Two Affiliate Marketing Events in January

To kick off the New Year, I will be attending two Affiliate Marketing events this January: the Niche Affiliate Marketing Systems (aka NAMS) workshop in Atlanta, GA and also Affiliate Summit West in Las Vegas.

I attend and teach at the NAMS workshop twice a year, in January and August. But this will be my first year attending Affiliate Summit, and I am really looking forward to it!

Meet Me at Affiliate Summit West 2011

Most of you are already familiar with the NAMS event, and I'll have more news on that coming later this week, so I'll focus on sharing the details about Affiliate Summit - and why I'm attending in January (finally!)...

Affiliate Summit originally started in 2003, co-founded by Shawn Collins and Missy Ward. The January event in Vegas will be the 16th Affiliate Summit conference. Attendance has grown steadily every year, starting with just a few hundred in the beginning - to several thousand attendees at current events.

Speakers for Affiliate Summit West 2011 include: Brian Clark (Copyblogger), Chris Brogan, Rae Hoffman (Sugarrae), John Chow, Rosalind Gardner, Jim Kukral, Kim Rowley, Dave Taylor... and many others.

This will be my first opportunity to meet Rosalind Gardner and Kim Rowley in person (both a long time coming!), and a chance to catch up with my old friend Rae Hoffman (um, not that she's old *lol* but that we've known each other for ages).

I'll be covering the event with updates at both Twitter & Facebook, taking lots of photos & videos, and of course sharing highlights in blog posts here at ClickNewz.

I recently joined Rosalind Gardner's newest site, an online hands-on affiliate training & membership site at, and am attending Affiliate Summit, both for the same reason: I am reviving some of my older niche affiliate sites in the New Year and also starting some brand new niche affiliate projects. Rosalind's site is a great way for me to learn some of the newer strategies and platforms (from the very person I learned my niche affiliate strategies from in the first place, years ago) - and Affiliate Summit is the perfect place to meet up with merchants I may want to work with in the New Year.

I was just looking over the sessions and speakers earlier this week. It's going to be an incredible event to learn new trends, get creative ideas, network & brainstorm, and study new affiliate marketing strategies. I am very much looking forward to it.

When you know your goals, and know exactly what you want to accomplish, you choose the training and the events that help you reach those goals. And for me, Affiliate Marketing is my life! 😉

Affiliate Summit is THE event for affiliates & merchants to attend...

Meet Me at Affiliate Summit West 2011

Act fast and book now if you want to attend. Jan 9th is just around the corner... 😉

Planning to be at Affiliate Summit in January? Let me know!
I would love to meet up with you there.


p.s. I am an affiliate for both NAMS and Affiliate Summit, and am involved as an instructor with both the NAMS event and the pre-NAMS online training. I earn commission on ticket sales to both events, which I use toward travel expenses.

Using my referral links for events and products mentioned here on ClickNewz is a great way to give back to the community, and is what allows me to keep tutorials and how-to information free for everyone year after year.

While the referral links do not affect the price you pay (and you’ll often find exclusive coupon codes and discounts here) it really makes a difference in keeping ClickNewz running as a valuable resource to the IM community.

Thank you for your support!

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  1. TrafficColeman says:

    I have heard good things about that affiliate summit over the years..hope to make it out there soon.

    "Black Seo Guy "Signing Off"

  2. Shawn Collins says:

    I look forward to seeing you in Las Vegas next month!

  3. These Affiliate Summits seem to happen very often...wasn't there just one in Vegas a month or so ago....or was that Blog World...or something like that?

    These events are expensive but I bet the shmoozing you do with top players is so worth it. I'm giving myself 6 months before I'm making enough online to attend.

  4. Melissa Evans says:

    Lynn - Is there a schedule for Nams5 posted somewhere? I'd like more information about it and the pre-training. Thanks!

  5. Rhonda Page says:

    Lynn, ASE10 was great! Lots of networking, business going on. There is a room for bloggers. Bring lots of business cards. It's good to set up appts ahead of time, and use 4 square to meet folks. Your ipad will be really helpful. Lots of private parties if you know the right folks. Missy tweets about parties. Bring mints, voice gets really tired from talking so much. Productive if you do some planning ahead.

  6. Lynn, can you give a bit more info about Affiliate Blogger Pro please? Only a small part of the sales page is about the product itself. Is it delivered all at once or on a weekly/monthly basis? Does it focus on paid or free traffic etc? Thanks so much 🙂

  7. This is an event I've always said I'd love to attend, but I can't get away in January for this one. I'll be keeping an eye out for the Affiliate Summit East schedule.

  8. Hey Lynn,
    Thanks for the focusmanifesto, it was like you sent it to me personally and I appreciate it. The picture I have of myself is like this; I'm a Mac loaded with every conceivable tool but the battery is dead and I lost the plug. I learned so much from you and many of the bloggers that will be at the summit I would love to go. I have found the plug and have plans to plug it in. Would this be the right outlet? I'm giving it some serious thought. Maybe I'll see you there.

  9. Marketing Tools says:

    The affiliate summit is just what I need. I hope I will see you there Lynn.

  10. I am pretty new to all of this and still trying to write my first blog.

  11. So bummed that NAMS got canceled. Good thing I hadn't bought my plane ticket yet. I don't know how much I'll participate as I go for the networking as much as the sessions... but I'm trying to keep an open mind! I think I'll skip LV this year as I'm in Disney World the weekend before. But maybe next year!

    • Disney World sounds fun! Enjoy 😀

      Do you think you'll make NAMS in August? I'll have a post up soon with full details on all that. Hope to see you soon, somewhere!

  12. Lynn, I am SOOOO excited to finally meet you in person, too! We will definitely have to hook up for lunch or dinner!

    • You're on my must-meet-up-with list, Kim! 😉 You can reach me through Twitter or Facebook Message while we're there. I'll be there through the entire event (lunch on Sat thru breakfast on Wed) so I'm sure we'll have a chance to get together somewhere in there. Looking forward to it!

  13. Lori Herren says:

    Yay Lynn! So excited you will be at Affiliate Summit. Can't wait to meet in person. You will love it. They put on a first class show. Lots of information and tons of exhibitors. Bring lots of business cards. It should be great weather. We are at 69 right now. See ya soon!

    • I'm loving the news about that weather. We're below freezing here in TN with snow and ice this week! 😛 See you in a few weeks - and let's make it a point to meet up. I know it will be crowded & busy so just buzz me on Twitter or something!

  14. As promised, the details on the NAMS workshop in January. BIG NEWS on this one! See:

  15. Thanks for the great information on these upcoming events. I have been attending several different affliate type seminars lately such as Anthony Morrison, Andrew Wallace and Jaime Lewis. It is difficult to decided which ones will work best for me but I am always anxious to learn more about the internet and the marketing aspects that can help me build a supplemental income. So thank you for posting these upcoming events.

    • Hi Paul,

      Always research before deciding. Take those names you mentioned and Google each one (start with the first and check that out...)

      Affiliate Summit is THE affiliate marketing event to attend. It will be brimming with industry leaders, including super affiliates and top networks.

      NAMS is great for hands-on learning, especially those new to online business and affiliate marketing. Its more a workshop format than a seminar.

  16. Donald MacLeod says:

    Hi Lynn,

    I came across you on Twitter and decided to follow. I might be needing help in this business. I like your site, very informative.



    Follow me on Twitterr @donaldmacleod1


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