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I've been checking out LeadLife's new lead generation Funnel Fixer™ tool.

This is a tool specifically for Lead Generation type business models, which gives you Visitor Intelligence data to work with to help close leads and turn them into sales.

The Funnel Fixer™ is a complimentary tool, and you can see a video overview and sign up at that link to try it out on your own website.

I don't have a site set up purely for lead generation, but the results were interesting nonetheless. This type of tool would be ideal for speakers, authors, coaches, real estate agents, and other retail sales / lead gen type websites...

This complimentary tool is very easy to install. You simply copy a snippet of code they send you via email after you sign up, and paste that in the footer of your web pages. On most sites this is fairly easy to do with copy & paste to the footer file. If each of your web pages have an independent footer, you'll want to add the code to the footer of each page.

Once you paste in the code sent to you, you'll begin receiving email updates with your Visitor Insights and Prospect Interests. You can also log in to your account to see these details. It will show you who is visiting your site, where they came from, how many pages they viewed (and which pages, specifically), how long they stayed on each of those pages - and who they are. You'll even get access to their LinkedIn profile if you want to follow up with them.

The Prospect Interests show you who filled out which form on your site, and on what page they expressed that interest. You can then follow up with them based on their very specific interests, versus using a general follow-up response. It gives you the opportunity to micro-target your prospects with tailored follow up.

To give you a working example, let's say that you're an author / speaker / coach with a website and blog - and you offer a newsletter to build a relationship with your target market. You likely have the opt-in forms on each page of your website coded so that you know why a visitor signed up and which aspect of your business they are most interested in.

But what about on your blog? Sure, you know they signed up through a post or page on your blog - versus a specific page of your website - but what are they most interested in, exactly? With the LeadLife Funnel Fixer™ you could see exactly which articles they viewed, for how long, which gives you a very good idea what their specific interests are.

What would you do with this information? Since they're already opted in to your mailing list, you could email them a very personalized follow-up email. You could also locate them on social media networks such as LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook and engage with them personally there.

If Lead Generation is your business model, you need to be monitoring and tracking your website visitors very closely. Otherwise you are missing tons of opportunities to engage, and to "close the sale."



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  1. Sounds like an interesting tool. Would definitely be great for the real estate agent market.

  2. Thanks for sharing this tool Lynn - I've just started working with an agent that sells long term care and disability insurance and this looks like it would work well for him. Timing couldn't be better as I have a meeting with him today to discuss ways of measuring and improving his website.

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