Brand New, Must-See: iBusinessOwner

Jimmy D. Brown has just released some incredible training material... with an interesting twist!

The cool thing is that it's only $10, and that $10 is credited back to you to spend on any of his other products.

Sound confusing? It's not. 😉

You can see the details at:

I decided to sign up this morning and check it out. Honestly, it's a steal at only ten bucks considering the source. Jimmy D. Brown is one of the longest running successful online marketers, and his training material has always had a gold reputation. I've purchased several of his products over the years and have never been disappointed...

While it's great to be creative and innovative in your business, you can't dismiss the power of learning from those that have figured out solid strategies that work.

Often I will purchase products or services from people in the industry just to study their model - with the product being the bonus.

Jimmy's products have always been my favorite because he actually DOES what he teaches, so you often end up with a live working example in your hands along with the step-by-step training.

I'm off to log in and check it all out, and I recommend you do the same. At the very least scan over the page and take a look at what all he is offering for only $10:

Enjoy! 😀


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  1. Michael L says:

    Only $10? I’m gonna have to check this out.

  2. Great that you have shared data on iBusiness. Jimmy Brown has always delivered quality products and again it is also a case of the same. I totally agree with your point that 10 bucks is very cheap for the benefits that are provided through the use of the application. Keep such helpful posts coming.

  3. ibusiness owners are surely going to benefit from this. Using Jimmy Brown's training for getting profit is very great! In business, creativity and innovations must be brought in order to get profit. If using traditional ways then the success rate of the business is slow. And getting guidance from the professional will help in getting success very fast. And getting new training products at $10 is worth using!

  4. Hello Lynn, first of all Let me say that i am new to your blog but I have been using some of the training modules of Jimmy's iBusiness and I used up every single penny by implementing the skills I learned from iBusiness hence I would love to go for this one for $10. Thanks Lynn! Would love to your Feedback as well!

  5. Lynn, Thanks for sharing this and for only $10 who can resist. If I learn just one thing it's worth more than that.I have read his information and never been disappointed.

    Thanks again
    Gail J Richardson

  6. Marshall Miller says:

    I am a technology lover and always like to keep myself up to date with all the modern technology in the industry. I visit various sites to get a daily dose of the latest happenings in the invention and technology world. The information that you have provided here about the brand new iBusinessOwner makes me really want to try it out. Please keep posting reviews of the latest innovations.

  7. Hi Lynn,

    I just signed up this morning too. Can't wait to see all that he shares.

  8. Charlie Reeves says:

    Thanks Lynn for the great resource - at $10 I can give up a few coffees per month. The big thing there would be to act on the info that you learn there - I know I'll make that ten bucks back the first month.

  9. Rhonda Woodworth-Tardif says:

    Thanks for all the great stuff today, Lynn. It feels like Xmas!

  10. That is a fair deal. Like this I get the training for free and get to enjoy other good product from a suplyer i appriciate.
    Thanks for that.

  11. For the modest sum I think it's worth it. I hope to learn new techniques and application templates.

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