GeoSurf Review: The GeoTargeting Toolbar

This week I had the opportunity to check out GeoSurf, which has quite a few interesting features. It allows you to surf by location, for GeoTargeting, which is great for local ad campaign management among other things.

Another interesting feature is the Mobile Emulator, allowing you to view your website - or your ad campaigns - from a variety of mobile devices. All from the comfort of your home office. Or in my case, from the laptop on my back deck. :)

There are several great uses for GeoSurf such as monitoring targeted Facebook Ad campaigns, or viewing Search Results & PPC ads based on specific locations...

I started by installing the GeoSurf Toolbar for Firefox, which only took a few seconds:

Most interesting to me personally was the change in organic Google search results based on your location. For example, using a post on my niche site, without the toolbar I rank at #6 and #10 for "julian bakery review" in Google. If I change the location to San Diego, CA my post is not in the Top 10 results at all.

But I still rank in the Top 10 for "low carb bread review" here, in New York AND in San Diego. The difference? Julian Bakery is located near San Diego (in La Jolla).

The toolbar works super fast, making it easy (and fun!) to switch between countries or states and view the various results.

Inside GeoSurf you'll find a variety of options. The image to the left shows you the navigation from your admin panel.

The mobile emulator allows you to see what your sites or pages look like on various mobile devices - from a Droid 2 to an iPad or a Blackberry.

Not only can you see how your pages display (and that Google +1 buttons don't appear on mobile devices - but that's another post/rant for another day, lol), but you can also view mobile ad campaigns.

GeoSurf has proxy servers in 80+ global locations, and most impressive is the speed and security of the service. It's particularly useful for Local Marketing, monitoring & profiling your competitors, and researching new geotargets.

The toolbar is ideal for media buyers that target different locations with variations to ad campaigns. Until GeoSurf, while possible it was very difficult to double check that your ad campaign targeting the UK linked to the correct landing page with the payment option in pounds. And that your campaign targeting the US linked the payment funnel for US dollars. GeoSurf allows you to catch these errors that you otherwise wouldn't be able to see from your home location.

GeoSurf Pricing

They have a free trial if you want to give it a whirl. Plans start at $29/month, but that Starter Plan only allows you one location for proxy surfing. The Basic Plan, at $59/month, offers you three.

GeoSurf is ideal for Local Marketing experts that provide services to clients, as well as marketers and affiliates that geo-target ad campaigns. If you do any type of geo-targeting at all, for yourself or for local clients, it would be well worth the price.

While I don't currently do any geo-targeting, I have to admit that GeoSurf was fun to play with! Especially to analyze certain search results, and also to see the various Adsense ads that display for different locations - and even countries.

Enlightening to say the least!

Your Thoughts?

If you've tried GeoSurf yourself, I would love to hear your thoughts. How are you using it, and what do you like most about it? If you haven't yet tried GeoSurf, what interests you most about this type of proxy surfing, and how would you most likely use it to improve your online marketing strategy?


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