Day 27: How to Create Videos That Go Viral

In the Content Marketing section of the Growing Your List challenge, we discussed using video to build a list. Today we'll go deeper into that topic. Specifically: how to create videos that go viral...

For Day 27, refer to pages 64-66 in the
free 31 Day Guide to Growing Your List

"On Day 20 we talked about ways to create buzz-worthy videos, and how to launch them to create a splash in your market. But here are a few more tips to really catapult your viral video..." -page 64

5-Step Outline for Creating Viral Videos:

  • Create SHORT Videos (30 seconds to 1 minute)
  • Choose Your Video Title & Thumbnail Strategically
  • Post Your Videos Everywhere (Facebook, Twitter, Digg,, etc)
  • Encourage Heated Discussion
  • PUSH Your Video Like Crazy!

Refer to the free guide for details on each of the 5 steps.

Quick Tip: ASK your subscribers, blog readers, forum friends and others to comment on your YouTube video. If you don't ask, few will actually do it on their own. But once you get comments going (especially a heated discussion), more people will jump in and join the discussion. -page 65

The ultimate goal is to promote your video well enough that it makes it to the Most Viewed section of YouTube. That's when your video will truly "go viral"...

Before you get started, be sure to see the tips for using video to build your list on the Day 20 post in this series. 😉


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  1. Great tips but wish it were so simple. I've been trying to get my videos viral for a year now with no luck at all 🙁

  2. To give you an idea of what "goes viral", and what is currently trending across the web, check out this Viral Video Chart

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