Graphics & Design Work
  • Online Marketing Tasks
  • Writing & Translation
  • Video and Animation
  • Music & Audio Skills
  • Programming/Technical
  • Advertising

... and that's just scratching the surface!

Did you know you can get "cool gifts" created on Fiverr? For example, this one artist offers to create Personalized Family Tree art for you:

Personalized Family Tree Art

How cool is that?! πŸ˜€

There's literally something for everyone at Fiverr, whether you need a business task done, graphics created, or you want to get a wildly unique personal gift made for someone to totally wow them. Just browsing through the site and looking at the examples gives me all kinds of creative ideas I can use on my blogs or in my business!

The ideas for unique Social Media images alone are really cool...

Click Here and Browse Fiverr - It's FUN!

Register, browse around, and pick a project - business or personal - and spend just $5 getting a fun project done. Be sure to note the ratings and the project details, of course. Many of the providers are full-time on Fiverr and deliver super cool results!

Check it out and let me know what you think, or what cool thing you decided to have created for you. πŸ˜‰ Leave a comment below!


p.s. Have you worked with someone on Fiverr before?

Show Off Your Favorite Fiverr Projects! Leave a comment below with a link to your cover graphic, header graphic, neat promotional graphic - or something else you had done at Fiverr. We'd love to see it!!

Note: I don't recommend SEO services such as backlinks or other things that could get you penalized. Be smart about the tasks you choose!

* Disclosure: This campaign is running through Escalate Media, and I earn commission on new sign-ups that request a $5 project on Fiverr.

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  1. Ooh I had this horse video made for my best friend\'s birthday. Was a big hit as she loves horses! Really glad I got it done. Was as easy as searching horse video - I couldn\'t believe it when there was a gig there to do exactly what I wanted! Here\'s the link if that\'s OK -

  2. I had my book cover designed on fiverr. Here's the link to the kindle book:
    DeAnna Troupe recently posted..My latest book is done! Whoo hoo!My Profile

  3. I've used Fiverr several times to distribute press releases. The most recent on that did well was to promote a blog post, which in turn promoted one of our member authors and our annual contest -

  4. Lynn, I get a lot of things done at Fiverr. I have even found a few excellent writers there. Two simple Fiverr projects I had done were for videos. This one shows some of my favorite quotations about creativity:

    And this one features Professor Puppet presenting my article about conquering the fear of public speaking: This one actually cost $15, because of the length. There are gigs that end up costing more than $5, but they can definitely be worth it.

    I love Fiverr!
    Cathy Stucker recently posted..How To Get Interviewed On PodcastsMy Profile

  5. Had the video here done on Fiverr:

    I edited it to ad a zombie sign but the rest I got for $5 or maybe a little more with one or two Gig Extras. Still a lot cheaper than anywhere else.

  6. Oh Yeah! Fiverr has been my "Secret Weapon" for some time now!

    I had my Lead Magnet free report done ( It was two Fiverr gigs. One for the graphic and another to convert it to pdf and make the links!

    Also, the 1st two videos on this page ( were Fiverr gigs. Each of them took 5 gigs so they were $25 a piece but anywhere else and they would have bee $100.+ anywhere else.

    darlene πŸ™‚
    Darlene BlogBoldly recently posted..My Secret WeaponMy Profile

  7. I LOVE me some Fiverr, Lynn! I just looked it up and I have spent over $300 on Fiverr this year but received over $1200 in value! Here is my virtual assistant: imuthoni and my eBook designer - he does the inside pages of your PDF eBook with clickable links! edesign9Sue

  8. I've used Fiverr for book covers and movie intros. You can see one intro I use on YouTube videos at this link:
    Sue Painter recently posted..Marnie and Sue’s Peep Show for Small Business OwnersMy Profile

  9. I've used Fiverr for video intros and book covers. Here's a link to a YouTube video that shows one of my intros from Fiverr.

  10. Whoops! Here's the link, sorry about that, Lynn.

  11. Yes, in fact I had an order finished on Wednesday night. I used them previously. I think with this last order I have hit a gold mine!!!! I am tweaking my site to get rid of some unwanted disadvantages from the theme, and added sidebar elements so that any ad is in line with the content. (still in process). Removing anything that looks too obviously just for advertising, and mixing it up.

    Linda Todd recently posted..Success – What Does It Mean To You?My Profile

  12. Hi Lynn,
    I had my opt in PDF book cover designed at fiver. He did a great job and used by logo too. You can see it on my sidebar at

  13. You may have to weed out a few duds to find a good designer! I did and got this Kindle cover by a clever gal on Fiverr . The shortlink to the my Detox Book is Some of the best people on Fiverr soon move on once they have made a name for themselves. They are using fiverr as lead generation πŸ™‚

  14. There's a guy will yell at you for 30 seconds. That has to come in handy somehow.
    EBR recently posted..Dirty Little Secret of Marketing GurusMy Profile

  15. Lynn, thanks for this post. But, I have been using fiverr since 2011 , it is not that happening now, as it used to be. Still one should try at least once, instead of choosing top rated seller, I would always prefer new seller if I am really pressing for time.

  16. stephen says:

    i offer great writing service at fiverr too.

    here's my username: netearner

    writing service at it peak...

  17. What a great request here for input, Lynn. I will definitely come back to see examples of what other people have had done. I've used Fiverr for headers. A couple of years ago I had inserts put in a video. I'm not currently doing the program AND I am inspired by the video πŸ™‚ - on Scroll halfway through the short video to see photo inserts. Something I might do again in the future.
    Sheila Finkelstein recently posted..Giving an iPad as a Gift to Seniors – Information they Must HaveMy Profile

  18. I've used Fiverr from both sides - selling gigs and buying gigs.
    My profile page on the site:

    From both perspectives, I like the idea of small jobs and single tasks. As a buyer, sometimes you just need one aspect of something done and Fiverr is great for that. As a service provider, sometimes it's nice to fill gaps or to just work on a small project between all the other stuff that you do.
    Loretta recently posted..Stop Talking Badly About Your Clients and Customers on Social MediaMy Profile

  19. Vicki Zerbee says:

    I love fiverr and have used it for over 150 gigs. One of my favorites is for transcribing work and I found a Fiverr provider ( that does such excellent work. It really helps me for writing blog posts about audio content that I have and like to share with my readers.

  20. My new header is from 2 Fiverr gigs. First was the illustration on the right, and the second was the actual header.
    Sherry Smothermon-Short recently posted..Cub Scouts to Use Boy Scout Oath and LawMy Profile

  21. I had my logo done at Fiverr and was pleased with the service. The seller was happy to make several amendments until I was completely satisfied. I'd definitely use them again. You can check out the logo on my website.

  22. I had my logo done at Fiverr and was pleased with the service. The seller was happy to make several amendments until I was completely satisfied. I'd definitely use them again. You can check out the logo on my website:

  23. fogo my website:

  24. Lynn I just LOVE fiverr! I recommend it to all of my clients and have recently used it for a new niche website header to get my website up and running quickly without huge expense. You can take a look at it here: Being careful about which providers you use and clear on instructions are key to getting the results as close to what you are after for sure.
    Fay recently posted..The Game of LifeMy Profile

  25. LOVE Fiverr!
    Had them design my logo for my new business and they have helped a friend of mine design all her books covers and illustrations in her books. Such a NEAT site to find SO much help on!
    Kelly recently posted..Welcome to Empowering Single Parents!My Profile

  26. Nice guide Lynn. Fiverr has a few hidden gems if you look hard enough! I've managed to hook up with some great outsourcers over there for various tasks.
    Kostas recently posted..Signs That Your Infographic Will FailMy Profile

  27. Mohan Raj

    Fiverr is really a Nice site and we can get quality workers from the sites.

  28. I've used Fiverr to get some articles created, turning articles to videos or slides, and getting some social media distribution. πŸ™‚

    Overall, it's a great place to get things done for you. At a low price.

    Though it may take some digging around and trying stuff out to get a good and reliable gig provider.
    Daniel Dou recently posted..How To Multiply Your IM Productivity By 10 To 100 Times For Life!My Profile

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