What is SwagBucks? Tips for Getting Rewards

Be Rewarded with the Web's Premiere Rewards Site
Join Swagbucks.com and earn 1,000s of free prizes, for doing the things you do every day.

Register Today! You'll earn 30 SwagBucks just for registering! 😉

You'll also earn 10 more SwagBucks for downloading the toolbar, and 15 for uploading a profile picture (I chose the latter - I don't run toolbars).

I've never messed around with reward sites, but I heard about SwagBucks recently and noticed quite a few of my friends "liked" it and were using it... so I decided to register and check it out.

Swagbucks.com is an online portal dedicated to helping you earn digital dollars called "Swag Bucks", which can be redeemed for exclusive Swagbucks.com merchandise. Things like PayPal and Amazon gift cards, toys, clothes, collectibles, games, electronics and more...

Swagbucks.com is a 100% free, no strings attached, free prizes, no shipping charges, no membership fee's. Swagbucks.com has already rewarded over a half million users with Amazon.com gift cards, and all kinds of exclusive prizes, to members across the United states, Canada and UK.

SwagBucks Tips for Getting Rewards

There are simple tasks you can do to earn lots of SwagBucks. I was just looking over the list and saw an easy 120-140 SwagBucks I could earn by choosing a best search result or giving feedback on a website - just a couple of examples.

That alone, in just the first few minutes of signing up (which gave me 46 SwagBucks), would take me halfway to earning a $5 Amazon Gift Card. That's one of the more popular rewards to redeem, by the way - along with the PayPal gift card, since it's accepted practically anywhere online.

There are tons more ways to earn SwagBucks including playing games, taking quick surveys (just answering a single question, even), surfing the web, taking advantage of special offers, etc.

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Swagbucks.com - The rewards site that works

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Have you tried SwagBucks yet? I would love to hear your thoughts!


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  1. Denise O'Berry says:

    Lynn -- I'll sit this one out and see what your results are in a few weeks. Those sites are notorious for selling your email address to spam lists. Hope that's not the case with this one. Will look forward to your follow up.

  2. I've never heard of it but I'll try it out. Thanks for the information!

  3. Sound's interesting - I could use Amazon gift cards to cover my book expenses. Love buying Kindle books. :-)

  4. Is it really safe? 'Cause as I know there are lots of such sites, where you earn some points to change them into some goods, but later it turns out to be nothing... Hope, Swag Bucks is not one of them.

  5. Graham Lutz says:

    I wonder if you could find a way to come out on top paying a VA to do these things for you? Can anything be redeemed for cash?

  6. I remember signing up, but then promptly forgot about it. I've been seeing a lot of "likes" of Swagbucks on Facebook lately too though and people sharing on there that they got Amazon reward cards. Having a few extra dollars on Amazon is always nice, so I might need to look at this again.

  7. I got 4 Amazon card from swagbacks. It's free and doesn't cost a thing. The only thing I don't like is that they take two weeks just to send your the electronic gift card but other than that, no complaints.

  8. Hi Lynn, and thanks for another winning tip. :-)

    I'll check it out, and as others have said, the Amazon.com card is a most appealing reward.

    By the way, whenever I have doubts about the safety of a site, I check on Google, and on these two sites:



    Both are free, and require no downloads to check the URL. Simply type/paste the URL in question into the box on each site, and hit your Return key to see results.

    A Happy 4th of July to all.

  9. I signed up for it about a month ago and DID download the toolbar. I get a swagbuck every time i open a new search window but im a tabber, so its going to take a while to get many swagbucks. I think i have 90 now. If it proves to be a worthwhile use of my time i might look into doing more with it.

  10. I've used it for a year or so now. We've earned quite a few just by using their search bar, and also by entering codes whenever they give one out directly. I haven't spent any time searching for the hidden ones - just no time for that. But I do have over 1,000 SB to spend right now, trying to decide whether to get music as usual or something else!

  11. I have the Swag Bucks toolbar and get points for a searching, etc. I have heard great things about it. Kind of reminds me of My Points which I use a lot and have gotten gift cards from many times over the years. Haven't really done much else with SB but I like it.

  12. BookMarking says:

    Looks like a very good offer, i will make a try for sure

  13. Nice website, perfect for making some change in a pleasant way.
    I'm registering in a few minutes and bankrupting these guys by taking all their prizes!

  14. I love Swabucks. Been doing it for years. Daily poll gets my first swagbuck, then the noso's for two, the surveys give you one just to look at what surveys are available. The first few searches give me from 7 to 12 and I Fridays from 30 to 40. Last I hit a set of videos
    for 3. I also follow them on twitter and get a few free codes from there. I just got my second $10.00 PayPal card in 30 days,
    The PayPal cards are on sale this week!

  15. Yup, i do have an account on Swagbucks.com, but like most of the programs i register to, it's been sitting in my bookmars for some time now, because i couldn't find the time to take a closer look at what it offers.
    Maybe i'll give it another try.

  16. I love swagbucks, i get free stuff for sitting around on my butt lol. I'm on my way to my second amazon gift card. I like that I can get things I wouldn't justify the money for but don't have too now. i'm searching online all day anyway so why not make something out of it.

  17. Victoria Sibbett says:

    i just got started on swagbucks on monday and its saturday and i have 1185 and 3 days this week i havent even been on the computer. i have 5 kids so i dont have all the time in the world to spend on the computer but so far i love this site and im taking my spare time to work towards the $5 amazon cards i already have redeemed 2 almost got 3 im using this site to do some of my online christmas shopping and so far ive gotten a good start on this site. i love it.

  18. I have been using swagbucks for like 2 weks it's pretty good,but it's kind of hard to get points though.


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