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Over the past few days, money has been rolling into my PayPal account... payouts for some of the first blog posts that I did for PayPerPost. I've been blogging for them for just over a month now, after seeing reference to them on several blogs around the blogosphere. Since the payout for 'opps' is 30 days from the post date... well, it's daily payday from here on out!

PayPerPost is a cool little service that hooks bloggers up with advertisers, and pays them for each "review style" blog post. You simply look through the list of topics/advertisers, and choose those that are relevant to your blog... and get paid to include the advertisers link in your blog post!

You are allowed to post up to 3 'opps' per day, per blog. Since I am currently only signed up with one of my blogs, this limits me to 3 paid opportunities per day. Of course, now that I have tested the system and know how it works I will be signing on several more of my blogs. 😉

Here's a quick rundown of how the first month has gone:

Sept 19 - 2 opps - $15.50
Sept 20 - 2 opps - $25.51
Sept 21 - 2 opps - $22.00
Sept 22 - 3 opps - $22.10
Sept 23 - 3 opps - $28.00
Sept 24 - 3 opps - $22.50
Sept 25 - 2 opps - $15.00
Sept 26 - 2 opps - $11.00
Sept 27 - 1 opp - $10.00
Sept 28 - 1 opp - $10.00
Sept 29 - 1 opp - $20.00
Sept 30 - 2 opps - $15.00

Oct 1 - 1 opp - $5.00
Oct 2 - 3 opps - $29.00
Oct 3 - 3 opps - $15.00
Oct 4 - 0 opps - $0
Oct 5 - 1 opp - $5.00
Oct 6 - 2 opps - $16.10
Oct 7 - 1 opp - $5.50
Oct 8 - 3 opps - $13.00
Oct 9 - 0 opps - $0
Oct 10 - 2 opps - $19.50
Oct 11 - 3 opps - $22.50
Oct 12 - 1 opp - $4.00
Oct 13 - 2 opps - $13.00
Oct 14 - 0 opps - $0
Oct 15 - 1 opp - $4.00
Oct 16 - 3 opps - $28.50
Oct 17 - 0 opps - $0
Oct 18 - 0 opps - $0
Oct 19 - 0 opps - $0
Oct 20 - 1 opp - $10.00
Oct 21 - 1 opp - $5.00
Oct 22 - 1 opp - $4.00
Oct 23 - 3 opps - $35.00

I've earned a total of $465.71 with PayPerPost so far, with $123.11 already paid out (directly to my PayPal account). The point in showing you the breakdown above was to show you the variety in payouts, and the fact that I didnt even meet max quotas - and could have earned even more in that time period.

If I had posted 3 opps per day consistently, and considered the $8.47 payout average per post, I could have easily earned almost $900 in my first month - with only one blog. And this doesnt include high-paying in-house opps, such as puzzle contests (which payout hundreds of dollars).

That also doesnt include other income sources - the $900/month potential is in addition to Adsense revenue, text link sales, affiliate sales, etc.

This was quite honestly some of the easiest money I've earned online. There are very few requirements to get started, and there is a wide enough range in the opps to ensure that you'll find something worth blogging about on one of your blogs - even if you target a niche market.

From tech to travel to sports, and plenty in between, the offers are growing daily to create a very nice variety of opps to choose from. Of course, you want to choose opps that are related to your blog's topic and that you feel comfortable blogging about. When it comes to being paid for your opinion or to post reviews, it's important that you maintain your reputation by only choosing 'suitable' opps. 😉

I'm looking into some alternative services and networks for bloggers as well, so I will keep you posted on all of the details as I go. PayPerPost definitely gets a thumbs-up from me so far, and I plan to continue on with them. If you'd like to sign on and check it out, go to and click the Bloggers tab. They do have a referral system in place, so you can give them my email address when they ask you who referred you to their site: Lynn@ClickNewz .com

P.S. Cool that PPP paid me to share these details with you, as I was planning to anyway (which I've mentioned in previous posts). A great example of "an opp"! 😀

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  1. That's a great story! I love the breakdown!

  2. Lynn,

    Great post.. I apply'd ages ago.. but waiting for the 90 days to go by.. shame, I seen a few that fitted for me.. but hey not long now...

    I feel I wanna do more blogging anyway..

    Its what I LIKE doing.. so.. why not make the most of it.. 😉

    Thanks... for posting.. encouraging.


  3. Hang in there, Rob - it will be worth the wait 😉

    I'm waiting to get a couple of my newer blogs in as well. PPP is a great company to work with and be involved with!

  4. Lynn,
    Glad to see you here and enjoying it as much as I I have used your boards, as you know to learn more about online opportunities and such. Best to you, Deb

  5. Thanks, Deb!

  6. Bonnie Jo Davis says:


    Are you worried about the anti-PPP commentary out there. The PPP forum is buzzing about it and I found many links including this one that warns people not to read your blog:

    I was thinking of joining PPP but now I'm not sure.


  7. That's more than I'm making, love the breakdown, maybe I should post my Paypal screen showing the money coming in 2, lol.

    Keep it up, seem likes Payperpost is helping us out quite a bit


  8. Good question, Bonnie!

    Actually I have commented on the PayPerPost debate quite a bit here on my blog along the way... and no, I am not at all worried about it. As for "the last podcast" - it's pretty hard to take them (him/her?) seriously. It is obviously a biased opinion from someone who has no clue what the program is all about.

    Most of the controversy revolves only around the topic of "disclosure" - otherwise there have been no complaints or negative comments made about PPP at all. That point has been made, and the rest of the negative posts were simply a ploy to play off of the traffic & popularity of the PPP Buzz.

    You can do a search here at ClickNewz for "payperpost" to read all of my comments on the debate if interested.

    Lynn Terry

  9. mrscrumley says:

    Ok, seeing your breakdown for the last month confirms for me that I am missing out on higher paying opps when I am at work. ARgh! I curse this cubicle world I am stuck in.

  10. I do see them from time to time, but they seem to be going quicker these days than usual. I am sure as more advertisers come on board, there will be even more opportunities 😉

  11. Thank you for the breakdown and test run Lynn 🙂
    This is definitely a very interesting program.

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