Day 3 of StomperNet Live: It’s Official!

Its Sunday morning, and day three of the StomperNet LIVE event here in Atlanta, GA. I am sitting in on the first session with Beth Schneider of who is speaking on creating business systems, and specifically how to work less & make more.

The weekend has been a huge success so far, in terms of inspiration and connections. A few updates for you: I am officially a "Stomper" now, there are 5 joint venture opportunities I am looking into and the number of followers on my Twitter account has more than tripled since I've been here...

Yesterday I had the opportunity to meet Joan Stewart of Publicity Hound. Joan is absolutely fabulous! We met while talking to Tom Ham, the Affiliate Manager for StomperNet:

You may remember that I was an affiliate for StomperNet several years ago when Brad and Andy first released Stomping the Search Engines. I believe that was 2004 (wow). Anyway, I have not been an active affiliate since they took that product off the market - so I was able to remedy that while talking to Tom yesterday. I was very impressed with his attention to affiliate issues by the way - the entire StomperNet staff is nothing short of amazing. It has been impressive to watch them in action this weekend.

Being 'on the inside' as a StomperNet member is going to benefit you as well. I am looking forward to returning home and logging in to learn more about their systems and absorbing some of their incredible training material. You can bet I'll be testing and tracking, and sharing the results with you here 😉

Stay tuned here at ClickNewz, or follow along on Twitter - I'll give more updates every chance I get!

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  1. Jim Corbett says:

    Hi Lynn,
    sorry I messed you. There really was lots going on there and the staff performed admirably. I got the chance to meet Tom as well. What a really great guy he is. Any way, I hope to see you next time and maybe chat in the forums.

  2. I agree on both counts - Tom is awesome, and the staff was impressive! Let's definitely try to connect at the next event (this Fall, right?) and I'll keep an eye out for you in the StomperNet forums. I just got hooked up over the weekend, and hope to log in and check it out tonight 😉

  3. Jim Corbett says:

    Yes Lynn, every 4 months or so except December!

  4. Excellent 😀 See you then!

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