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5 years ago I studied a course by Karon Thackston - her Step-by-Step SEO Copywriting Course. I even blogged about it back in September 2004. I celebratated 5 years of blogging full-time just last month, so that was definitely in my early days.

It was an incredible course, and a real eye-opener for me at the time because I was just getting into what would ultimately become my preferred style of affiliate marketing: ecommerce-style affiliate sites, selling physical products.

Fast-forward to today, and I'm excited to announce that Karon Thackston will be joining us as a special guest on my webinar this week! I am very much looking forward to the live hour with Karon - and to sharing her expertise with you...

Note: The room will fill up quick. We are limited to 100 live attendees. Make sure you are registered, and log in early to secure your seat.

Unlike so many info-publishers and online marketers who come at you with an in-your-face red headline and hefty price tag, and then disappear from the market forever... Karon Thackston has been consistent in the industry. In fact, she recently published the 5th edition of her course.

It was originally a virtual product, or instant download. I printed my copy and put it in a 3-ring binder, which I still have on my bookshelf - and still refer to. I don't mind to admit that it influenced much of my work since, including such pieces as How to Optimize An E-commerce Site.

This past week I received the shiny new 5th Edition of The Step-by-Step SEO Copywriting Course. Only this time it wasn't an instant download, but rather a very well done physical product. Here's a photo of my package when it arrived:

The Step-by-Step Copywriting Course is the big spiral-bound blue manual plus the 2 bonus CDs. The other guides you see in my package are: Writing With Keywords ($47) and How to Write Successful PPC Ads ($37) - each sold separately. You can see all of her products at www.CopywritingCourse.com (note: wait to order until you hear her special!)

This is NOT a course on writing sales letters. It is a course on writing copy for your websites, e-commerce (online store) and affiliate sites... to improve both search engine positioning AND conversion rates - at the same time.

SEO Copywriting is truly an art, and one that most people believe just comes more naturally to some than to others. But the truth is... those with the advantage probably read Karon's guide somewhere along the way.

Join me on Tuesday at Noon EST as we discuss SEO Copywriting live on the webinar, and take the opportunity to get to know Karon Thackston for yourself.

I've been a huge fan since reading her guides 5 years ago, and reading her advice through various SEO forums since. I look forward to introducing her to you!


p.s. Karon gave us a very generous coupon code to her website, which will give you 15% off your order on ANY of her guides. These are not info products, but physical spiral-bound guides & workbooks (see the photo of my own package above).

The coupon code expires tomorrow, on Wednesday 9/16:

Visit: http://www.copywritingcourse.com
Use coupon code: sswt916 at checkout
(note: coupon code has now expired)

UPDATE: We have a new coupon code! Use LT15 at checkout.

Enjoy! πŸ˜€

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  1. Great! This is where I have my biggest challenges. I totally freeze up when it comes to writing sales copy for my sites. I'm looking forward to hearing Karon!

  2. Wow Lynn. Karon is a legend. Very nice can't wait to hear what she has to say.

  3. Really looking forward to this webinar. Sounds great!

  4. Ok Lynn. I'll see what I can do to try and get my Wifes fickle HP (Vista) laptop to work so that I can join in the show, as you know I am an "SEO Zen-Master" wanna-be πŸ˜‰ But if not, I'll catch the recording from the SSWT forum, Cool?

    Hopefully it will all work-out pretty smoothly as I have "Yet Another DR. appt" at 2pm EDT.

    Thanks, and remember to Stay Boosted!

    Gary Anderson
    aka- @GanderCo

  5. Suzanne Holman says:

    Sounds like it will be a great webinar!
    Looking forward to it, Lynn!

  6. Alex Newell says:

    Really looking forward to this. I am just starting new projects on niche blogs and will need to do lots of SEO copywriting.


  7. Thanks Lynn for making this happen! SEO for my e-commerce site is one of my road block. Looking forward to your webinar!

  8. This should be a GREAT Hour πŸ˜€

    Have questions you want to ask Karon about SEO Copywriting? Feel free to post them here to make sure they get asked. Even if you can't attend, you can get your questions asked and then catch the replay after.

  9. elizabeth ashe says:

    This looks really interesting and can't wait to tune. Really getting into ecommerce sites lately would love to hear the info.

  10. Leigha Baer says:

    Really looking forward to today's webinar!

  11. As one of those who believed the original given time 2pm Eastern and didn't check there email again til 10:45 PDT I give you twenty lashes with a wet noodle. Boo!

  12. Sorry Robert - Add my goof to the fact that Aweber didn't deliver my correction OR my reminder on time... and you're not alone. That said, the room was STILL packed out the entire hour!

    I'm sending the replay & MP3 out to everyone on the webinar notification list to make up for it πŸ˜‰

    It is already available to Elite Members, but I'll send it out to the notification list by the end of the day.

  13. Just watched the replay and I have to say that it is the very best information I have heard so far in my new blogging endeavor. I am now a faithful reader of your site. Thank you both for sharing this valuble information.

  14. Lynn, what is the difference between what Karon T talks about in SEO Copy Writing and Dan T in SEO Fast Start, seeing you're a big fan of both?...cheers...Ty

    • SEO is search engine optimization, or optimizing your pages to rank well in the major search engines for a specific keyword phrase. Copywriting is the art of writing words to persuade visitors to take specific action. Combined, Karon's course on SEO Copywriting is a means of doing both - while most courses only focus on one or the other, and consider it an either/or concept.

      Karon also teaches about power points in your copy, closing the sale, how to make that emotional connection, identifying your target market's buying behavior, etc.

  15. I've heard a lot about Karon Thackston but I've never read any of her works, nor have I attended one of her seminars. And I think I missed the boat on this webinar and that just sucks. I just started a gig at an online marketing company in Toronto, content writing with a focus on SEO, and I am looking to get a leg up. Too bad I missed the webinar, but I'm book marking this blog and I will certainly be there for the nest, assuming there will be a next. Cheers.

  16. Sandra Sims says:

    Great webinar. I had no idea that twitter status updates could end up in the top 3 Google rankings! (your SEO Copywriting webinar example) I just Googled my twitter name (twitter.com/sandrasims) and there are 4,990 indexed pages!

  17. Sell Your Phone says:

    Great article. Really good info for the Webinar. Twitter is done for marketing, but it still is a great way to get traffic.

  18. Lynn, I really enjoyed and learned a lot from Karon.I plan on checking out her website and maybe buying one of her books later.I need to learn so much more about copy writing.
    Gail J Richardson

  19. I'm a big fan of Karon. Like commenters above, I didn't realise that Twitter updates could rank so highly. Google loves fresh content and nothing fresher than Twitter I guess!
    I'll be back to your site.

  20. Jack Philips says:

    I purchased both this course and that of another writer and can highly recommend the course by Karon, it was easier to follow and i felt more at ease while learning it as i went.

  21. I like this course as it is the most informative and easy to comprehend I've ever seen.Many thanks to Karon for her work.

  22. David Willmott says:

    Ive just started blogging this year so finding all the information about it as possible your site has some great information, I will be back.

  23. Hey Lynn, I love Karon. I have her step-by-step copywriting course and leaned so much from going through her exercises and using her strategies.

    For me copywriting is huge and mastering it effectively is what separates the online successes from the failures.

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