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Text Link AdsThis morning I decided to check out the Link Buying Guide from Text Link Ads. If you click on that link, you'll find a how-to video that you can watch online, the link-buying guide to download and a checkout code to get $100 in free Text Link Ads.

The Definitive Guide to Link Buying is an 11-page document that defines the value of links, and gives you 10 Link Buying Tips that would be super-helpful no matter what type of online advertising campaign you are looking into.

In this document, Patrick Gavin discusses both the direct and the indirect value of text links and what factors you should consider when you are link-building. Even if you dont plan to buy links, this guide will be a big help to you with your general linking strategy.

You'll find out why you should never buy a text link based on PageRank alone, and what your number one criteria for making a purchase should be. You'll learn why some text links benefit your site, while others might put you at risk for search engine penalties. You'll see the importance of varying your link text (or anchor text) on inbound links... and much more.

Patrick also discusses site-wide links, deep linking... and even alternative (free) link-building methods.

Download the Definitive Guide to Link Buying
Short but incredibly informative - definitely worth a quick read!

P.S. Not only can you buy text links with TLA, you can also sell advertising space on your websites to earn money... and Monetize your RSS feed with their Feedvertising program. --> Sell Ad Space

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  1. I've found the prices on TLA to be exorbitantly high. Probably something to do with the 50% cut they take.

    I'd be interested to hear your thoughts comparing the value of buying text link ads versus buying payperpost exposure, Lynn.

  2. Good question. I am currently looking at AdBrite, TLA and PayPerPost (among others) from both ends - as a publisher *and* an advertiser. There are several factors to consider when buying advertising online - not just the cost but also the direct exposure and the indirect search engine results.

    The guide to buying links that I linked to in the post above is a great basic foundation for anyone looking into buying ad space online though - regardless of which network or service that they use. Definitely some helpful information there!

  3. Hi Lynn,
    Thanks for that post, the article is very informative. What I'd like to know is now that I have several websites with a fair share of unrelated links what should I do? I hate to be rude and just delete them but I don't want to dimenish my sites potential either. Thanks

  4. I would go ahead and work towards cleaning up your links, and obtaining some new quality inbound links...

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