1. Create Your Own Info Products

Part ONE of the 10 Ways to Make Money Online Series

By now I assume you have already downloaded and read the special report by Jimmy D. Brown that we're discussing in this series. If not, click the link above to see the original post and download the 30-page report.

The first method that Jimmy shares to earn at least $10,000/month online is to create your own products. In this post we'll review Jimmy's advice, and discuss the options for creating profitable info products...

Create and Sell Your Own Information Products

This first method of making money online can be found on pages 6-8 of Jimmy's report. He gives a few topic ideas for creating info products, but the topic and the creative slant for your product title is really up to you.

Personally I like short reports, simply because they are easy to create and easier to consume. Gone are the days of writing a 300-page $97 ebook. It's the 30-page $27 reports that are flying off the virtual shelves!

The goal is to brainstorm topics you might have some knowledge on or experience with, and then of course you'd want to do your keyword & market research as well.

See: Frustrated with market research or finding niches?

The most difficult thing about creating your own products is... doing it. Seriously. Jimmy suggests that you turn off the ringer, lock the doors, shut off your email and instant messengers and set a goal. Then stick with it until you're done.

There are other options, of course, such as outsourcing or hiring a ghostwriter. You can research either one of those on your own at Google, but Jimmy suggests checking out Outsource Weekly.

Now if you're like most people, you got stumped about 2/3 of the way through Page 7 - where Jimmy starts using big words like: set up a website, lead-capture system, backend sales system, yada yada yada.

That's the exact reason that I published my own Fast Cash Strategy. You can check out the main page and see there's nothing fancy there at all. The goods are in the report though, and it works like a charm - without a website, without a list, and without all the yada yada yada. If you haven't read it yet, you can get it here for only $10. You'll also get another of my reports free as a secret bonus - it will show you exactly what I do to make money in super competitive niches. ๐Ÿ˜‰

The one thing you will need is a mailing list & autoresponder system - a way to collect email addresses of every buyer, and follow up with them. I use Aweber, which is the industry leader, and you can get a free trial to start.

You'll also need a way to write the report and publish it in PDF format. Most people use and recommend OpenOffice.org, which is free to download.

Reports, Ebooks, and...

There are other formats to consider for creating info products as well. Some ideas include:

  • Live Teleseminars
  • Audio Products
  • How-to Videos

It's no secret that creating your own info products is a great way to make money online. It's not even that difficult to do. For every single hurdle you could imagine or come up with, there's a fairly simple solution.

Let's make this easy: If you have a hurdle with creating your own products then post it below and I'll personally reply with a workaround, resources or some fresh ideas.

But in addition to having a product to sell for the purpose of making money, having your own product comes with other benefits. It puts you in a position to do Joint Ventures, to participate in popular online Giveaway events, and to set up your very own affiliate program.


Listen in to the Live Replay of this topic from our SSWT Webinar: http://www.clicknewz.com/infoproduct-webinar/ Enjoy!

Next: Part Two - Make Money With Affiliate Marketing

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  1. Hugh Fraser says:

    Hi Lynn,
    I should be writing a report at the moment, I have all the info and know how to do it, but my biggest killer is procrastination! What have you found that over this?


    • Chuck Morgan says:

      The easiest way I know to stop procrastinating is to put it off until tomorrow.

    • lyle robinson says:

      Hunger. Seriously.

    • Decide when you want to start and complete this project, set aside the time to do it, and then sit down and get it done. It feels GREAT once you actually get started and make some progress!

      • Hugh Fraser says:

        Thank you Lynn, for the advise I will try and heed it.

        • You will TRY? - DO or DO NOT! (no, seriously) the words we use really matter... to our subconscious. It is always listening, and if you say you will TRY, your subconscious won't take you seriously - and won't help you!

          Try it... say out-loud: "Thank you Lynn for the advice, I WILL do it!

        • Yeah Hugh... Take George's advice. Don't try and do it. Just do it. ๐Ÿ™‚


          p.s. How are things Hugh? You doing the Thirty Day Challenge this year? Twitter me. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Coronado Cookie says:

    Thanks Lynn for the first in 10 Ways to Make Money Online. I love to write, so for me this is right up my alley. I've done blog posts and articles...I guess it's time to attack reports!

    • HI Coronado,
      It is encouraging to hear this. Something I have done and it works well is taking some of the content in my blogs or l-o-n-g posts and re-purposing it. This is ideal for small reports.

      • Agreed! I've often started out writing a blog post and then realized I could go on and on (and on!) on the topic... and ended up turning it into a short report instead.

        I've also gone back through blog archives 6 months or older and looked at articles I could re-use or expand on.

  3. lyle robinson says:

    Hi Lynn and thanks for taking the initiative in going through the ten methods put forth by Jimmy. This should be a fun challenge for you and a huge benefit of experience to your readers. I look forward to the next installment. Take care and all the best.


  4. Jim McDowell says:

    Thanks for this. I look forward to all of the installments.
    I am currently procrastinating through a report ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. HI Lynn,
    Thanks for providing the nudges to help us make money online. How much easier can it get? You're laying out the steps, BUT we still need to actually take action and DO the next thing. You are so right to mention taking the time to do what we need to. I keep hearing the same responses over and over from folks - that they procrastinate or are ADD with their projects (I have struggled myself, too!) I blogged yesterday as a matter of fact about Jimmy's report he wrote (Homepreneur) on taking the dedicated time we need to do these projects. He had some very cool suggestions. Setting aside time and focusing is the crucial element in doing these projects, I think.

  6. I just downloaded How to Run A Successful Home Business from http://tinyurl.com/dzvqnw - also by Jimmy D. Brown. Found an unadvertised bonus report as well. I've printed them both to read this afternoon.

    I also added a note to the original post here about another free report by Jimmy. If you follow the link to Small Reports Fortune, you can download a FREE 23-page report on making BIG profits with small reports. Iโ€™m printing it now - includes a couple of good case studies too: http://tinyurl.com/dlp6ew (sorry for the tinyurl's - I copied these straight out of my tweet stream!).

  7. aliciakeysmediaDOTcom says:

    I want to start doing e-books but my biggest problem is what to write about. I don't know much about anything. Well I know a lot about Alicia Keys but why would anyone buy an e-book about her when you can find info on Wikipedia. So I start to think about other things to write about but I come up stumped. I know a little about a lot of different things but not enough to make an e-book.

    • Start here: http://www.clicknewz.com/1822/market-research-or-finding-niches/ . I agree that Alicia Keys may not be a good topic for an info-product, but use that link to research other angles or topics.

    • lyle robinson says:

      If you are a singer or vocal teacher you could write a great e-book on Alicia's vocal technique that would probably sell like hot-cakes...mmmmmm....hotcakes...oh...anyway, or you could trace her career and come with an info-product/small report that provides interested readers in how one can become as famous. There are numerous ways at looking at any one thing and we are sometimes limited by what we see on the surface without looking a little deeper. Of course, in Alicia's case, she has a brand to protect so you would have to get some kind of permission to follow through. Take care and all the best.


  8. Ryan from internet marketing strategy says:

    Hi Lynn,

    Thanks for breaking down the report. Very helpful.

    I'd be very curious to know where those pro internet marketers get their insane looking graphics? Lately, I've just been marveling at the aesthetics on some of these info products. Furthermore, how does one decide upon pricing? Thirdly, how does one find a topic within the internet marketing niche that's not already saturated or written by someone with more authority.

    • 1. We hire people to create cover graphics & minisites. I use GraphicsAlien.com or you can usually find someone at the WarriorForum.com to do them on the cheap.

      2. For a short report, $5-$37 is the range. The pricing depends on the purpose, the content, and the perceived value of the solution within. Do some market research.

      3. Look outside the "internet marketing niche" for topics ๐Ÿ˜‰ The topic ideas are virtually unlimited!

  9. Listen in to the Live Replay of this topic from our Q&A Webinar: http://www.clicknewz.com/infoproduct-webinar/ Enjoy! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  10. My problem is similar to Ryan's with the market being saturated with information in my niche. I'm an organizing junkie and completely passionate about all things to do with organizing but can't narrow down an idea for an ebook that hasn't already been done. Coming up with a unique and fresh idea is proving to be difficult to say the least. Am interested in your thoughts. Thanks!

  11. Bonnie Boots says:

    Lynn, I notice several people making comments like "I have a lot of info on topic XYZ, but why would people buy a book when they can just go to Wikipedia and look it all up." or "The market is saturated with information in my niche."

    I've worked for decades as a professional writer for print publications and now self-publish entirely on the internet. I can tell you thisโ€”-when it comes to writing, there is nothing new under the sun. No matter what your topic is, it has already been covered, in print and on the web. People can go to libraries and the internet and look up everything they would ever want to know about anything.

    Why, then, write books? Because people want three things.

    1.They want the convenience of someone gathering and editing the available material, because they donโ€™t have the time or the desire to wade through it all themselves.

    2. The second thing they want is someone else to give all that material shape and perspective. They want someone else to edit it down to only the most important material, and to add commentary on that material, giving expert opinions, either theirs or noted experts.

    3. The third thing they want is to have all that perspective and expert opinion made with only THEMSELVES in mind. Writers call this โ€œthe slant.โ€ If you are presenting material about Alicia Keys, you could slant it toward people that want to be like her. You could slant it another wayโ€”toward people that only want to dish dirt on her. You could slant it toward people that want to know how to become a manager or stylist or makeup artist for people like her.

    If you want to see a market that is saturated, go to Amazon dot com and do a search for โ€œAbraham Lincoln.โ€ Then go to Abe Books and do a search for out of print book on Abraham Lincoln.

    Within minutes, you will be convinced that everything that ever could be thought or said about Abraham Lincoln has already been written.

    But you know what? Next year and next decade and next millennium publishers all over the world will send out new titles about Abraham Lincoln. Because there is always a market for them.

    All topics have been done. All markets are saturated. But there is an insatiable thirst for new perspectives, new slants and new stories about old, saturated topics. Thatโ€™s why writers write books.

    Bonnie Boots
    The Internet Wizards Magazine

    • Beautiful, Bonnie - thank you so much for sharing your insight & experience on the topic!

    • lyle robinson says:

      I agree with Lynn. Well said Bonnie...:) I just signed on to your site and look forward to more insightful perspectives. Take care and all the best.


    • Carrie Wigal says:

      Thank you so much for sharing this Bonnie! You are so right. I'm inspired to take what I've learned this past year and shape it into a marketable product. Thanks to you, too Lynn for dangling this idea in front of me again (you are the only IM email list I'm still subscribed to...I love you! Okay, you know what I mean...you're the coolest.)

    • Mark Mitchell says:

      Bonnie, that is beautifully said! You've explained better than I've ever heard explained why writers write books (or information products, or courses or blogs) and people read/consume them.
      We really are so hungry for slant, perspective and "voice."
      And that's what the skillful writer (and publisher) delivers.
      Thank you for saying it!

  12. I don't find this content very useful at all. It is just a thinly veiled attempt at selling your own products and promoting your affiliates. Disappointing.

    • Hi Jim,
      There are much easier methods of making money online than to commit myself to a 10-week blogging/webinar series, sharing what I know about each individual topic in Jimmy's report.

      I always say, you get out of it what you want to. There are examples and creative ideas abound - if that's what mode you're in while learning & researching.

    • lyle robinson says:

      Hey Jim. I get what you're saying but remember, in this business of Internet Marketing, there's always a trade off, a kind of Quid Pro Quo if you will. And remember, no one is obligated to do anything. Personally I find that this report has good legs and if it gets even a few people thinking about a different perspective or business model, then all the better. After all, what one finds disappointing, another finds inspirational. Take care and all the best.


    • Shannon | Nuclear Success says:

      "I donโ€™t find this content very useful at all. It is just a thinly veiled attempt at selling your own products and promoting your affiliates. Disappointing."

      ...and that is why Lynn is doing more than just giving the link. She's actually taking the time to test, track, and blog about each of the 10 ways that Jimmy lists. Sure the report itself is not very detailed, but it was not meant to be. It was a basic report, giving 10 ways that others have made money online.

      Even Jimmy says in spots that "Obviously, there are a lot more details to it than that, but this is the general path you'd take".

      He's not trying to give away a full study course and the embedded affiliate links are my choice to use or ignore.

      I found the report to be useful in repect to what it is (as stated in the introduction): This isn't a step-by-step tutorial.


  13. Thanks so much Lynn for this ! I feel like I have more than enough info to get started I just need to stay focused and complete something .

    Love and Blessings


  14. Georjina says:

    When I find 2 women writers I respect together (Lynn and Bonnie), it gives me the umph! I need to - Get Back To Work!

    Thanks lady, have 2 reports to finish:)

  15. powercons says:

    thank you so much for sharing, I like this topic

  16. Ryan from internet marketing strategy says:

    Hi Lynn,

    I Had another quick question for you. Do we need a business or selling license to sell info products online? I am getting mixed results while researching. I suppose it changes from state to state. I am assuming you have one.
    I am sorry about all the questions. I don't mean to trouble or inconvenience you.

    • No trouble Ryan. Back when I researched it in the 90's NObody knew the answer - and I imagine you'll still get mixed responses. I did end up getting a license back then, it was only 20 bucks and I thought what the heck - might as well cover my butt, right?

      When it comes to setting up an online business, I wouldnt worry too much with the paperwork & structure upfront. By the end of your first full year in business you'll figure out what to do - or someone will let you know real quick ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. Hi

    Can anyone recommend a good product to make an ebook with?

    Also i want to make a training/teaching video and i don't know where to start with turning an edited video into a downloadable e product, any suggestions?

    Thank you!


    • I answered Gena on this already, but for the benefit of everyone else reading along: You can use Word or http://openoffice.org (free word processor) to write your document, then simply convert it to a PDF file for downloading.

      For video, you'll want Camtasia to do screencasting - or an HD video camera for "talking head" video. Most people are using the inexpensive Flip Video cameras.

  18. At some point, everybody is guilty with procrastination. It's up to the individual to discipline himself. Great insight Lyn!

  19. Well my problem is that I used to be indecisive, but now I'm just not sure.

    I have been to unfocused to settle on any niche, but once I do I think this short report stuff might be something I could handle.

  20. Franck Silvestre says:

    I really want to build an empire of info products myself. I want to get started but I don't know how and where to begin. This post enlightened and helped me go the right direction. Thanks, Lynn! ๐Ÿ™‚

  21. Erin aka netkickstart says:

    One strategy I've seen advocated to get over procrastinating the writing of a report is to announce its availability (to your list, on your blog, etc.). Then, as the date approaches, you can be sure you'll be sitting down and creating the dang thing, even if it means pulling a college-style all-nighter! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • True - very true. I teach this one all the time. If you light a fire under your --- or pull the rug out from under yourself... it works like a charm! Same for getting housework done, or any other task. I recently did just that: invited friends over for dinner THAT night. I had the entire house spotless before 5pm! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  22. Erin aka netkickstart says:

    LOL, I think that's the only way my house EVER gets "cleaned" (does throwing everything in the closet count?)

  23. Thanks, Lynn for laying it out there for us! I guess the best way to overcome procrastination is to TAKE ACTION TODAY!

  24. What is everyone writing info products ABOUT? Just curious. I work on travel and food info products. The travel seems to do better than the recipes/food. Marcia

  25. Jeff Sadler says:

    With your report fast cash strategy you mention that you don't need a list to get started, and you also say you do need a list. see below Could you clarify?

    though, and it works like a charm - without a website, without a list, and without all the yada yada yada. If you havenโ€™t read it yet, you can get it here for only $10. Youโ€™ll also get another of my reports free as a secret bonus - it will show you exactly what I do to make money in super competitive niches.

    The one thing you will need is a mailing list & autoresponder system

    • Sorry for the confusion Jeff - you don't need a list, that's correct. You do need a mailing list manager, the "mailing list & autoresponder system", in order to build a list of buyers that download your info product. Hope that clarifies ๐Ÿ™‚

  26. Jeff Sadler says:

    That does, thank you

  27. Flash Design says:

    It seems my comment didn't get published, so I try again.

    As I was reading your post, I had an idea that might help some of your readers.

    Think about what you have already done or made that can be turned into a product.

    E.g. you might have been writing a blog for some time now or have had a website full of good information. You can just take the content, fix it here and there, put it together and you have an e-book you can sell online.


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