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Over the past month I have tested both Adbrite and Text Link Ads. Both of these companies are Advertising Brokers, selling text links or ad spots on your websites on your behalf, and sharing the revenue with you (the site owner). I left the code for these services on my sites for at least 10 days each - Adbrite first, and then TLA.

During each of these 10 day trials, no ad spots or text links were sold for any of my websites. I assume that one would have to leave the code up for much longer - several months perhaps - before filling up their ad inventory with these services.

I finally decided to remove the code for these brokers, and sell advertising directly. Ads sold on my primary site in the first few days. I'm actually much happier with this option as I have more editorial control over the ads that I place on my sites - which is important to me.

From previous discussions, I knew that Paul Short had tested AdBrite as well... so when I noticed Perfomancing links on one of his blogs (Gadgetizer) I asked him about his experience with the various brokers. He reported the same results after trying them for a couple of weeks... but with Performancing he had an ad sold within the first 36 hours.

I decided to sign up with Performancing myself, and give them a trial run. Paul gives them a big thumbs up, and it looks like a very promising new network. I'm going to sign up via Paul's referral link, of course - which is here if you would like to check it out yourself:


The Perfomancing Partners program is still in beta, and was just launched this past week. You can read the official announcement at: Performancing Partners Launches!

Revenue share and residual income:

The revenue split is very simple with Performancing Partners, and it's geared toward rewarding publishers that stick with us, and refer others into the program. The main points are these:

* You take 70% of advertising revenue your blog generates.
* Performancing takes 30%
* You take 5% of income generated by any publisher or advertiser you refer to us

Partner payouts for referrals continue indefinitely providing both you and the party you referred are active in the program. This allows publishers to build up a strong residual income over time independent of their own blogs.

You can also find write-ups about Perfomancing Partners at both Problogger and TechCrunch:

Marshall, at TechCrunch, closes with this comment:
"Performancing will no doubt appeal to bloggers who want editorial control over individual ads on their sites and who want to try diverse strategies beyond AdWords. The revenue split is generous and the Performancing family of services is solid. If the company can pull of the logistics of providing an ad network service, I expect the effort will be reasonably successful."

It may be a bit early for solid testing of this new Ad Network, but it's definitely worth looking into 😉

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