A New Viral Report You’re Going To Hear About…

Over the weekend a new viral report hit the market, $7 Secrets style, that you'll probably hear about in various Internet Marketing circles in the coming weeks. It's called Instant JV Secrets, and is a collaboration of tips shared during the JV Alert Live event which just took place in Orlando, FL.

$7 Secrets style simply means this report is being released on the same model as the $7 Secret and Write That Report! products by Jonathan Leger: it sells for $7, and buyers get the option to promote the report as an affiliate and earn 100% commission...

I bought the report over the weekend to check it out. The topic is Joint Ventures, and specifically tips shared by various people who have experience doing Joint Ventures online.

They are actually updating it with even more tips, but you can download it now and then you'll get the updated version free when it is released as well. As it stands, its simply a 15-page report filled with one Joint Venture tip after the other, giving credit to each contributor. There is no filler - just tip after tip filling each page.

You also get quite a few bonuses with the report, including over 300 PLR articles. All for only $7. The only catch to the bonuses is that you have to sign up to each person's list to receive the giveaway, but you can easily pick and choose which bonuses you want and which lists you want to stay subscribed to.

Here's the link if you'd like to check this out for yourself. Obviously if you think this is something you'd like to promote for 100% commission, you'll want to get in on it early and get your review posted:

Instant JV Secrets


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  1. Melissa Ingold says:

    Wow that sounds great. That is something I will have to check out.

    Thank you so much for sharing this with us and giving us some great information about the product.

  2. Alex Newell says:

    Thanks Lynn, I wanted a low cost item to promote to my list tomorrow! :-)

  3. Makingyouricherc.om review compare site builtit sbi says:

    Nice to heat this Lynn. It's so affordable so I don't have any excuse to check it. out.

    Will check it out... :)

  4. OK, don't want to be too negative here, but this has to be the worst report I've ever wasted my money on. I really hope no-one has promoted this without checking it out, because in my opinion, it would be overpriced if they were paying you for it.

    I'm a rank newcomer when it comes to JV stuff, so was very interested in this report. However, nothing, and I mean absolutely sweet zero in this report was even news to me, never mind being a secret. I have learnt hundreds of times more than this whole report in just ten minutes on Lynn's site, or many other IM -related sites. You can get high-quality information in loads of places, you don't need to spend even $7 for poor-quality rubbish like this.

    *) Very few of the comments in here were more than about one line long. They were far too short to contain anything of use.

    *) Most of the "JV secrets" had nothing to do with JVs at all.

    *) A significant percentage of them either didn't make sense, or didn't explain what they meant.

    *) Most of them were in such poor English that they were hard to read.

    *) Quite a few of them were repeated verbatim later on.

    *) The layout was very poor. Whilst this isn't critical, it is so easy to make a report look professional that there's no excuse for selling something so badly presented.

    *) The whole thing was a blatant advert for their web site. Now I don't see anything wrong with plugging your own site *if* you're giving useful information, but this didn't.

    Sorry to be so negative, but I'm really annoyed with these people. I have bought plenty of reports and ebooks, and accept that some are better than others. I have never bought one as bad as this though. For the first time ever, I have asked for a refund.

    End of rant.

    Ta ra

  5. I agree with most of your points, Alan. The only upside being that this was a rough draft released *during* the event - and that an updated version will go out to all those who purchase now. I said in my original post:

    As it stands, its simply a 15-page report filled with one Joint Venture tip after the other, giving credit to each contributor.

    I agree on the formatting as well - I'm looking forward to seeing a much nicer update coming from them!

  6. Alan,

    My name is Dan Nickerson, and I was one of the creators and organizers of this product.

    As we stated on the site, InstantJVSecrets was launched live as an experiment, and to help raise money for charity.

    It was a work in progress and we promised to add more value and updates after the initial launch.

    Participants were asked to contribute JV and Product Launch Tips (not just JV tips) and helpers typed furiously so that we could launch in the 90 minute window.

    Typos and dupes have been corrected.. 3 Joel Comm ebooks have been added to the download Zip File and more tips are being added.

    (we didn't even have the time to enter them all)

    And most importantly.. Over $1000 has been raised for charity in just 2 days.

    You're entitled to Rant.. but come on.. we made it very clear it was a work in progress.

    Check out the new video on the site to see us all working hard on the project..

    Also, if you want some exposure, and as you say, have 100's of JV Tips of your own, please feel free to contact me and I'll add some of yours to the report.

    I must say, I do find it strange you never learned the tip about picking up a free backlink when making a blog comment though.


    Dan Nickerson

  7. Bobby Bentley says:

    Hey Lynn,

    After reading the mixed reviews and your responses, I can tell you have the inside scoop.

    Is the next version of this book going to be a part of the paid product or given to people that buy the main product?

  8. Hi Bobby,

    If you purchase now, you'll get the updates too - at no extra cost 😉

  9. Nice one! Another easy way to make more money.

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