Time to Remove Adsense…

Before you lurch forward in your chair, poised to defend Adsense and share your heartfelt opinion... I'm not at all referring to that Death of Adsense report here. Not in this post anyway.

What I'm referring to is the time of year. It's time to remove Google Adsense on your niche sites, in preparation for the holiday shopping season. Now if you have a content site that capitalizes on the rise in advertising dollars spent during the last quarter - you can ignore this advice. 😉

But if you placed Adsense ads on your niche site just to earn a little income during the slow months, now is the time to remove it and put the products back in the forefront!

While you're at it, get some fresh inbound links and add a few new quality content pages as well. Blow the dust off your mailing list and let your subscribers know you're still alive. Add a blog if you havent already, or ramp up your blogging to 3-5 posts/day. It's time to get serious about holiday traffic & sales!


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  1. A lot of people miss this...I told my friend about this the other day, but he is in a "comfort zone" with how much he makes in AdSense, so he doesn't want to make a move. Any advice to get him moving on it?

  2. Tell him to at least test it out on a small scale, then he can see the results for himself 😉

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