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Create Ecovers with CoversCrushThis has to be the BEST, and definitely the cheapest, resource I've found for creating professional cover designs for your products!

It's called CoversCrush and I just purchased it myself for only $17. I've already started making a cover graphic too, which I'll show you...

I added on the 3D Pro version too, which was well worth it (for only $37), to create a variety of 3D cover graphics - which are great for selling your ebooks and reports.

This is a GREAT investment considering what professional cover graphics can do for your book and/or info product conversions! And of course it's a great (AND cheap!) investment if you're a service provider or VA (virtual assistant), and want to boost your resources & skillset for paying clients. πŸ˜‰

You do need Adobe Photoshop to edit these cover graphic templates, but there's a link on the download page for a FREE copy of Adobe Photoshop CS2. I went ahead and downloaded it myself to try out, even though I have Photoshop on my other computer. It works exactly the same as the full/paid version as far as I can tell. Free!

I'm one of those unfortunate people that missed the creative gene when it comes to anything visual. Things like choosing colors or hanging curtains just do not come natural for me. Sad, but true. Give me notepad and raw code and I can "doodle" all day long. But graphics - well, it's just never been my thing.

So don't fret if you're not good at the visual/creative stuff either!

The CoversCrush package comes with everything you need to create stunning graphics including the software, the fonts, and a huge variety of templates you can easily customize to your heart's content.

Here's an example of a book cover I created in a few short minutes:

ecover example

I still have to swap out the food images with my own pictures, but I got the basic cover graphic (flat version) created super fast! You probably recognize this title/example if you're following along with my Niche Success Blueprint. πŸ˜‰

Obviously many of these templates could easily be customized to use as blog post graphics or social media images. It wouldn't take much editing (or creativity) to come up with all sorts of ways to use these graphic templates in your online business!

I downloaded the original CoversCrush package ($17), but I also added on the CoversCrush Pro 3D templates as well on the next page ($37). I didn't opt for any of the other offers, just the two template packages.

I spent less than I would normally pay to get a cover graphic designed.

On that note, you can easily get someone on to do the editing for you (for only $5) if you prefer. But it was super easy, even for a non-graphics person like me!

You get A LOT with this template package so you'll have to spend a bit of time downloading and extracting the zip files, installing the software, and downloading & installing all the fonts that are included. It wasn't bad though. I just turned on some music, grabbed a snack, and got it all set up. πŸ˜€

Whether you're planning to publish Kindle books, or create niche info products to sell online, this is a great template package to have! You can easily whip out high quality cover graphics super fast for your short reports, ebooks, courses, etc.

I've had this on my "to do list" for about a week now, and I am SO glad I finally sat down and downloaded these templates! Now that I'm officially an empty nester πŸ˜€ I plan to publish quite a bit in the year ahead. I'm anxious to sit down and do some writing, and release my work with awesome cover graphics!

It's a super cool template package - I'm very impressed with it...

Click Here To Learn More About CoversCrush

^ or download it now and get started right away! πŸ˜‰


p.s. CoversCrush was originally released in August of this year, so I'm not sure how long it's going to be available or how long it's going to be this cheap. If you plan to create products or Kindle books anytime in the near future, grab it today! πŸ˜‰


*Disclosure: This is my referral link for CoversCrush, which means I will earn a commission for referring you to this awesome product. I purchased it myself, am very impressed with it, and highly recommend it!

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  1. Hi Lynn

    This looks really awesome. Can you break it down for me - how many eBooks would you write in a year? You've been in business 17 years - so $1.00 per year. I'd say that this is a bargain. I will be back to get my copy. I just have to discipline myself at the moment as I know that I don't have too much spare time for eBook writing leading up to Christmas.

    • Hi Diane,

      It's definitely a steal at that price! I also ordered the 3D Pro upgrade for $37 too, which was well worth it. It includes Facebook timeline cover graphic templates you can edit as well as the 3D cover graphic templates.

      As for how many products - ebooks, kindle books, short reports, and other info products - you could write in a year, that really depends on on your goals, and of course the length of the product. I wrote one report over a 3-day weekend. I write a "short report" every week when I put out my next Niche Success Blueprint training module. And you probably have tons of content you could repurpose as well - into free downloads, low cost reports, opt-in incentives, etc. The options are endless! πŸ˜‰

      When it comes to creating the product content, there are two great methods. One is to block off a few days, block out distractions, and just get it done. The other is to set aside a Time Block every day to get it done - whether that be 30 minutes or 90 minutes - and consistently work on it "on the side" until it's completed.

      • Thanks Lynn, I love your suggestions and especially your tip about getting into the habit of writing daily or on a timeframe.

        • I find Time Blocks work especially well for me. πŸ˜‰

          • Tried both the link above, and the one in the recent email for 'Is Passive Income a Myth' - keep getting database error. πŸ™

            Going to check out the templates now.

          • How odd that you can view and comment on THIS post yet not read the one on passive income, Bo. Interestingly you are not alone. Apparently there is an issue... though it comes up fine for me. 😐 I'm still tracking down the issue there...

    • Another thing you can try to do is ...

      ... aim for a specific number of pages a day. πŸ™‚

      Like maybe 3 pages a day. You'd finish a 90 page ebook in a month. πŸ™‚

      (Or 3x 30 page reports)

      Or 5 pages a day.

      It's also easier to start small. And to slowly build up.

  2. Grabbed it! I am paying $10/month for photoshop (photography package) so the free copy of PS alone is worth more than what I paid for the entire package.

    Great to hear from you by the way!

    Glennette Goodbread, Owner
    Premium Web Design and Hosting

    • I'm sure you'll get A LOT of use out of these templates given what you do for a living. πŸ˜‰ I'm loving the Adobe Photoshop CS2 so far by the way. It works just like my original Photoshop - and free! *cheers*

  3. I grabbed it yesterday Lynn! I haven't had time to actually use it yet, but I'm sure I will be...and excited of what all it can do. Thanks! You always share all the good resources. πŸ™‚

    • This one was a really cool find! I was glad I stumbled on it myself - perfect timing πŸ˜€ - and happy to share it too. You're going to LOVE it once you dig in!! I'm really impressed with the quality of templates and all the options you have to create brilliant cover graphics!

  4. Hey Lynn. Do you recommend the $35 upgrade? Is it still worth it if you don't do the upgrade and just get what's offered in the $17 option?

    • Hi Tishia! πŸ˜€ I did get the $37 "Pro" version that was offered on the next page. I got that because it offered 3D cover graphic templates, which I knew I would use with info products and reports.

      You can certainly just get the main product for only $17 though. They are flat covers as shown, and just like the example I shared in my post above, but VERY nice. Well worth it. You can easily use the templates for more than just book cover graphics too if you get creative - like quote graphics, illustrations, social media graphics, etc. πŸ˜‰

  5. Ron Palmer says:

    Hi Lynn,
    I tried four times to purchase the CoversCrush product, but was unable to complete the transaction. There is something strange going on between JV Zoo and PayPal. PayPal keeps denying the transaction and refers me back to JV Zoo. It's not on my end. I used the same credit card through PayPal on another website about ten minutes prior to my attempting to by CoversCrush and everything went through fine. Let me know when you or your affiliate get this problem worked out.

    Ron Palmer

    • Hi Ron,

      I purchased CoversCrush myself through my own PayPal account and didn't experience any problem. The only problem between JVzoo and PayPal is if you try to use your own referral link to make the purchase - it won't work. If you tested your own referral link it may be cookied. If that is the case, you could clear your cache, or just use a different browser to make the purchase.

      Either way, testing a different browser might be the solution: Try that and let me know if it works.



  6. I got a copy! Very excited to get started with it. Thanks, Lynn!

  7. Jason Bates says:

    Awesome, looks really good! I'd probably buy this, it looks quite a decent little tool thanks for sharing

  8. It certainly looks interesting. Would you say you get more out of this than just using photoshop or similar Lynn?

    • "Would you say you get more out of this than just using photoshop or similar Lynn?"

      - Absolutely. It would take me HOURS (if not days) to design a halfway decent ecover graphic from a blank screen. The CoversCrush Templates are a huge timesaver! Not to mention, much higher quality and more professional than I could come up with myself. πŸ˜‰

      I'm really happy with this template package. And I love that it's sold through JVZoo because I can access the package and download it from anywhere (since it's online, in my JVZ downloads).

      There are tons of designs, fonts, colors, layouts etc. It's a great deal!

  9. I have to admit; I buy a lot of these packages - not so much because I need the help to design covers (as I have a graphics background), but to SPY on the competition. πŸ™‚

    One of the major issues I have with packages like this is that it's super easy for people to make their own covers, which in one way is a good thing, but it's also bad.

    There's more to design than just images and templates.

    There is typography and how the FONT you choose is meant to work with the overall layout. Most people will use packages like this to create super fast covers, but most of them fail to pick the correct font or miss the opportunity to place the emphasis correctly.

    Using the wrong font on a line that should captivate your audience, is a major setback to great cover design. Unfortunately, this is where most people miss the mark when they use a ready-made template.

    Yes, the cover templates help you save time and money, but they don't teach you great graphic design. In fact, they hinder it.

    In my closing remark, please pay extra careful to the fonts used on the original cover template and TRY TO MATCH it as best you can (font style, color and size) because that's where the emphasis should be, according to the creator.

    It's pretty much like the headline of a blog post -- what words are most important in your title? Then that's where you place the bigger, bolder font on your cover template.

  10. Awesome package at a great price! πŸ™‚

    Thanks for sharing, Lynn.

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