Virtual Tour of My Home Office

Above is the Media Desk in my home office. I thought it would be fun to give you a virtual tour of the Media Desk, and around the rest of my home office... :D

Starting from the left you'll see:

  • Macbook Pro with Turquoise Speck Cover
  • Plantronics Wireless Headset
  • Apple iPad w/Griffin stand & wireless Apple keyboard
  • HP 20" 2010i Monitor (hooked up to Macbook)
  • Blue Yeti Microphone
  • Lenovo M90z Touch Screen ThinkCentre
  • HP Officejet 6500 Wireless Printer
  • Canon Vixia HD Camcorder & Tripod

My home office is set up in a large sunroom on the back of my house, which leads out to a covered deck. As you can see in the picture above, the back door is open - which is typical most days.

Slim and I like to come in and out throughout the day, and enjoy the sounds of birds or a nice rain on the tin roof.

More often than not Slim is lounging on the back deck, or right here beside my desk while I'm working. But he'll hop up in a second when I'm ready for a morning or evening walk! He is a 2 year old Great Dane, just under 110 pounds, and without a doubt my best friend in the world. ;)

I have two desks in the office: my primary work desk (below) where I do most of my writing & research, and my media desk (above) which I use for creative/multimedia work.

I'm running several computers and quite a few devices. I use different computers & devices for different things, which I'll explain in more detail...

This (left) is my original and main workstation. A very small and simple "no clutter" desk for max productivity. That's a new Dell tower which is hooked up to Dual HP 20" Monitors.

I have a third 20" HP Monitor on my Media Desk, which serves as an external monitor for my Macbook Pro.

The Dell doesn't sit on the desk of course - I took that photo prior to hooking it up last week. It's a new replacement. I'm a big fan of Dell and their excellent customer service & support. And before you make any Mac-Lover comments, I started my business and achieved my first 10+ years of success on PC's. ;-)

Here's a current shot of the PC Desk (mess and all!):

If you ignore the shelves and cords (lol) you'll notice I keep my desk space clear. This is my spot to sit and write, to focus, and to plan. The less distraction the better.

The chair is super comfy too - it reclines, swivels and rocks!

My network currently includes two PC desktops (the Dell and a Lenovo M90z Touch Screen ThinkCentre), two PC laptops (one Dell, one HP), two original Apple iPads, two Apple iPods (one Touch, one Nano), a Blackberry, a Droid X, a Wireless HP Officejet printer, and a Macbook Pro.

In addition to the computers & portable devices, you'll notice the
Blue Yeti Microphone, which I use for podcasting - and a Wireless Plantronics Headset which I use to host webinars and for Skype chats/interviews.

The tripod to the right of my Media Desk holds a Canon VIXIA HF S20 Dual Flash Memory Camcorder, which is what I've been using to create all my recent videos.

Here's another shot where you can see the Canon HD Camcorder up close, as well as the Blue Yeti Microphone in the background. The mic is in front of the external monitor and beside the iPad. That's my new Griffin iPad Stand, by the way...

There are also two (very full) bookshelves, a 4' fishtank on a stand (currently empty), a media stand stacked with things I need to go through and put away (no telling how much mail is in that pile -ack!), and an old green recliner in the far corner that seriously needs to make it's way out the door - to be replaced by a big fluffy chair & ottoman, when I get around to it. ;)

I'm in the process of replacing my white boards with maps and photos. My home office is the room that gets the most attention - it's always a work in progress.

^ This end of the Media Desk gets the most use. I use my Macbook Pro for video editing, podcasting, and of course grab it and go anytime I want to work mobile.

The external monitor usually has Things for Mac on the screen (my task list & project manager) so I can "keep an eye on things" (heh).

My Apple iPad is probably my least-used device. Shocking, I know. I do use it for mind mapping - I love the iThoughtsHD app. I also use it to read and watch movies, with the Kindle & Netflix apps being my two favorites.

The second iPad I mentioned is being used by my daughter. I won it in an affiliate contest, and it was a great way to keep her off of mine! :P

The Lenovo M90z Touch Screen ThinkCentre sits just a half-turn to my right at the Media Desk...

I originally wondered just how much
I would use a touch screen PC... but
I am finding it a lot more convenient (and fun) than I imagined!

My next venture will be to install Camtasia and Audacity on the ThinkCentre and try my hand
at touch screen audio & video editing.

That should be fun! :D

"Which Computer Do You Use When, For What??"

I get that question a lot. :D

I bought the 13" Macbook Pro specifically for mobile video editing. It's such a handy little laptop (perfect size!) so I retired my HP laptop - to my daughter's room :) - and use the Macbook exclusively when I need a laptop. Whether I'm traveling to the other side of the world, or just the other side of the house.

As I mentioned earlier, I use my iPad for mind mapping (something I could never get the hang of on a PC). I also use it quite a bit for movies and reading. The Kindle app is particularly awesome because it syncs with the app on my Droid X - so no matter which one I have with me, I can pick right back up where I left off!

I use my PC Desk mainly for bookkeeping and writing, as well as for planning... and often for music because it has great speakers (lol).

I like that clear space as a focus spot.

The touch screen PC on my Media Desk is new, and at first was mainly "a toy".

But once I realized how efficient it was, and got used to the one large screen, I installed all my programs and files on it.

It has quickly become my most-used PC...

I love my setup and all the versatility it offers. Basically I use the best machine for the job at any given time. Or just the machine closest to me. LOL. I particularly like the versatility of Mac & PC and iPad/iPod & Android.

It's the best of both worlds!

And you know what I *really* love? Cross platform programs, like Evernote for example, that work on every computer and device - and sync across every computer and device. Things like that make my life MUCH easier.

That was fun!

Now get out of my office so I can get back to work ;-)

One last note though. As you've noticed I used a lot of "conflicting equipment". A Droid and an iPad?! Yes. I catch a lot of crap over that from both camps. But you know what I say? It's not the equipment you have... it's how you use it.


p.s. I forgot to mention the Zune...

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  1. Lynn, thanks SO much for letting us have a peek at your space!! I just wanted to start rearranging my office and go get some new toys! Love all your equipment and how you have it set up for optimum performance. Rock on!

    • It's still - and always - a work in progress ;) Glad you enjoyed the post and the pictures! I'll work on doing a more thorough video tour in the near future, when the rest of the office is complete. You saw less than half of it in these photos. :D

  2. Wow Lynn! Great Office. Look forward to the day when I will need this kind of equipment for my business. My two boys have left home this year and we are in the middle of turning one room into my office. So that is a step in the right direction.

    Thanks for sharing!

    • Thank you Sue! It has really come a long way in the last year. I've added A LOT since the beginning of 2010. I ran on much less space & gadgets for the 12+ years prior to that - LOL.

      When I get this space finished (will that ever happen?? ha!), it's time to work on the NON tax-deductible rooms of the house. :D

  3. Thanks for the peek into your office :) I love your set up! A sun room office sounds wonderful, I think I'm a little bit jealous.

    • I do love it - especially the great light and the easy access to the deck, where I work just as much. Natural light is best for video. And I just adjust the shades between morning and afternoon to avoid screen glare...

  4. It's very tidy ;) I can't believe you use all that equipment! It must take hours to dust. The Touch Screen ThinkCentre looks fabulous. Having so many screens reminds me of the Minority Report with Tom Cruise ;)

    I like the look of the podcasting mic too.
    Thanks for the tour around!

    • I didn't show the dirty spots ;) LOL

      I do have a messy bookshelf and a pile in two different corners. I don't even have a clue what all is in those "piles" - definitely need to go through that stuff! :P

      As for dusting, I have housekeepers that come every week. A little dust in between doesn't bother me (enough to dust it myself -ha!). Most of the gadgets get used too frequently to collect dust anyway...

      I do LOVE the mic. Beautiful. Now to get that podcast off the ground!

  5. Wow! Surprisingly, this seems pretty overwhelming for me. I know you're pretty organized and focused so it works for you whereas many of us who only have a couple of gadgets are constantly distracted. I'm curious as to how do you plan your days? Is one day designated for blog posts, linking, videos, research etc? You seem to have it down to a science lol

    • "Seem" being the key word there. :D I always say I'm flying by the seat of my pants, but I suppose I am pretty organized in a sense. I do videos on the days I get dressed (very few days a week -lol). I blog when the inspiration for a topic hits me - usually early in the morning (my best focus time). This month I am writing a series so I am blogging in advance when I have the time, and scheduling the posts.

      I do a little bit of everything every day. I don't work very well on a strict "schedule". I've tried that before. Let's say "walk the dog at 7am" and "blog at 9am" and "work out at 1:00" etc. I feel confined and restricted - and a million things keep me from being able to meet my deadlines. That makes me feel like a failure, so I ditched that.

      I would much rather eat when I'm hungry, sleep when I'm tired, walk when the weather is perfect, and work when I'm inspired. Fortunately my lifestyle allows me that luxury. :D

      I start each day with a mini task list: the top 3-5 things that MUST get done that day. And I do those first. Everything else is "flying by the seat of my pants".

    • Funny note - I mentioned "I do videos on the days I get dressed". I often shoot multiple videos in a row, and just change my shirt in between (and maybe change my hair a bit). Then when I'm done and the video is importing, I head out to go do whatever I got dressed for in the first place. But I figure if I'm going to go through the trouble of putting on mascara, I might as well knock out all the video I can at once. :P

  6. On the plus side it probably has Linux Drivers unlike Kodak 5300's.
    On the minus side printer cartridges are probably more expensive than Kodak rounded off price is $10 for B&W, $17 for Color(as of 5/10/2011 at my local Staples).

    Another plus would be that the HP is wireless.Also like the fact that it works with all your computers.

    Question, did the various computers "Just Work" with this HP printer or did you have to install drivers, etc to get the various computers to work ?

    I have a deskjet1341 printer as well, in the past it has been a HP 600.

    • I had to install the printer on the first few computers, but when I got the Lenovo ThinkCentre with Windows 7 it created a home network and automatically added the (installed) printer. From there, other PC's in the house accessed it directly from the network which was cool.

      I forgot to mention that it does double sided printed. I suppose that's a given, but worth mentioning. I use 3-hole punch paper and double sided printing to print ebooks to put in binders. Saves on paper, and comes out super nice!

  7. Troy Duncan says:

    The first thing that came to mind when I read this post was SWEEEET :)

  8. That was fun! Thanks for having me in your office. :)
    I love that it's in the sunroom. Lots of light and you can hear the birdies.

    I'm upstairs in a backroom where I can hear the neighbor's a/c unit when my window is open. But hey, it's my space and I get a lot done there. It's even clean and clutter free... at the moment.


    • Being upstairs and out of the main traffic areas in the home is great too! I have my son's upstairs (very private!) bedroom that is now empty *sadface* that I am considering turning into a quiet reading/working space as well. Particularly for those times when there are house guests or teen sleepovers - or I just want to hole up and get away from the noise. ;) *cheers*

  9. That's a great looking desk/office. I can't show my desk pictures due to all the mess around everything.

    To my left sits a Dell Laptop which is primarily used for running windoze programs when I need them, or updating my iPod.

    To the right of the Laptop is my iPod Touch (3G) which I use to listen to Internet Marketing Podcasts when I am in the car.

    Around the corner and in front of me is my Dell Desktop with a 21" HD monitor.

    Around another corner and to the right of the desktop is an HF Ham Radio inside an emergency travel kit, operational but ready to unplug and go in case of emergency.

    To the right of the Amateur Radio is my wife's HP Laptop which needs a new keyboard. :(. To the right of that is an HP Printer/scanner.

    To the right of that is my not-so-wireless network system which consists of a wireless router, UPS, extra 10 hours of battery, solar charger and the wire distribution center.

    Around one more corner and past a book case is a Dell desktop being used for a Linux server. (Does a great job, too.)

    Next to the server is one more computer which is my daughter's entertainment center. An HP desktop running Linux and housing her games, access to the server for her movies and music.

    Finally, to the right of that computer is my Wet Pet center - 20 gallons of the friendliest, colorful freshwater fish you ever met.

    • Sounds really cool, Buck! I've been very pleased with Dell and HP products over the years. And their customer service & support, though fortunately I have rarely had to use it.

      My large L-shaped "Media Desk" was a great buy this past year. I got it used for $200. Well worth it!! It's been a great addition to my office.

  10. Hey Lynn, long time no comment. :-) Your office is looking NICE! I'm jealous.

    We're still looking to buy a new home out here in San Francisco (we finally sold our house in Minnesota). So we're still in a furnished rental so my "office" is the dining room table these past few months.

    My productivity has been waaay down since the move, I like to blame it on my office setting. Ha-ha.

    - Alan

    • Congrats on getting the home sold! Are you actively looking for a new home now? The west coast is beautiful - great weather. ;) How are you liking it out there so far??

      • Yes, we've looked at around 20 homes so far but none of them have hit the spot. Well there was one we liked but it was sold quickly so we missed out.

        I'm liking it a lot. I like being so close to the ocean. The winter weather is a lot better than Minnesota. :-)

        • I imagine so! Good luck on your home search. ;) I may be looking in the next couple of years myself, but still sticking to middle TN (I love it here). The only thing I'm missing now is a big fenced in yard for Slim. :)

  11. My first thought was "what a geek!" :), but you've got a real dream setup there (OK. I'm a geek, too). I hope no IM newbies get the impression you need a lot of hardware to start a successful online biz, though. I'm sure you did well for years with a lot less stuff.

    I guess the touch-screen of an IPad could make mindmapping less cumbersome than on a PC, but personally I prefer good old pencil and paper for that. Somehow my creative juices just flow better when I'm leaning back with my feet propped up and a yellow pad on my lap.

    • So true. I ran my business on MINIMAL equipment for MANY years. The majority of my current home office came together just in the last year or so.

  12. Thank you very much for letting us into your office. Very few people actually do this. I can tell that you really like technology.

  13. I would like to have the same set-up but still out of my budget. Anyway, I haven't really started anything that serious when it comes to online business. I hope soon.

    • I started out with much less - one computer, period. As I mentioned in a comment above, the majority of my gadgets are new to my home office, within the last 18 months. This being my 15th year in business, that was a lot of years running the bare minimums... and getting by JUST fine. ;)

      • Wow! I can't imagine how you handled all your tasks with just one computer while your business is fast growing. It's just a matter of discipline I think.

  14. With all of those screens, how do you keep track of what you are up to at any one time? Seriously cool office space though. :)

    • Good question. I have different things going on at different computers/devices. I usually do my social media stuff mobile - from my Droid X. I keep my work open on the other computers, and just sit down to the one that is open to what I want to do at the moment.

      It kinda suits my entrepreneurial ADD :D

  15. Your office is comfy and I love working in there when I come to visit. All the windows and breeze from the back deck is relaxing. So nice!

    I'm so glad that I got dual monitors because it makes things much easier. So much so that Kev got them too. He does a lot with photos and stuff and has found it to be a huge help.

    I have been looking at paint colors for my home office and really want to get that done this summer. I have no clue what 'theme' I want to go with. I'm pretty sure it's going to be crazy bright colors (think Caribbean!) but then I lean towards something different, back and forth LOL Not sure what to do but I know that I need to clear out the clutter FAST.

    Can't wait for your book and podcast.

    • I'm really excited about the podcast and book both launching this year! ;)

      We should book you a flight - it's been too long! I look forward to getting together and hanging out again. Hopefully before NAMS, but if not - Fall is great in Tennessee!

  16. All I can say is WOW! No wonder you are having one of the most successufl blogs on the internet with all this new technology.

  17. Awesome!

    You must feel like the captain of 'USS Enterprise' sometimes :)

    Would love to see a picture of the house too if that's not being too nosey!

    • LOL yeah! I'll work on the other pictures. Maybe include some other parts of the house in a video tour when I get some more of it finished. Still working on the walls & the far corner in this room. :)

  18. Frank Dickinson says:

    Great stuff Lynn! Talk to me about the desk chair - what is it? - why do you like it? etc. I love the one I have, but that one looks so comfy and cool!

    • The chair at my PC desk is like this one: I've had two of them now, one micro suede and new one is - hmm, I don't think it's real leather. I don't know.

      I love them. They come with the foot rest, which is on a slider so it's great when you're rocking. I usually recline slightly with the wireless keyboard in my lap. Recommended by my chiropractor who doesn't like me sitting indian style and leaning forward at the desk anymore. :P

      The chair at my Media Desk is a Broyhill office chair. Also very comfy, and on wheels. I think I got it at Wal-Mart for something like $148...

  19. Lisa Marie Mary says:

    Great tour of your sweet and sunny office. I'm working on some reorganizing in my office today, too. Hopefully going to make putting the mail together a simpler and quicker operation. ;)

    • Lisa Marie Mary says:

      Woohoo! I've got my new table 'desk' up and I'm so excited! Did it yesterday and when I walked in this morning and saw it, I got excited all over again! I'm loving it!

  20. Thanks for sharing your personal workspace. There's nothing like "having the right tool for the job" as they say.

    • LOL :) Like I mentioned earlier, I think my setup really suits my entpreneurial ADD. Earlier today I was working on 3 different things at once, and just turned slightly in my chair back and forth between each of them off and on. Keeps it fun!

  21. I love this setup! I just started mind mapping on my iPad too and I like it so much better than on the computer. Touch is just perfect for it. A few months ago I did a post about my office makeover too:

  22. Wow! nice office... And to think it is at home. I find it very interesting working at home. I wish I could also have these gadgets and computers around my house..LOL.. Nice office lyn!

  23. Thanks for the tour Lynn. You have a LOT of gear.

    I have an ipad, and have been wondering about getting a keyboard for it. Would that make it a reasonable device to answer emails on? I'm interested in your opinion.

    Thanks -

  24. Wow, you have loads of gear there. My home office is more of a couch with a laptop - I aspire to this sort of home-office organisation ;)

  25. Wow! Your home office is really expensive. I have just a poor laptop with a dying battery. :D

  26. Karen Taylor says:

    Fantastic post; loved seeing where and how the magic happens. My favorite part is Slim as I am a huge dog lover. I have heard Great Danes are gentle giants, is that true? How is his energy level for being two, but being a great dane? I also heard they are couch potatoes, but that may not be true for a puppy. I have thought about adopting a Great Dane in the past, and may entertain that thought when we are ready to adopt another dog.

  27. The downside is that HP so far doesn't support drivers for Linux if you want to use it wireless. I know since I have a HP 4500 and am otherwise very happy with it. HP does support drivers for using it wired(USB cable). Mine was a refurb, so was able to buy it for 1/3 the price of brand new 4500. Another great thing is you can get ink cartridges delivered the next business day with no shipping and handling charge.


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