Are you struggling to set up a blog?

If you've ever tried to set up your own WordPress blog, you already know how frustrating it can be. You run into technical tasks that stump you, and there's not much support to be found. Doing a search for answers, either on Google or on the forums, can leave you scratching your head even more.

To someone who is just starting out, the steps can be overwhelming. Terms like registrar, nameservers, FTP, etc sound foreign and you end up on a rabbit trail trying to figure out each little thing.

Not to mention that everyone else makes it sound so easy, and then you often get told after the fact that you should have done this instead of that...

A lot of people have asked me for a step-by-step "hold my hand" tutorial, but I have a confession to make: I learned (and am still learning) WordPress the hard way. I had a background in coding & design, which helped of course, but WordPress was a whole different ballgame even for me in the beginning.

For the last few months, Traci Knoppe has been helping my own Elite Members with technical blogging & WordPress issues. She does this within my private forum, and also hosted several breakout sessions. I am not currently accepting new members (sorry!), but I share that with you to tell you that I know firsthand that Traci knows her stuff when it comes to WordPress.

She has also been a professional web designer for almost 10 years straight, and she's been blogging almost as long. She has finally taken all of that knowledge and personal experience, and put together a course that you can take online. Finally :)

I want to tell you upfront that this course is for beginners.

If you are anxious to set up your first blog, but get frustrated with all the technical stuff... this course is for you. If you already have a blog and have no problem customizing it yourself, or learning the code on your own... this course is not for you.

Beginning Blogger is the name of the course, and it's actually not available until Monday morning (June 1st). When it opens up to the public, only 1000 spots will be available. Traci likes to take good care of her customers, so she's limiting the availability of this course.

I talked to Traci yesterday... and got you a really cool hook-up!

Starting today you can get early access to Beginning Blogger and you'll get almost 25% off the regular price. Traci set up a special link where you can take the entire 4-week course for only $29.95 (yes, less than 30 bucks, and no recurring fees!). This is going to get you a real education on setting up & customizing WordPress blogs, from a true expert.

Here's the link to use to get in early and to take advantage of the discount:

Nothing and noone will be left behind with this e-course. All your questions and concerns will be answered completely. You'll register your domain name, set up a hosting account, get your blog installed, learn how to work with widgets, and even do your own blog customization.

Here's the link again. Remember, this link gets you early access and a generous discount: This is an exclusive special offer. Everyone else will have to wait until Monday and pay full price.

If you have any questions about the Beginning Blogger course leave them below. I'll have Traci stop by and answer them personally...


p.s. Go it alone and spend countless hours pulling your hair out, or invest less than 30 bucks to become a blogging pro in a few short weeks? Totally up to you! πŸ˜‰

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  1. lyle robinson says:

    Hi Lynn. As an Elite Member myself, I have seen first hand how knowledgeable Traci has been in getting members WordPress blogging issues resolved quickly and informatively. With this new course she has developed, I am happy that she will finally be able to extend her expertise to those outside the Elite Members Forum. This is a most valuable service and I highly recommend it. It makes me want to be a newbie again...:) Take care Lynn and thanks for bringing Traci's course to our attention. All the best.


  2. Traci is THE best when it comes to WordPress. She has answered many questions I have had in the elite forum and even when I was totally frustrated she was patient with my many questions. Love her! What a great deal for your readers.

    I know personally that Traci has worked very hard on this project and it will be a success.

  3. Paul Wilson says:

    Lynn, not to get off topic but when will you be accepting elite members again? I would like to join! If you create your own graphics, does Traci's course shows you how to put those headers and footers on your blog?

    • I'll let Traci answer your question about the course - but I'll be accepting new members soon. Make sure you're subscribed either here or at SSWT to get the notification on that πŸ˜‰

    • Hi Paul - yes, we will be covering how to customize your WordPress theme, including headers & footers. :)

      BTW: as soon as Lynn opens the Elite membership - I highly recommend everyone join. Such a wealth of information shared within the private Elite group.

  4. Will the ecourses be slide presentations with audio explanations or just written material- pdf format? Will I be able to email questions and get a quick response? Will I be able to email questions a certian period after the "5 week course"? Does Traci have a blog I can view?

    Do I have to go with a host that Traci recommends? What is the cost of that host?

    • Hi Karen: each lesson is in both written PDF format AND live format done as a live screen capture of me doing the lesson live for you. So it's as close to me standing there with you walking you through it as I can get. πŸ˜‰ Yes, there is a support contact email available within the lesson material if you have any questions regarding your lessons or any technical difficulties in downloading or viewing your lessons.

      I do have a blog you can view:

      You do not have to use the web host that I recommend. It is merely a recommendation - because I needed to choose one as an example. If you have another web host you prefer to use, that's fine. The cost of the host I recommend is only .01 penny for the first month and the monthly cost thereafter varies, depending on which package you choose, but the one I most recommend is only $9.95 per month and you can host unlimited domains on that one account for that one $9.95 amount too. So it's a really good deal!

  5. Dan Reinhold says:

    Traci has been my damsel in shining armor when it comes to WordPress. (Or should that be "knightess?")

    She's always given patient, clear explanations and answers on all things WP blogging, even for a guy who winces at the mere mention of anything technical. wife doesn't allow me to hang pictures!

    I'll be recommending Beginning Blogger to everyone on my lists. No brainer, really.

  6. Pastilan says:

    I never had any problems setting up my WP blogs, I have 14 of them.

  7. Hi Traci

    Will this course be available to the elite members of this forum,

    I would like like you to guide me step by step on images/banners/images affiliate links like the one mentioned on the above site eg the bottle images


  8. Hi Atul - if you mean is this ecourse available to Elite members as a free download: no, it is not.

    Within the ecourse, we will cover step-by-step on adding images, banners, etc.. that's all covered in Week #3 of lessons. :)

  9. IanStuart says:

    ...ok Pastilan, then Traci's program is probably not for you.

    However, if as Lynn says, you are a beginner, or someone needing to take their WP knowledge to the next level, then her training will be

    I know I've benefited from her expert knowledge and guidance.
    All the best with your launch Traci.


  10. Coronado Cookie says:

    This is great Traci! I wish I had had something like this when I started. For anyone who is confused and overwhelmed by Word Press, I would highly recommned Traci's course.

  11. When will this be ready to be sent out?

  12. Traci Knoppe is "The Bomb", The Greatest, the most helpful and even takes the time to thank you when you point her to something that you think she could use(naturally sometimes she already knew of it and then she gently chides you as to where have you been?)

  13. If I use Dreamhost, will the instructions still make sense?

    • DreamHost does not use cpanel. So the lessons will not be an exact step-by-step for someone using another system.

      In looking at the DreamHost demo, I see they do have OneClick Script installs and WordPress is one of those scripts! So you could easily get WordPress installed.

      However, cpanel is not the same as the DreamHost hosting panel, so it will not be an exact step-by-step tutorial for you.

  14. I May sign up with hostgator myself first as they do have a coupon offer now . Would that be OK?

  15. Yes, Karen to both questions. Actual Web Host doesn't matter as long as they have Cpanel(which Hostgator does have)HostGator also has Fantasico which makes (much) easier the WordPress install

  16. See what assuming does, presumed with first checking that DreamHost had cpanel. But since Traci had already answered your questions, I should have had the smarts to move on

  17. Cynthia says:

    Will the course address redirecting affiliate links?

  18. Paul Wilson says:

    Lynn and Traci,

    I appreciate you two for responding back so quickly. Lynn I'm already on your mailing list so I'll be looking out for that email.

  19. N.J.Bond says:

    I am already on the mailing list . I am getting introduced to begenning blogs.

  20. Dale Morgan says:

    I'm not sure about what domain I'll use. Can I change it easily
    if I want? dale

    • If you use HostGator, which is the host that Traci and I both use & recommend, you can add as many domains/sites to the one account at no extra cost. You do have pay to register each domain, but the hosting account is only 9.95/mo (or 7.95/mo if paid yearly) no matter how many domains or sites/blogs you set up.

      Use this link: and use coupon code "wordpress" to get your first month free -actually its a penny, but that's about as close to free as you can get πŸ˜‰

    • Hi Dale - yes you can easily change domain names if you wish. If changing from the main domain name, you would use an Add-on domain - which I cover in the lessons. :) (Add-on domains are a feature of HostGator hosting, the example hosting company used within the lessons)

  21. Whoopie! I'm so excited. I bought the course and I've just previewed the first weeks tutorial. I'm sitting on pins and needles waiting for the remaining weeks.
    You see guys, I've been an elite member for over a year. I have Hostgator and 2 domain names already, all for over a year now. I have literally done nothing with it until now because I've been stuck and frustrated with WORDPRESS!. But not anymore-- this is just what I needed, I can tell already.
    I've seen courses before that offer to give detailed information about how to set up your WordPress blog and the prices are outrageous and don't deliver a fraction of what they claim to deliver.
    But I can tell already that it's not going to be that way with Traci's course.

    BTW, Lynn I think you're the greatest. You're my mentor as I've been lurking in the SSWT forum and your blog for the pass 2 years or better. No more lurking, just hard working. Wow, that almost rhymes. LOL

    Thanks Traci and Lynn,

  22. Lynn I would add that one needs to do any add-ons within the first 30 days of hosting with HostGator or unless your really lucky(as I was due to a tech that promised something that he or she shouldn't have)there will be a $75 charge.

    • No way - maybe you mean switching out the main domain on an account? I add new domains to my HostGator accounts all the time and there has never been a charge for it.

      • Maybe I'm not using the right term. All I know is that when I wanted to move a domain to Hostgator I was first told that there would be no charge and then in a follow up email that there is normally a $75 charge as my request hadn't happened with the first thirty days but since the tech had said there would be no charge, there wasn't.Maybe moving the domain is the key, vs a brand new domain never hosted anywhere. Just reporting what I experienced.

        • Hi Robert - yes we're talking about different things. You're referring to when you setup a new account with HostGator and you're moving an existing domain name and website to their hosting. HostGator will do that for you for free within 30 days of signing up with their service. That is not what an add-on domain is. :)

    • Robert - not sure if you're referring to the same add-ons as I was. I was referring specifically to an Add-on Domain. With HostGator hosting you can have unlimited Add-on Domains with your hosting package and can add them at any time, at no additional charge to your hosting fees, the only cost would be the registration free for the domain name itself at the domain registrar. This too, is all covered in the eCourse. :)

      Just wanted to clarify, as I'm not sure what it was that you were charged $75 for - possibly other services?

  23. Mary Gallagher says:

    Lynn, Thanks to you and Traci, for your great offer! It certainly got my attention as an aspiring wordpress empire builder, AND as a hair puller outer trying to figure out what questions to ask and where to put what!

    Traci, thank you for putting this course together. I love the 10 year overnight success story! You are a wonderful example of an inspired entrepreneur. I've seen you give away great content, offer solutions to many through different avenues, always with helping others in the forefront. You are also a shining example to me of someone building a real business solution that gives value in exchange for payment. It's another hopeful message that an online income is not only possible, it is a sure thing to those who persist in learning and implementing! Best for now, Mary

  24. Viviane Furnivall says:

    Lynn, Traci, this is the perfect offer as I am getting more and more frustrated trying to create my first blog.

    Just one hiccup: my order won't go through. Here is the message I get: Internal Server Error
    The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request.
    Please contact the server administrator, and inform them of the time the error occurred, and anything you might have done that may have caused the error.
    More information about this error may be available in the server error log.

    Any way to get around this problem? I can't wait to get started...

    Thanks for your help,


  25. Viviane Furnivall says:

    Please disregard above message. Just tried again and it worked this time!!! Thanks for the wonderful offer.


  26. This offer is still good today? I have been ill all weekend,

  27. I have a WP.Org site and use Hostgator. Very happy with Hostgator, tormented with WP. Hasten to add that there is some good help in the WP forums, but that is often offset by the forum demi-gods. But the flip side is that WP.Org is FREE.
    I've almost given up on monetizing my site, due mostly to frustration with technical issues.

    Will Traci's tutorials cover getting affiliate ads (such as Hostgator) posted to my site? I know this is all pretty basic stuff, but I much prefer "driving the car, rather than fixing it every 200 miles."
    Thanks, Lynn and Traci.
    Gene B

    • Hello Gene, In Week #3, I do cover inserting links, images, etc.. into posts & pages, and I will cover how to redirect/mask affiliate links as part of that lesson.

      However, my next ecourse is Monetizing Your Blog and that will go into more detail on the various ways/methods of monetizing a blog, all the way to step-by-step instructions on installing an ecommmerce system on your blog.

      So it depends on what you mean by 'getting affiliate ads posted to my site'. If you mean literally how to insert the image and/or link into a blog post - then yes, this first Beginner to Blogger eCourse will cover how to do that. If you're wanting/needing more help beyond that on ways to find affiliate ads or how to monetize your blog, then the next eCourse coming will be more what you're looking for. The Monetize Your Blog eCourse will not be available until around July 1st - that's my expected launch date at this time.

      • Yeah,Traci and Lynn, I manage to fumble around and finally get affiliate links and images from My Pictures into my posts, but only because the cyber gods were smiling on me one day, did I finally get adsense on the page. So it's the clickable affiliate image ads that I'm seeking. Looks like I'm a candidate for both of your tutorials.
        Thanks for replying.

        Gene B

        • :) If you are a beginner to WordPress, I would really suggest starting with the Beginner to Blogger eCourse to learn the basics, as the next eCourse will be next steps and will not be covering the very basics, like how to actually add a link in WordPress.

  28. So to clarify. I can have unlimited domains with the monthly hostgator program. I have to pay 15.00 per year for each additional domain or do I have unlimited subdomains with the one 9.95 per month fee and what would be the difference if any for search engines- how the sub domain url address would look(its own unique url or attached address to the mother url?) etc.

    • Hi Karen - yes, you can host unlimited domain names with hostgator for your one monthly hosting fee - these are add-on domains, these are NOT subdomains. A subdomain is like this:

      When viewing from the web, you can not tell that a domain is an add-on domain. For example, is an add-on domain in my own HostGator account. :) It is its own web site, the search engines spider it as its own web site, because it is its own web site. Nothing at all different about it, other than it shares a hosting account with other domains, but it is NOT a subdomain - it's a first level domain, it's just added on to the hosting package.

    • Traci is correct. You can add-on as many domains as you want to your one hosting account at Hostgator. You will need to register and pay for those domains through your registrar of course.

      You also have unlimited subdomains with the same account. I rarely use subdomains at all - I either use directories or a new domain name, depending on if the project is part of an existing site (directory) or a new site altogether (domain).

      Hope that helps!

  29. Chris Jensen says:

    Great Information! You Better Know Worpress!!!

    I remember when I first started with WordPress. I came over from Blogger, so everything seemed so confusing. Now that I understand WordPress, I have so much power! To be successful in with blogging, I would have to say that you better know WordPress!

  30. I loaded WP in one of my add-on domains and it works beautifully. Then I added it to another add-on domain at the same main domain and I get errors. Did I do something wrong or are you not able to load WP on multiple add-on domains?

    • Hi Joanne - no, you should be able to add WP to as many add-on domains as you want. What I would do, is to go into Fantastico, click WordPress again and it will show all the installed copies you have and click to remove the one that is giving you problems/errors and try installing it again. Sometimes something just doesn't upload/copy over correctly.

  31. p.s I use Hostgator

  32. Hello Lyn / Traci,

    Just one question on the course:

    Does it cover backups and updates of wordpress?

  33. Viviane Furnivall says:

    Hi Traci:
    Just completed Week 1 and pleased to say all went well with your brilliant course. Is there any way of getting started on Week 2 right now instead of waiting till next Monday?

    Thanks a million for all your help!

    • Unfortunately no, the lessons are setup to automatically deliver to your email inbox one week apart. This is to avoid information overload for you, and to keep me from going bonkers trying to sort out who signed up on what day (times 1,000 students!). πŸ˜‰

      So the system itself is automated. You'll have some homework in week #2, so enjoy your down time. πŸ˜‰

  34. Aloha, I'm just now paying for the course today 6/5/09. I hope it is not too late to participate?

    • Hi Deb - nope, you're still good! Thank you for buying the eCourse. Hope you enjoy it. :)

      • Just wanted to include that i officially started today, with lesson1. I don't want to miss anything. (i feel like a baby that is learning to walk for the first time!)

  35. Hmm... I think this could only work for people who want to be professional bloggers. I don't see a point as to why an ordinary blogger would pay for lessons about blogging. But thanks for sharing. :) I, too, want to learn the in's and out's of blogging.

    • Pardon me for noticing, but you really seem to contradict yourself. On the one hand you want to learn Blogging, but have decided that Traci's course is only for professionals(it's not, believe me)and on the other hand why pay. Best reason is that everything you need to know to start is yours for probably less than your monthly Starbucks expenditures(or soft drinks or even adult beverages)

  36. Will the course address redirecting affiliate links?

  37. Miss Young says:

    I have received my Beginner to Blog in 4 weeks course. I have completed my week 1 assignment. This is the kind of information that I truly appreciate and is worth investing in. You have taped into a much need area of marketing training materials and instruction for people like me that want hands-on instruction with guidance. Thank You.

  38. Modern Technology says:

    Actually if you are not a web developer or IT person and you are going to setup WordPress for first time definitely you will face problems. Better is to learn related terms first like you mentioned FTP, database setup and then try to install WordPress on your server.

  39. Flash Design says:

    When I first started with WordPress, it took me about two days to install it on my local sever at home. It was painful.

    If you want to eliminate problems, I suggest you send a question to the web hosting company you intend to get and as them whether their server is set up so WordPress can run smoothly there. I did it and the installation took me 5 min with not a single error. It is a great system, but your server has to be ready for it. Make sure it is.

  40. yournontoxiclife says:

    Ok, I know this may be met with a groan, BUT I'd love a course like this for Blogger!

  41. No groaning here. :) What is it about Blogger that you prefer over WordPress?


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