What is Internet Marketing? -wake up call!

"I'm still not convinced that Internet Marketing isn't just a bunch of Internet Marketers selling Internet Marketing products to other Internet Marketers..."

Internet Marketing can mean a lot of things: promoting your existing business on the internet; promoting a pay-per-lead affiliate program with pay-per-click advertising; blogging about an interesting topic and monetizing it with advertising or affiliate sales; running a discussion forum on a hot topic; creating a niche affiliate site that sells pet toys or athletic shoes; starting a service-based business that you manage virtually and promote online...

Internet Marketing simply means that you are marketing... on the internet.

Learn Internet Marketing Step-by-Step

There are a lot of people that teach Internet Marketing that have never been successful at marketing anything online outside of the Internet Marketing niche.

There are even people trying to teach Internet Marketing that haven't been successful at all. You should be wary of these folks, and also of the temptation to become one of them.

There is a little pocket of space on the internet known as the IM scene or the IM space where Internet Marketers of all skill levels congregate and talk among themselves. They network, tweet, blog, consume each other's products & podcasts... and become so entrenched in the scene that they begin to believe they are "Internet Marketers" simply because they're part of this 'elite club'.

C'mon... Seriously - that's like AOL users thinking they were on the internet back in the late 90's - when most of them had never even left the AOL intranet at all! I knew people who had 'been online' for 2 years - that had never even been on the internet (lol).

If you're time spent online consists of "everything Internet Marketing" this might be a good opportunity to take stock.

Who are you?

What is your business?

What are your skills?

You should be studying the Market Leaders in your niche, and creating a readership & following in your own market.

Everyone who intends to make money online, promote a business on the internet or start an internet business should study Internet Marketing. Not to be consumed by that community, but to study and then apply the methods to their own business model.

Just imagine for a moment... how much more you could earn by implementing the strategies you learn - than you could by trying to resell those training products to other people.

I'm one to talk, you say? I have been involved with this industry since the late 90's (this is my 18th year). I have the skills, the knowledge and the experience to hold the position of a Market Leader in this niche.

I also use the strategies I learn (and teach) in other niches myself. I have dozens of niche affiliate sites in a variety of markets, which is where most of my case studies and ideas originate.

I have watched the market grow and evolve firsthand over the last 17+ years. And personally, I think it's high time for a wake-up call, and for positive change.

Cut the apron strings already! Step outside the Internet Marketing space and claim your own profitable space on the 'net. Figure out what you're going to do online, and then do it 100%. With the same passion and addiction that thousands do (unsuccessfully) for the so-called "Internet Marketing club" (the AOL of online marketing).

If you're not sure that Internet Marketing isn't just a bunch of Internet Marketers selling Internet Marketing products to other Internet Marketers... then get out there and prove it. πŸ˜‰

Learn Internet Marketing Step-by-Step

I buy a lot of products online - and not just info products. I bought my dishwasher, computer desk, airline tickets, home decor, laptops, home electronics, patio set, gifts, etc online. I also sell these types of products online (as an affiliate).

There's SO much more to Internet Marketing than ebooks and membership sites...


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  1. Paul Cooley says:

    I love what you said Lynn.."to study and then apply the methods to their own business model." So true and so easy to get caught up in things that don't bring in any income.

    • There have been many instances of companies indulging in Internet marketing denting the confidence of people using unfair trade practices. Instances of common law frauds are not hard to find when some people have lost money dealing with such companies.

    • i know people who tried to study and applied the earned knowledge only partially. and you know what? they say it doesn't work. i believe it doesn't work only in case you're not doing your best for internet marketing.

  2. Wendy Merritt says:

    OMGsh! I know! Lately, I have found myself studying too much and not implementing enough. Some of these marketers put out so many marketing materials it leaves one wondering when would they have had the time to have even tried any of their own strategies. For a moment I got caught up in the hype with the plethora of IM materials being shamelessly marketed to death. But then again, isn't IM products a niche too?

    Just yesterday I committed to not buy another, join another, look at another internet marketing plan/program/ebook/seminar/CD series/teleseminar/DVD/podcast until I have fully utilized some of the ones I have started, and embarrassed to say...not finished. I am now at the place where my goal is execution and achievement which will lead to profitability. Thanks for the push!


    P.S. I love you on IMTW!

  3. Thank you Wendy! This post was actually inspired by the latest IMTW Podcast (Episode 13) - as was the question quoted at the very top of this post, which came from a good friend following Paul Colligan's introduction on that episode πŸ˜‰

    And don't feel bad - I've been doing a lot of studying & learning myself lately, and am feeling the same way. Time to buckle down and implement! My confession of the day is this: I miss spending the majority of my time working on MY affiliate sites (outside of IM). While they are still running and profitable, I miss working with them hands-on like I used to. I'm feeling particularly inspired to get back to a better balance of my time!

  4. One of the best articles on Internet Marketing I have read. πŸ™‚

  5. Vince Samios says:

    One sentence of your article REALLY resonated with me, as a "real" internet marketer, and its a view I share very strongly.

    "There’s more to Internet Marketing than ebooks and membership sites…"

    And guess where the money isn't? ebooks and membership sites!

    • Hi Vince! I wouldn't say that there isn't any money in ebooks and membership sites - but rather there is money to be made in so many other ways. Many of them much easier, and some much more profitable.

      It seems people get so caught up in "Internet Marketing" that they forget there are other things selling like hotcakes online, and that the opportunity is wide open in most markets!

  6. I think most that buy Internet Marketing products actually don't have a business to utilize the information in. I don't think they have a niche at all and finding a niche is all but easy finding one you can make money in is even harder. Most will fail again and again and again. Maybe never to succeed.

    So first step is to study the market and find something you can make money doing then you can get IM stuff to improve what you are doing. But in most cases buying IM stuff is just throwing away money because you can get better info in a $20 book from Amazon or using Google.

    • Hmm. I would disagree with that, or consider it a generalization at best. I get a lot of good resources, ideas & tips from reports and "ebooks". Personally I think you get out of it what you want to- the value lies in implementation, not price.

      Obviously it pays to only consume information you need at any given time, not just randomly reading/studying with no specific objective.

      I use Google and buy a lot of books from Amazon as well, but when it comes to the latest trend or method, or an interesting case study, info-products are where it's at.

      • Lynn,

        One of the biggest mistakes I made in my study of internet marketing was in buying and downloading information for the future. The problem with that tactic is that things change so rapidly in IM that the strategies which worked in 2005 don't work the same way in 2009. Some things (e.g. - Google Cash Method) don't work at all as they were originally taught because Google keeps re-inventing themselves.

        The biggest problem I see as a direct result of my stockpile mentality is that even now I have difficulty consuming the limited downloads I take advantage of.

        If I could come up with a better way of providing information to people, and which gets them immediately engaged in the process, I'd be rich.


        Being a self-starter is NOT easy! Neither is learning in a vacuum. That's why I love your forum!

        Deb Gallardo

  7. I'm glad you did this post, Lynn. I had similar thoughts while listening to your excellent discussion on IMTW. As someone relatively new to "Internet Marketing", though with years of tech/web development experience, I've agonized a bit about the cannibalistic tendencies of the IM field (feeding of their own kind). While I'm sure there are many categories of products that can sell well online, finding a really good new niche can be hard. You won't find a market for e-products associated with athletic shoes, nor will athletic shoes make you 50% commissions. But IM e-products will. The products having million dollar launches all seem to be in the IM field. I know there are high-payoff products out of the IM niche, but it takes some serious mining to find them. Logically, we should all merege our marketing efforts with our own knowledge and interests. Still, I've tested a few of mine and found that some of my favorite interests do not pay very well on the web. Still, I slog on-- and listen to you!

  8. Good points Wade, and worth further discussion!

    Million Dollar Launches, you say? Keep in mind that more than half of those earnings are paid out in affiliate commission and staff/outsourcing. Consider what they have invested in the development and fulfillment of the product (yes, even info products). Take that off the top, then split the remaining amount in half (at least - many top JV partners earn more than 50%).

    That "million dollars" just turned into $300k (give or take).

    Sure that still equates to a 5-figure monthly income (if you can pull off a major product launch every single year). But I know affiliate marketers and online business owners in other markets making a high end 5-figure income as well.

    Most of the "million dollar payday gurus" actually live product launch to product launch - similar to paycheck to paycheck! And is it stable - or is the market volatile? How many years do you think the market will sustain this model?

    Dooce (Heather Armstrong) earns a 6-figure income from her personal blog. There are people with iPhone apps selling for 99c each that are earning an easy 5-figure monthly income. I know affiliate marketers that are earning WAY more than Internet Marketing Gurus in their own niche...

    A few things to consider πŸ˜‰

    p.s. Don't feel like you have to find a "new" niche, or that you have to create info products in the niche you choose. And forget commission percentages- a lower commission with a much higher conversion rate (and TONS less maintenance / customer service) can be a much nicer biz to manage!

  9. Lisa Wood says:

    Hi Lynn - this post was so refreshing. I really enjoyed the last IMTW episode. It's true that in the IM circle a lot of things get regurgitated. The key is to pick out what you can use, and act on it. You've given me some great ideas. πŸ™‚

  10. Thanks for your explanation, great ideas from your blog help me understanding how to build internet marketing business easily

  11. Lynn,

    What a great article! I think all "Internet Marketers" should read this...and reflect on it. The fact is that most people don't want to take the time to apply the skills they can learn from the myriad of "courses" they buy from the "gurus." Instead, they buy into the promise of making millions of dollars and try to push the same stuff that supposedly makes so much money.

    I especially like your comment above on the "million dollar" launches. When you do the math, it does not even come close!

    Success requires that one stop looking for the silver bullet and focus on getting one thing accomplished at a time.

    Thanks Lynn!


    • Good point Wil - there's a quote that says something along the lines of "overnight success takes 10 years to achieve". Even the Internet Marketing Guru's that have achieved great financial success had to go through the steps and stages to get where they are. It doesn't happen overnight for anyone.

      While you can work smarter instead of working harder... there's still work involved.

  12. Too much of the IM world is IMers selling IM stuff to IMers. No doubt about it. But I do believe that many of those who are involved in that scene are doing things in other niches. It just doesn't make a lot of sense to tell potential competitors all about it.

    • No, it doesn't. I used to feature my own sites in case studies and readily show them as examples - but I don't anymore. Unfortunately it seems there is always someone that wants to copy your niche/domain/site/concept to a tee instead of using an ounce of their own creativity. It's a shame really - but that burned me from sharing real world examples, which were a great part of my case studies in the past.

  13. John Reese says:

    Great post, Lynn!

    It all simply comes down to one thing... FUNDAMENTALS.

    The working fundamentals for online marketing work in any niche. Create a model. Apply the fundamentals (creating content, driving traffic, building a list, monetizing the traffic) and then scale it. That's it. That's how you build an online business in ANY niche.

    With that being said, there's nothing wrong with people that want to sell to the IM niche. It's arguably one of the best niches online. The problem, however, is when people try selling to the IM niche and don't know what they're talking about - like you pointed out. It's like the blind leading the blind and becomes incestuous.

    If someone wants to make money from the IM niche they certainly have every right to do so. But they need to be extra sure that they know what the hell they are talking about - otherwise they're misleading someone and their family's livelihood. Serious stuff.

    But the bottom line is that most people don't work the fundamentals. If you learn to work the fundamentals it's also impossible not to succeed in ANY niche that interests you.

    Oh and I do want to make one more comment... you're actually a bit off about the "million dollar launches." The affiliate commissions that are paid out on launches are almost always never even close to 50% of the revenue. There's always quite a bit of 'breakage' from people that just go to the web site directly and bypass using a affiliate links - whether intentional or not. Sometimes prospects keep hearing about a product and later they do a Google search on it; rather than clicking affiliate links that came with the promo that told them about it initially. Then there's also the fact that most of the big marketers that are able to pull off a huge launch already have their own large following (and list.) A lot of sales come from their own list. So typically the affiliate-driven revenue on a launch ends up being anywhere from 30-75% of the total revenue; but nowhere near 100% which pays out half to affiliates. So if a marketer does a $1MM in launch revenue, it's almost impossible for them not to net at least $600K or more. I've yet to have a launch that did over $1MM in a day (and have had several of them now) that didn't end up making me at least $1MM in net PROFIT.

    But I can only speak for myself and 'some' of the big launches I've been privy to details on. I'm sure there are a few marketers that don't maximize their launches and make a lot less. But overall I think they make a lot more than some people realize.

    Great article, Lynn! Keep up the killer work.


    • Thank you for the clarification on million dollar launches, John - all great points of course. I think the outcome depends largely on who the person is, and how much pull they have in the market personally.

      I love your point about fundamentals, and about simply following the steps to create a model that works. You covered that well in Traffic Secrets 2.0, which is an awesome course for anyone that really wants to wrap their mind around the IM business model before jumping in head first.

      True also that Internet Marketing IS a good niche - I dont disagree with you. In fact, I think the industry could use more people to teach it, and teach it right. There is certainly room for someone to rise to the top that is willing to go the distance.

      The problem I see, and what I wanted to point out in this post specifically, is that there are too many people simply consuming information but not taking action on it. Or getting more involved in the Internet Marketing niche, than they are their own.

      If the lady that sells dog sweaters got as involved in her niche communities, as she does in the IM communities, she would easily rise to the top of that niche...

  14. What a GREAT and refreshing post, Lynn. And perfect timing for me - since I had just signed up for some more IM education for a monthly membership recently - felt overwhelmed and cancelled it --- and realized if I just would implement what I know - that is, posting to my blog daily or at least every couple days - would be a much better use of my time and energy. That is, really focusing.

    Yes, and I am on too many lists - and do keep getting caught up in thinking I need to learn more IM - but I already know a lot, I just need to implement it and not get so distracted!

    Thanks for a great subject and great content, Lynn!

    • Hey Diana,
      It takes a balance, for sure. In this industry we must continue to learn and grow, as it is ever growing and changing. But without consistent action on our part, we won't ever get where we want to be. I do try to spend at least an hour a day studying or listening - and then spend the rest of my day working on my sites & projects. It pays to be in the know, so long as we balance that with action.

  15. Chris Cobb says:

    When I started I invested a lot of time and money trying to understand the whole concept of Internet Marketing and had almost come to the same conclusion as your opening quote.

    After attending NAMS and meeting true Internet Marketers, I came away with a focus and game plan for building an Internet Marketing business. Now I look for targeted information products to improve my skills in areas I feel deficient.

    I'm hoping that the Internet Marketing community at Cagora will be a place that people like me can find trusted targeted information, share successes and frustrations and then go out in the world and implement.

    Thanks for your valuable information and advice.


    • You bring up a good point, Chris. I think a lot of people try to learn it ALL before they get started. The problem is, you can never learn it all - which creates a beautiful active long-term market for Internet Marketers. And a frustrating experience for "newbies".

      I always say that you should only try to learn exactly what you need to know right now, to accomplish what you are trying to achieve right now. Nothing more, nothing less. It doesnt make sense to try to learn everything you can about SEO, before you even choose a niche.

      Internet Marketing is an ever-changing, ever-growing industry where you simply need to jump in and get your hands dirty... and learn as you go.

  16. Lisa Marie Mary

    Great post, Lynn - I was excited when I saw the quote at the top to see that you were going to expand on that question that was raised on IMTW!

    It's funny, as I was reading your post, I was thinking of Washington, DC - and how the people living in 'that bubble' are some of the people irritating a lot of Americans the most of all! And that's one of the reasons why Obama is so refreshing! But it's the same thing, you know - the IM community, at times - in certain ways. A bubble with blinders on to the rest of the world.

    Interesting confession - which proves your point to a 'T': the first money I made online was selling a one-time-payment membership through Clickbank to this internet marketing learning community. I'd tell ya the guy's name, but, that's neither here nor there. The thing was - the marketing materials provided for us to 'sell' more memberships. I think one of the emails read something like, "I made my first sale in 48hrs!" or something goofy like that. Like "I" was going to teach people how to make money online - when I'd yet to actually MAKE any money online. And that's what the whole thing was based on. Sure there was all kinds of information and actual tutorials within the site, but, it was still just the blind leading the blind.

    I absolutely loved this line from your post:
    "Be the John Reese in your own niche!"

    That's awesome!!! That I can visualize! You know?

    • Absolutely! Expect more from that IMTW episode to show up here. The format was unplanned so my responses were completely "off the cuff", but there was such great feedback that I decided to expand on some of the points here in individual posts. Elite Members can expect a complete PDF Transcript of Episode #13 to show up in the private forum later this week as well πŸ˜‰

  17. For anyone reading along that is NOT subscribed to IMTW- it's a weekly podcast that I do alongside Ed Dale, Michelle MacPhearson & Paul Colligan. Get subscribed! http://www.InternetMarketingThisWeek.com

  18. Why do I have that weird avatar? How do I get my photo on here?

  19. George Tran says:

    Fantastic article Lynn!

    I totally agree. Frankly, the biggest obstacle to people's success in my experience is people's unwillingness (or inability) to take action. All the knowledge in the world is not going to put money into one's bank account unless one actually do something to make it happen. Even if those actions lead to mistakes...at least "you're in the game"; learn from one's mistakes and keep trying till you succeed.

    When I started 1Shoppingcart, I didn't have all the answers...I just did it and let nothing stopped me. I frankly didn't even have a complete marketing plan, I just knew it was a solution internet marketers needed and ran with it.

    Keep up the good work. I love your podcasts with Ed, Paul and Michelle!

    George Tran
    Author of "The Social Marketing Manifesto"
    Success Strategies for Small Businesses using Social Media

  20. Thanks, Lynn. I've signed up at http://en.gravatar.com/ so this will be my first test if it works!

  21. Carrie Lauth says:

    When I got started, I made the same mistake a lot of people make: I launched a site about how to make money online. πŸ™‚

    Later on I started launching niche sites as an affiliate, and even though I still offer an info product or two for online marketers and publish tips on my business blog, I've mostly moved away from that niche.

    Great article as usual!

  22. Amen! And the rest is to stop buying stuff and get down to work whatever your niche.

  23. Rick Falls says:

    Hi Lynn,

    Excellent post.
    Clearly you've hit a hot spot with many of us.

    I began with a large outlay of cash to a guru of sorts
    only to learn that I didn't even know what I didn't know.

    I did come away with a product and a niche that I like and I'm still working on some ways to expand my vision for it.

    I was hoping you might have an idea to guide me towards that vision or at least help me determine if I'm just flat out delusional.

    After a year plus and thousands of hours of learning things I'd mostly rather not know and realzing that I could have outsourced them to someone I ended up with http://www.whymembershipsitesrock.com .

    Trouble is It didn't convert well enough to even merit a launch with my JV mentor and in spite of the fact that I'm proud of my accomplishment It's moving slowly. Working but moving slowly.

    I am asking for some guidance on further exposing the membership model of business to virtually any individual or company that would like to create a consistent income in their chosen field of expertise.

    I feel that we've all spent way too much time chasing someone elses widget instead of doing what we as individuals love to do, and then sharing that knowledge (for a small fee) as we become better at it and as we help others learn it better and earn from it can only result in a win for everyone involved.

    Most people would be happy with a real income of a hundred bucks a month more online than they make now.

    If they combine their energy and their passion to go on to help others learn say "rock gardening" or whatever lights their fire after creating and selling a simple ebook and charging five or ten bucks a month for others to learn it everybody wins.

    Any ideas or direction that you could point me that would help me expose the concept of having ones own membership site in a passionate topic of their own choice?

    I truly appreciate all that you've had to say and John Reese commmenting on your blog is pretty sweet !

    Thanks again, Rick Falls

    • Hi Rick,
      I read your sales copy, and I'm still not sure what I would receive if I submit my name & email address on the page. Is it a free course, or a free audio file, or... what?

  24. Lauren Reagan says:

    An interesting and insightful post, thanks for bringing it to our attention.
    Lauren Reagan

  25. Mike Murphy says:

    Hi Lynn,

    Great post and I think it touches on the main reason many struggle so much to get going with an online business which is, of course, the shear volume of opportunities and methods that can be chased after.

    The day I discovered internet marketing, I said "I've got to find a way to make money online and then develop a product where I teach people to make money online". I know, I'm just evil right? πŸ™‚

    I've spent WAY too much time trying to figure out "what" to do when it all boils down to what that John Reese guy said above... "Apply the fundamentals (creating content, driving traffic, building a list, monetizing the traffic) and then scale it".

    At first glance, internet marketing seems like an endless sea of unanswered questions. Yes, the answers ARE scattered all over the place but they're out there right?

    Find out what people are buying and sell it it to them....

    Taking that and doing it online is all internet marketing is...to me anyway.

    Great blog and great webinar today!


  26. Hey Lynn,
    Thank you for writing this post. You tell us all like it is and it's refreshing to know I'm not the only one wondering about certain issues I see prevalent online.

    I was sucked up in the IM glamor for a while then realized I want to reach folks who are more in line with my vision. That's not to say, I won't play in other fields, but internet marketing to other marketers can be so time sucking and frankly just overwhelming.

    I loved your definition of marketing on the internet. If any of us sell online we are internet marketers. I just explained this to Dh the other day as he thought I was studying yet another course to sell eproducts (and of course, thought it was more wasted time). Nope, I do very well selling books online, too, and yes, much of the popular IM techniques cross over to the hard good based business model online. For me, it has been an education I may not have had otherwise and has helped me become successful in trading time for dollars online - I knew nothing about sales before selling online. Marketing is marketing, I think... That said, eventually I will get to where my passive income is as much as my online book business income. When we talked numbers at your webinar I assumed you were talking passive income.

    Lovely how the internet is so accommodating. Isn't it? My favorite attribute with marketing online is the ability to be as creative as we want with so much flexibility as we grow our businesses. It doesn't get much better than that now, does it? Well, I suppose jaunts to Australia do put that icing right there on that cake, too!

    Gotta love the life.


  27. It's too easy to become absorbed in Internet Marketing because that's what most people end up having to do no matter which online business they start off in. For example, I didn't intent to start blogging about internet marketing but that's what happened. It's become one of the main things I'm truly interested in and it's just easier to talk about what you're passionate about.

  28. Tyrone – Internet Business Path says:

    True! True! We must all cut out the apron strings.

    Nowadays, people think that internet marketing is just for a few things. False, internet marketing has a wide ranging area. You may not know it but maybe you are already in one!

    Guess there really is a need for the wake up call.
    I also liked the part wherein you said:
    "So what if you couldn't be a John Reese? Be a John Reese in your own niche!"

    Nice post: Informative and highly motivating!

  29. i just love your writing style, straight to the point, factual, and it doesn't matter if the reader isn't going to like it because you tell it how it is, not what the reader wants.

    i've had a rough few weeks so i haven't explored everything yet but you could do an awesome job, i think, writing a short e-book for people who have never done anything with niche, affiliate, keywords, or marketing, as a step 1 do this or that, in the same way you write your posts.

    lol then again i wouldn't be surprised if you already have, i probably just haven't come across it. I would like to do some small affiliate marketing, just to make a few small sales here and there, lol so i'll keep studying your blog i'm sure i will pick up a lot.

    hope all is well and happy halloween!!


    • Hey Richard,

      First, thank you πŸ˜€ I appreciate your feedback and kind words. For affiliate marketing, check out my overview of the Super Affiliate Handbook. It's the resource you're looking for in regards to step-by-step help, and it's the guide that turned ME into a super affiliate. πŸ˜‰

  30. Gail J Richardson says:

    Great post Lynn and so inspiring as usual. You always explain things so anyone can understand them. 2010 is a new beginning for a lot of us.I really feel like I am going somewhere now that I have learned to put IM in it's place and use it for internet marketing. Have a Happy New Year.
    Gail J Richardson

  31. Edward Cannell says:

    A shocking good article.

    Shocking to me because I have not managed to create a stampead of traffic to any web sites, although I get them in the top 10 with Google for their keywords. Still, these are not the highly competitive keywords.

    I am changing things around and my focus is to get busy with the targeted traffic building aspect of web marketing and in the process I have come to see that a lot of web marketing is more like poison than anything else.

    Lynn, you say "Step outside the Internet Marketing space and claim your own profitable space on the net" and I agree.

    When I first heard the terms "Push Marketing" and "Pull Marketing" I realized there was a choice for small business owners. Push marketing is expensive and requires deep pockets and sustained advertising, while pull marketing is a trade off where you save your money and devote more time. Time spent doing what I'm doing right now.

    But pull marketing is an investment in time because it takes time to build momentum. It takes time, patience and perseverance. So many want instant results, and so the spend money to promote their site.

    I need to prove to myself that a web site can come from obscurity to a reasonable notoriety without advertising. I am tempted to get the ball rolling with advertising except I would lose the claim I want to make when I succeed.

    The most interesting discovery for me, and the one I'll leave you with, is that the web, like any network, wants to share. Therefore, business marketing would do better by sharing to attract their markets instead of advertising - which breaks up the flow of sharing.

  32. I am always bemused by highly successful Internet Marketers who want to 'share' the secret that made them millionaires for $47. I have to admit that if I had a secret that made me a millionaire, I wouldn't tell a soul! Of course we know the secret that we buy for $47 is in fact how to sell a secret for $47 to others who want to millionaires and are willing to pay $47.

  33. Great post Lynn..

  34. Mitchell Shields says:

    Hi Lynn,

    This post should be required reading for anyone thinking of starting a business online. People want financial freedom so bad, they're willing to put logic aside and buy in to anyone selling the dream.

    I was searching Google for internet marketing blogs and reached your site.
    This post is one I will definitely recommend to my readers.

    Thanks for telling it like it is!


    P.S. We met at JV alert Atlanta.

  35. Thanks for this, it's a subject I have thought about also, every IM seems to be selling marketing courses to other "wannabe" marketers, who then are advised to resell same course. I feel that internet marketing should be more about actual product affiliation. I don't know but perhaps internet marketing may get a bad reputation, I know myself, I have bought numerous e-courses,e-books etc, on marketing...

  36. I've read and heard this same advice a thousand times over. But only 30 minutes before I read it, I was thinking the same thing you mention in this article. Tonight I think you drove the point home. Though the "internet marketing" niche is truly fascinating to me and I love to read all I can about it, I also equally know there are other ways to have great success. Though I don't have dozens of sites, I do have a few other affiliate sites that need my attention. To be continued...
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