Cool Links For Today (Share Yours Too)

I scanned through Twitter this morning and found 5 cool links that I saved to check out later. I was checking each of them out just now, and decided to share them here with you as well:

  • Stefani Partin updated the lens for Squidoo Resources: To Make Money With Your Lens this morning. Several free downloads/resources offered.

  • How do you take basic, boring facts and turn them into compelling content that attracts and holds attention? Content so compelling that it also sparks a social media conversation? See The Ira Glass Guide to Link Bait on Copyblogger.
  • The Hot Seminar Series is open and taking registrations. Be sure to sign up for this free series. I'm speaking on June 25th 😉

Surf anything cool today? Share it with us below!


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  1. Nice share.
    Maybe I should follow the way you do every morning, scanning Twitter and find some good links and sharing them again.
    Thanks anyway.

  2. Stefani says:

    Great post! Thanks for the plug!

  3. Great post! I'm going to be checking these out periodically throughout the week. I'm not a huge fan of social networking, mainly due to the lack of time I have to maintain relations and acquire followers, but I do know it is becoming a prime tool in marketing and increasing readership on a blog or subscription site. I found a great article from discussing how to get more followers on Twitter and methods that work. It is lengthy, but very informative. Enjoy!

  4. Sorry for hogging the comments, but here's another great resource for all you social networking crack-heads.. It is another post by Maki from and he provides a comprehensive guide to using StumbleUpon to generate massive amounts of traffic to a site or blog. Again, it is fairly lengthy, but super-informative! Enjoy!

  5. Most welcome Stefani 😉

    Thank you for the links, Elijah - will check those out!

  6. Jan - queenofkaos says:

    Since I installed twhirl I have spent far too much time browsing links, but here are a few good ones from this morning.

    Very funny video spoofing social networking/marketing

    very cool site with stuffed toys made from kids

    interesting take on blog posting frequency

  7. The Squidoo link is quite timely for me Lynn, thanks!

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