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As promised, I'm also going to share some of my favorite resources for developing web content. Writing doesn't come easy for everyone, but you may be surprised to learn that even some of your favorite writers use checklists, outlines and even PLR (private label rights) content.

I do myself, and I shared my outline for blog posts in my How to Write A Blog Post tutorial. I also recently shared a detailed PLR Article Rewrite.

And while I've been writing web content for years (more than a decade, actually), I am still constantly looking to learn and improve my writing skills. What follows are some of my favorite, and most used resources...

Write That Report
This report by Jonathan Leger is only $7, and is one of my personal favorites. It provides an outline for writing reports, which is the style I work best with, and also teaches you how to come up with topics and the technical side of publishing and selling (or giving away) your reports.

I sell short reports to make money and to build targeted lists of buyers, and I use free reports as part of my affiliate marketing strategy. I have also been creating rebrandable reports lately, which is great for those who have affiliates - or for viral marketing campaigns.

Article Marketing for Beginners
Don't let the title fool you - this tutorial is not just for beginners. In fact, there are several of us way beyond beginner stage taking and loving this course. It's by Jeff Herring (THE Article Marketing Guy), and you can read my review here. See the comments after too, to hear other people's thoughts on it.

Article Marketing is incredibly important to your overall marketing strategy, and is one of the easiest ways to get high quality relevant backlinks to your website or blog (or your individual posts or pages). Considering how successful Jeff Herring is at this particular strategy, from titles to bylines, it pays to study from the best.

PLR Secrets (Free Report)
Another great resource that I read, and found a lot of inspiration in, is PLR Secrets by Jimmy D Brown and Nicole Dean. This is a great free starting point if you're interested in exploring PLR and/or the idea of creating your own short reports. A great companion to Jonathan Leger's guide (above).

Easy PLR
This is Nicole Dean's PLR site, and it's one of my personal favorites (yes, I'm a customer!) because she offers such a variety in niche content. You'll find PLR content for niches like fitness, diet, holidays, blogging, frugal living, membership sites, pregnancy, ecommerce, Feng Shui - you name it. She also offers a variety of formats such as ecourses, articles and reports. I do a lot of mix and match there...

Internet Marketing Special Report Club
Another great source that I use is Melissa Ingold's special report club. She has some quality PLR reports & articles, and often runs special offers. Check out her Free PLR Package here for a test-drive.

This is one of the original PLR sites, and has been around for years. I was a member when it was originally started by Jimmy D Brown and Ryan Deiss. It is now operated by Paul Evans and Mark Thompson - and you'd be hard pressed to meet two nicer guys. Not only do they offer tons of exclusive content with private label rights, but they also offer a lot of training and tutorials as well.

They recently instated a $197 sign-up fee due to the wealth of content and resources available immediately once you join, but this link will give you back door access to join without paying the sign-up fee.

Need-an-Article Writing Service
You can have content written for practically any purpose, including: articles, press releases, blog posts, website content, etc. And you can have this content written for as little as $5. They even offer re-write services for your PLR content. This is a very cost-effective writing or re-writing service for those of you that prefer cheap outsourcing.

I also want to recommend a blog you should follow - this blog is written by a member of my own private mastermind group:

Affiliate Treasure Chest by Susanne Myers. Read Susanne's post How To Come Up With Article Ideas That Are Perfect For Deep Linking, for example. Great stuff!

I hope these web content writing tips & resources proved helpful for you, and sparked some new ideas you can use to create fresh content for your blog or website. These are the same ideas and resources that I use every single day across my own blogs and websites.


p.s. My next post in the Web Content Writing series is a Q&A. Feel free to leave your own questions on creating great content below for potential inclusion. You may also want to sign up for my upcoming report titled Easy Unique Content.

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  1. Gabe - Internet Marketing Fanatic says:

    Talk about "link bait" material! Very nice collection of resources. I've really considered outsourcing my content writing, but always afraid of the turnout. I will, however, definitely take advantage of some of these reports -- off to download them now! Thanks, again!

    • The great thing about outsourcing is that you can start as small as you like - with even as little as $5-$20 for content. Sometimes the results are better than others, but it's usually well worth the price either way.

  2. Money-Era says:

    Thank you very much indeed for the wealth of information you shared in this post. I am glad I follow your RSS.

  3. Lynn, I finally gave up tagging your articles on delicious.com -- because I was tagging every one of them! A better strategy is to just come back now and again and read everything! 🙂

    Thank you for another great one, and for sharing your own resources with us.


  4. Thank you for sharing this great source for web content writing.

  5. These are some great resources. I am trying to get some articles written right now for a project of mine, and it's hard to find high-quality content at a reasonable price. If you are looking for writers, I'd also recommend posting a project for it at sites like ifreelance.com and odesk.com.

  6. Great collection of useful resources. I also would like to add Joe Marsh and his article writing services - superb quality in my experience for very reasonable price - unique content every time. Not sure if url's are permitted or not but since this is direct link - I hope it gets approved: getoriginalarticleswritten.com

  7. So if a webmaster wanted to use PLR articles, could they use an article rewriter and re arrange the article and maybe add to it to sortof make it their own or make it appear to be fresh? Or is this still picked up as duplicate content?

  8. internet marketing resource says:

    I have looked at many sites and not come a cross such a site as yours that tells you what you really need to know about internet marketing.

    I've added your feed to my reader, are there any other good blogs you'd suggest I read on the subject?


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