Affiliate Marketing Tips Video With @Sugarrae

Video: Vanessa Zamora interviews Rae Hoffman at Search Engine World (9:37 min)

Rae (aka Sugarrae) shares her history in search marketing, how and why she got into it (accidentally!), along with some excellent affiliate marketing tips.

I have known Rae for years, close to 10 years now I believe, and first met her on a message board when we were both married with young children and working online. I've had the opportunity to hang out with her at a couple of different events and can tell you that she is one of the most brilliant super affiliates that I know...

In the video Rae gives credit to a discussion forum where she got resources and advice for how to monetize her first project. She followed that advice and did what they suggested, got her website online and learned SEO.

She also discusses how affiliate marketing has changed over the last decade, and mentions a post at her blog on Affiliate Evolution.

You'll notice the video was done one year ago, and the blog post dates ever further back. The content is great though, and a perfect fit for our Affiliate Marketing Tips series this week. Rae talks about what worked before vs what will work for affiliate marketers going into 2010.

She mentioned Universal Indicators in the video. I wasn't able to find it on Rae's blog, but I did find find this (lol). That's Rae for ya πŸ˜‰ I did find a Universal Search Chart (PDF) that is worth studying.

Also mentioned is The Future of SEO at

Rae sets a great example of what you can achieve online if you ask questions and implement what you learn - on the spot. She is constantly learning, but also always putting what she learns into practice, which is the key to success.

You'll find Rae's blog at

The video and links all give you a forward view into SEO and affiliate marketing. Definitely worth studying and considering as you move into 2010 with your own affiliate sites.


p.s. Ready to ask questions and take action? Join us at my SSWT Discussion Forum where you'll find a very resourceful & friendly community. See you there! πŸ˜‰

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  1. jamessamy

    Great post Lynn. I never heard about Rae but this post has open up new ideas on affiliate marketing

    Thank you for you advices Lynn
    Thanks james

  2. Gary / GanderCo says:

    Hi Lynn, Gary Here.
    I'm extremely guilty of NOT following one of the things you said in this post. That one thing is "...ask questions and implement what you learn – on the spot." WOW! So True!!

    Personally I'm too much of a thinker and not enough of a "Doer"! I DO have personal reasons why I don't "DO" more (like, light years more) of what I know, most of which I don't want to go into detail in public, but I will say this much:

    As you and Traci already know, I'm scheduled for hip replacement surgery on Jan. 22, 2010. Remember your post about "Passion or Profit"? Well, to sum it up, I believe that "one of" (there are several) the biggest reasons people have such a difficult time "Starting To Make Money" online is pressure, distractions etc. that causes the inability to be mentally free....

    When we are mentally free (whatever that entails per person), it is THEN that we are able to "CREATE" and BE creative. Personally I have "Things" that are going to happen for me late spring or early summer that will give me the relief I need to really be able to focus! (my debilitating hip pain will be gone for one example.

    I wonder if there are any other readers here that feel the same way because maybe they have something "crappy" (insert weird smiley face here) in their lives that is bogging them down in similar ways.

    In Closing:
    I've NOT been able to REALLY settle down on a niche, but what I HAVE done is to study SEO like crazy because SEO fascinates me and as you know, an "SEO Consulting Job" has "Found Me"!

    So, at least NOW I DO have something to do that I have a LOT of FUN "DOING", and it pays some money to boot! Plus, I've already realized that when I'm done with this SEO job (in about 6 months, right?), My SEO knowledge and skills are going to be WAY far better that they are now!... I are.. I mean, I am...umm,..You know what I mean.

    See, this is why I don't comment often... coz I can't shut-up shutting-up! πŸ˜‰

    aka- @GanderCo

    P.S. Lynn, there is NO WAY possible that I can thank you enough for all that you've done for me by just doing what it is that you do.

    For the "Lynn Terry" newcomers my advice is: Listen to what Lynn says. THEN, watch very closely what she DOES. THEN....

    "Read between the Lines and...THINK!"

    • For me, it doesn't make any sense to learn and NOT implement on the spot. I too easily forget it otherwise (very "out of sight, out of mind" type of person).

      Sounds like you have a plan, which is good. Back when I had insane life distractions (very sick child, taking care of my grandmother, distraught over my divorce, etc) I didn't have the option to wait - I had to figure it out and work hard & fast to make it work. Period. Consider yourself fortunate to have that luxury! πŸ˜‰

      • Gary / GanderCo says:

        You are exactly right Lynn! I've noticed that I've learned my BEST stuff when I DID what was taught to me "on the spot"!

        I AM very much in a situation like you described above "...insane life distractions...", and although I don't "FEEL" extraordinarily lucky at times, I guess I am in the way you described.

        Thanks for the uplifting reminder that I'm in much better shape than I sometimes think I am, yer Awesome! :)


        P.S. The word "GanderCo" stands for "Gary Anderson's Company", perty nayt huh? No? That's what they said about "Yahoo!" and "Google". "GanderCo" will be awesome someday! I may hit speed-bumps along the way, but I WILL NOT stop! πŸ˜‰

        Stay Boosted!

  3. great video, i'm curious to know how you track keywords for opt-ins, say, through aweber? how do i set it up so that every time someone opts into my list that i can track what keyword lead them to my website? cheers, loc

  4. Rae is great– definitely follow her blog. greetz from germany

  5. Excellent video. I'm definitely checking Rae out. :) Thank you for this!

  6. search engine marketing consultant says:

    She's really brilliant! Well done and surely can get top rankings in any search engines. thanks- Robert

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