Friday Feature: Affiliate Article Writers

This week's feature is all about article marketing success, and specifically how to use article marketing to make affiliate sales.

Article marketing is great for getting quality inbound links, but you can also use articles to promote affiliate programs directly.

Dan Ho has mastered the formula for using article marketing as a niche affiliate, a niche super affiliate that is, and he shares all the details at his AAW site. And it's not just a how-to site, but also a done-for-you service... and a lot cheaper than you might expect. ๐Ÿ˜‰

This formula that Dan shares is super simple, and can set you up to earn long-term passive income as an affiliate. It's simple in that it cuts out all the usual marketing stuff that trips everyone up: list building, creating websites, video marketing, etc. It requires NONE of that...

Personally I prefer the "over-achiever method" of becoming a total market leader in a niche. That said, I realize it's not for everyone (as we learned in Paul's video), and some would prefer a simple quiet way to make money online - without all the fuss, and without the huge learning curves and time investments.

And of course, this could easily be worked into larger models if you ARE an over- achiever like me. ๐Ÿ˜€

Dan Ho's affiliate method and Affiliate Article Writers website was recently featured in Allan Gardyne's newsletter titled Affiliates Who Keep Things Simple (a great read if you want to learn more about AAW). If you're not familiar with Allan Gardyne, he's like the GRANDFATHER of affiliate marketing. His site, newsletter & forum have been online for ages.

What is AAW?

I was checking out AAW earlier today, which is short for Affiliate Article Writers if you haven't picked up on that yet!, and was really impressed with everything Dan offers there.

They research products that are proven sellers (no research!). They also research the relevant keywords & phrases (no keyword testing!). They stay on top of trends, so you don't have to. You can even get an affiliate site created, with pre-sell content and artwork and everything (affiliate links already included!) - for less than $15/mo. Now that's a deal.

It's membership based, priced at just 29.99, and includes regular training teleconferences and a members-only community forum for ongoing help.

The coolest part about it is that they focus on lifetime programs, or recurring commissions. This allows you to "build equity" in your online system, so you'll continue earning your affiliate commissions long-term even if you choose to stop using the AAW service. Dan says, "the service is now coming up on 3 years since inception and many students have done exactly that."

If you're more the hermit type that Paul Evans described in his video, and you're looking for something super simple - and step by step - then you'll want to check this out. It may be perfect for you:

Affiliate Article Writers

The copy is a bit long (or maybe that's just me) so I recommend you read Allan Gardyne's overview, and then click the link above and scroll down to the good part - the details. :)

I have a friend who is using this article marketing / affiliate combo method successfully, after spending months on another method and not earning enough to cover hosting costs (yet). It definitely works, if you're willing to dive in and stick to it exclusively.

Check it out and let me know what you think!


This week's Friday Feature was sponsored by Dan Ho.

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  1. TrafficColeman says:

    Article marketing to this day is still an great way to make money and build backlinks..put you must know the steps in order to make this happen.

    "Black Seo Guy "Signing Off"

  2. Terry P Mielcarek says:

    Hello and Happy Holidays-
    I am just starting article marketing and trying to learn how to get traffic to my sites and hope to learn more from Mrs. Terry and any others teachers.

    Safe and Happy Holidays

  3. Hey Lynn:

    Thanks for sharing. Even though I know the benfits of article marketing I do dread doing it. I have add article marketing to my business plan for 2011 and know I may have an easier way to accomplish this.

    Thanks for sharing and Merry Christmas!

    - Rick

  4. Hi Lynn,
    This guy really knows what he is talking about. A friend of mine enrolled about 2 months ago, she is seeing results now. Might have to rethink my position. Although my blog takes No1 spot.

  5. Hmmmm... sounds too good to be true. And a wise IM person I respect with the initials LT told me that if something sounds too good to be true.... it probably is.
    I prefer sweat equity.

    • LOL Lain. I read through everything, and I can tell you - this is just like anything else. It will require that sweat equity. There's no way around that. You'll either have to write, or outsource the writing, so it still requires the "work" to make it "work" ๐Ÿ˜‰

  6. I don't know if it's just this fever or if I need more sleep, I've read the blog post and the AAW page three times now and I don't think I'm understanding it at all, is it a course or a service?

    • I had a bit of a time understanding for sure too, which is why I made the comment I did about the copy. :) It's both - you get the how to and you also get the trends, market/product research, you can get the entire site created for you @ $14.99/mo (not much more than the cost of hosting), and of course the ongoing teleseminars and community. You still have to write the articles, or outsource the writing, but everything else is pretty much in place - from products to keywords to steps to do.

      • Ohhhhhhh! Well, now my interest is certainly peaked a little. I really want to do some heavy article marketing in the beginning of 2011 to get things off to a good start. Thanks for the clarification on that, I'm adding it to my "things to think about" list.

  7. This sounds great but do you have something helpful for those with their own sites, who do their own keyword research but need help simply with article marketing?

  8. Cindy Brock says:

    Are we ever going to see anything priced at under $10 from anyone? I know we all want to make money and need to educate ourselves...but this really cuts into available funds when money is so tight for everyone. I would rather pay a smaller amount to get in, then be upsold (is that a word?) after the fact.


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