How to Increase Blog Traffic – Fast!

Let me start by saying that this traffic strategy works no matter what kind of site you have - blog, sales page, affiliate site, squeeze page, you name it.

It's also particularly effective in a product launch, or when you're trying to promote any type of product or services online - your own, or as an affiliate.

It's Guest Blogging. Before you groan, hear me out. Because this is one of the simplest and most effective ways to get:

  • super targeted responsive visitors
  • sales pouring in
  • the highest quality inbound link available
  • higher (or top!) search engine rankings
  • huge growth to your traffic and/or readership numbers

And it's easy!

I've been blogging full time for more than 8 years. I can tell you firsthand that the biggest problem most bloggers face (myself included) is publishing quality, relevant content on a consistent basis. No matter what your publishing schedule, it can be a real challenge to blog regularly and keep your readers engaged.

You can capitalize on the struggle these blogger's are facing, to dramatically increase blog traffic - fast!

If you want to increase blog traffic, or web traffic to anything at all, guest blogging is quite simply the easiest and fastest way to do it. And it's highly effective. It's not just about getting traffic - guest blogging puts you in front of and established audience and responsive readers.

We're not talking about next month, or 6 months from now, like some methods of getting traffic. We're talking about a matter of days, or even hours. And it's something you can tap into ANYtime you want to increase your traffic!

As a blogger, I regularly publish guest blog posts - both here, and on my niche blogs. It's a huge relief for me when I am busy with other things in my online business, or simply having a spell of writer's block (yeah, it happens!).

I also use guest blogging to sell products, get inbound links, and achieve super-quick top rankings in Google. And let me explain the point I made about inbound links above, and why I said it's "the highest quality inbound link available".

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, and most people freeze up the minute I mention it. But let me break it down for you in real simple terms...

You create a blog post or web page. You optimize it for a specific keyword phrase. You get inbound links to that page/post. It ranks well. People search for that phrase, click through and you have highly targeted traffic that was searching for exactly what you offer on that page. Period.


I have a page (here on ClickNewz) that ranks in the Top 10 for "super affiliate handbook review". That blog post has over 100 inbound links, many of which are guest posts or interview-style posts that link to my review. Feel free to research that one and see for yourself.

I also rank tops for things like "free online business" and "membernaire review", "creating a mobile website" and "how to create a mobile website", etc. I could go on and on.

The way you get top rankings like mine is to get quality inbound links to your pages or blog posts. Quality being the key word. Links are valued by several variables including: keywords used in the Anchor Text, relevance of the page linking to yours, link placement - or the location of your link on that page.

With guest blogging you have complete control over the anchor text, relevance and the location. You write a highly relevant blog post, get it published on a highly relevant blog, and link back to your page/post with very specific Anchor Text from within the content area of the page.

That last point is the key - a link from the content area of a page carries more weight than a link in the sidebar or footer, or one in dozens of links on a directory type page. Placement matters. You want inbound (contextual) links from the content area of a page.

Ready to increase blog traffic, get top search engine rankings, build lists & sell products? Of course you are!

So start guest blogging. Seriously. I do it (regularly!) and you should too.

It's more effective than article marketing. -gasp!

Right now while you're reading this, you're already forming objections in your mind. Maybe you're saying stuff like: I'm not a good writer. I don't know where to find blogs for this. I don't know how to approach bloggers with my guest post. I'm afraid they'll say no. I don't even know where to start...

If any of that ran through your mind, recognize it for what it is: stinkin' thinkin'.

If you can do article marketing, or you already have a blog yourself, you can and should guest blog. And if you're not doing either of those 2 things, then it's time to get started - you should do all 3!

If you're serious about marketing your site or product online, that is.

I'm going to make this easy for you. πŸ˜‰

I use purely organic marketing strategies to get instant exposure/traffic AND long-term results, which I teach in my Niche Success Blueprint.

Module 13 in the NSB weekly training course is on "Creative Guest Blogging Strategies that greatly improve your chances of getting published on a popular blog" - yes, even (and especially!) given the current issues & potential Google penalties! Find out what you NEED to know to succeed at content marketing NOW.


If you're not ready to sign up for the course, or just want to download Module 13 separately to learn super creative Content Marketing Strategies, click here to download Module 13 for only $10.

* You'll actually get access to at least two Training Modules, as there are links back referencing previous modules. It's a great way to "preview" the course super-cheap if you're still on the fence. Enjoy!

Note: If you decide to enroll in the course after studying this Module, I'll refund your $10 one-module purchase. All you have to do is email me and ask. Just include your PayPal receipt, or at least your PayPal email address so I can look up your order.

It's 10 bucks. You get TONS of value for that itty bitty price. If you're serious about increasing traffic & sales, you can't afford not to have this resource. Get it while you can, before I pull it off the market. πŸ˜‰

Click Here To Download It Immediately & Get Started

I'm confident you'll LOVE it - you have my guarantee!


About Lynn Terry

Lynn Terry is a full-time Internet Marketer with over 17 years experience in online business. Subscribe to ClickNewz for the latest Internet Marketing trends & strategies, Lynn's unique case studies, creative marketing ideas, and candid reviews...moreΒ»


  1. Lynn,

    Just tried twice to get this ebook, to no avail. This is the response I am getting:

    We cannot process this transaction because there is a problem with the PayPal email address supplied by the seller. Please contact the seller to resolve the problem. If this payment is for an eBay listing, you can contact the seller via the "Ask Seller a Question" link on the listing page. When you have the correct email address, payment can be made at

  2. Yup. I got the same message: Can't process, etc.

  3. Lynn,
    you are so right when it comes to the benefits of guest blogging. You can direct visitors to pages on your own blog as you like. All the SEO facts you mentioned are 100% OK.
    What I also think is important is WHO you choose as guest blogger.
    When some month ago you had this bare breasted Scott Tousignant as a guest blogger, I was instantly turned off. Although the content might be interesting and the pictures of him get probably printed off by your female readers (which I sometimes think are a big majority here), I clicked away and thought ' why did Lynn choose someone with such a photo as a guest blogger'. Had he used different pics or none at all, I probably would have read the full posts - so I was happy when the week had finally passed.

    full disclosure: I don't have a six pack like Scott Tousignant and I am not envious.

    • LOL - you're referring to the "home office health/fitness" series. Scott's a really cool guy, but you're not alone in your thoughts on that. People either love it or hate it (his abs, and photo without a shirt). Scott knows that of course, and he's cool with it.

      I really enjoyed the series though. I think it's an important topic for those of us that sit at a computer day in and day out.

      You may recall that I had him on as a guest blogger during the week of Thanksgiving. That's because I was too busy eating stuffing & pumpkin pie to be blogging myself! πŸ˜€

  4. How strange. The link is obviously working for some people, and not others. A friend of mine tried it and got the error once, but then it worked the next time. I'm not sure what the issue is there...

    You can try this link instead:

    It should work exactly the same. That link will allow me to back the product with my own personal 100% money-back guarantee πŸ˜‰

  5. nurses in business says:

    Link worked for me, thanks Lynn!

  6. I find it difficult to draw traffic to my blog.Can I get some suggestins

  7. Johnkitty says:

    I think to increase the traffic for blogs, we should do lots of things relating to SEO. Building backlinks for blogs, blog submission...This will take time. And we must writing useful entries that can attract visitors.

    • You're right. It takes great content to build a readership, good SEO to get targeted traffic, and plenty of backlinks. Guest Posting is one of the easiest ways to get high quality backlinks, as you're getting a relevant link in the content area of a related page. Bingo!

  8. Hi Lynn, I managed to order it via your link. The link in the Article didn't work for me either.


  9. Darrell Davis says:

    Excellent article. You don't seem to have one of the problems you mention: publishing quality content on a regular basis. You do very very well in that department. Thanks.

    • Thank you Darrell πŸ˜€ Consistency is key, as I mentioned in another recent post. But thankfully I have a backlog of guest bloggers at hand too - it's impossible to write something *great* ALL the time -lol!

  10. Just purchased the guide because I trust your recommendation and if you say something is good then I just know it's going to be valuable to me πŸ™‚ Can't wait to dive in!

  11. Great post Lynn. I feature a guest post in my own book marketing blog each Friday. It's a great way to provide quality content and I like giving my readers another perspective, other than my own. I don't mind guest bloggers providing an article that's been published elsewhere, and I sometimes request permission to reprint an article that I really enjoyed. Many people simply don't have time to write original articles for guest posts, so accepting previously published content gives me (and my readers) access to a greater number of experts and articles. In his book, Chris recommends providing original content for guest posts. Can you comment on how important that is? Thanks.

    • For me, original content with exclusive reprint rights is a requirement for a guest post. I also provide that when I am guest blogging for someone else.

      It gives you higher quality backlinks both ways, offers something exclusive to readers that they can't find anywhere else online, and gives your/their blog more authority status with the major search engines.

  12. Just bought it! I am very excited to read this because I need to do more guest posting. Looks and sounds like a great info product. Thanks for the review.

  13. Hi Lynn,
    Long time. I once did a guest blog post for Scott and he accepted. That was a big one for me. It was great for me and gave me confidence. I have not followed through withe guest blogging, but it is definitely a super way to get connected and get traffic and feel like an authority in a subject.
    Have a blessed day,

    • Hey Grace,

      Knowing all the perks of guest posting, I'm curious why you didn't follow through and continue to do them? Is it something you'll be doing again in the future?

  14. I found out it's a lot harder to convince people to accept guest posts than I thought.

  15. Hi Lynn,

    I read your post with great interest. Guest posting is indeed a very good way to get traffic and links.

    I am about to start looking for where to guest post.

    Should you have a shortage of people who want to guest post on your blog I'd be interested to fill the gap.

    What is the usual required length of guest posts?


    • Hi Vance,

      I don't have a required length at all. I say: however long it takes to make the point of the post, and no longer πŸ™‚ You are welcome to submit a post for review using the Contact form in the navigation at the very top of this page. My only requirements are that it be original (not published elsewhere) and that you grant me exclusive reprint rights.

  16. I'm all for any traffic! I've just been blogging for 2 months but I can say that I am learning loads and I think I have what it takes to make a successful blog.

  17. Steven Goodwin says:


    Great post! I never thought about guest blogging until now. Seems like it could be pretty powerful. I really appreciate the info. I am going to have to start putting it into action!

  18. Christopher Roberts says:

    Fantastic tips there, I will try them out πŸ™‚

  19. I've already contributed more guest posts this year than all of last year, but I have to say it hasn't contributed to any growth yet. Then again, I'm writing for some low traffic sites, so I wasn't really expecting anything big to occur, other than to help others possibly grow their blogs some. But it's a good thing to do, I concur.

    • I assume you're getting inbound links, and seeing an increase in your search engine rankings? Or what is your objective with those guest posts, specifically?

      You definitely need an objective. Usually I am working towards quality inbound links and targeted traffic (bringing in new readers).

  20. James Steiner - Easy Local SEO says:

    Great Stuff Lynn - Looking forward to implementing the concise directions & helpful tips in this ebook once I can get my order placed.

    One can never have to many options or avenues when it comes to obtaining MORE quality blog traffic. Certainly appears this guest posting will fill in some rather large holes I have left uncovered to date.

    Thanks & Best Always - Jim

    • For sure, Jim! In addition to getting exposure with an established, targeted readership... you're also getting the highest quality inbound links possible. Which means better search engine rankings and even more targeted traffic. This is definitely one of my favorite methods - and works in ANY niche, with ANY website/ebiz model. Even if you don't blog yourself!

  21. Christian Russell says:

    I'm so negligent when it comes to guest blogging, but I agree with you 100%. Every time I publish a new guest blog, it leads to a little spike in traffic and new subscribers...every single time. Anyone who's serious about building their blog should give this tactic some focus πŸ™‚

  22. I had been meaning to sign up to Chris's guide, as I had seen it mentioned elsewhere. Will do so now, thanxs for the reminder.


  23. Michelle says:

    I think guest blogging has a lot of perks, but you also have to be sure that you have good material to offer to other people. I guess you have not problems there.

    • Writing is a task for me, just like everyone else. I have a system for developing content though. I've discussed it in great detail in the Web Content Development category here at ClickNewz.

  24. Great book suggestion. I have been using the Blogger Linkup System for some time and it is really helpful in getting and receiving guest posts.

  25. Very insightful post. I'm just starting up my blogging and will try this technique to improve traffic.

  26. Terrance Charles says:

    Lynn, I can't agree with you more, that's one of the biggest traffic getters for bloggers. It's just like when your building your email list and your using "email adswaps" technique, the guest blogging technique is like that but for bloggers. The best way to promote is to get other people to promote you, you reach more people and gain more credibility that way. Great post πŸ˜‰

  27. This is definitely a great traffic getting technique; I downloaded the ebook over the weekens and I must say it is a gem. It's got loads of great tips and for blogging newbies especially I think it's a very useful guide. Thanks Lynn!

  28. Jennifer says:

    Thanks for this info Lynn. I love when you demonstrate simple, effective methods to build our businesses. Much appreciated.

  29. Chris Evans says:

    Lynn, once again you provide great content for free! You know how to push the "free line" my friend! Nice work!

    Chris Evans

  30. Another great post, Lynn! I bought the eBook and wrote a post at


    -- Kurt

  31. Hey Lynn! I love the way you write. Your style is care free, yet informative, expressive yet likable. You don't push nor do you critize. You make your articles stand out and you help us to stand up, rethink and take action. Thank you,

  32. Michael Smale says:

    Great post! Informative and insightful as always. I really appreciate your recommendations Lynn. Thank you so much for your support and encouragement.

  33. Hey Lynn,

    Thanks for this info. I downloaded a copy of that guide and it's really excellent.

    I'm looking to promote my blog more and, as you're my internet marketing blog heroine (with an 'e' πŸ˜‰ ) I figured that anything you're doing must be working.

    I'm off to go and get myself some guest posts.

    Thanks again.


  34. Good post (again), after reading this post, i will surely use guest posting now, i just hope i will able to write a good quality content and get accept by the bloggers...

  35. what a clear and useful site, can't wait to read the book. Always amazed at the bright, honest, and inspiring people you meet online. and, so sorry about your ipad, I'll bet you needed a stiff drink after that...

  36. Darren L Carter says:

    Really great post!

    Can't wait to start using your advice on my own brand new blog!
    It will probably take some time to get to that point but it's always good to learn!

    Darren L Carter

  37. Lynn,

    Thanks for this! Will buy the workbook now and hopefully it will work on my blog as well.

    Best regards,


  38. Curtez Riggs says:

    Interesting read, and I will definetly be getting the book.

  39. Janice Phillips says:


    You know when you are out shopping and you couldn't describe to others what it is that you are looking for (even if your life depended on it) and you just say, "I will know it when I see it". This is it ... and I didn't even know I was looking ... how did you know?!

    A few days ago, I opened and read an email (one of the many lists that I am on), where he offered to 'guest' post on my blog ... I was thrilled! Even before he mentioned his conditions -- which I had guessed -- he had a big YES. I hope I can help him at least half as much as he will be helping me.

    I wonder ... does he have this same book?

    Even though I am new to the scene of internet marketing, and I have heard that I am not too late ... I am assuming that I am not too early either. Will this be a hindrance for me? I'm hoping not.

  40. Sam Jones says:

    Many bloggers do guest blogging to get decent links from professional bloggers. However, there are still bloggers who miss this opportunity. If somebody is really serious to improve his/her blog, he/she must have an effective strategy to follow.

  41. Sean Willard says:

    Just bought the eBook Lynn - thanks for the post!
    P.S. You have a UNIQUE Purpose!

  42. Faith Basa says:

    I wanna buy this book as well! I'm excited! Thank you for sharing this!

  43. I'm really glad I cane across this site. Off to buy the book now.

  44. Lynn:

    I finally had a chance to read this book (even though I bought it a while It's a solid report on how to FIND guest post opportunities and the do's and dont's of guest posting. However, I was hoping it would have some information on how to RECRUIT guest posters. Do you have any resources you'd recommend for that kind of information?


  45. Cindy Brock says:

    I had just the opposite question as Travis: how do you get to be a guest poster? Based upon what he said about the book, guess I need to buy it!

  46. Michael - Get Traffic Now - not Tomorrow says:

    I think Guest blogging will work when done properly. A friend of mine sent that book to me and I'm yet to put it to work but I have been enlightened more now. Though I still have a lot of questions on how to become an expert guest blogger - can you answer it?

  47. Off to buy a copy, thanks Lynn. It's all about testing new ideas and guest posting has always been on the back of mind. With this post and the resources you've proided offer me affordable solution to do so.

    Big thank you! As Travis had stated in an earlier question

    "However, I was hoping it would have some information on how to RECRUIT guest posters. Do you have any resources you’d recommend for that kind of information?

    I am also very interested if you may know of any resources for this?



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