Self Motivation

The topic of Self Motivation has come up quite a bit around me lately. Not only swirling around my own mind, given my recent challenges, but also from external sources.

Just the other day a friend said to me, "I don't think I could work from home like you do. It requires a lot of self motivation and self discipline." That's true. It does. πŸ˜‰

As I write this, the month of June is coming to an end. We are halfway through the year, and about to head into the second half of 2012.

This is a good time to take stock of your goals for the year. How are things going in your business, are you where you expected to be by now, and what would you like to achieve before year-end? That's exactly what I'm analyzing this week myself...

The Source of Serious Self Motivation

In the photo above I was sitting in Orlando Florida, in the back of a conference room, with my head down - just working away. And yes, sometimes my level of Focus and Self Motivation amazes even me, LOL. πŸ˜›

Though I do struggle with it sometimes, just like anyone else. Often it's when I don't feel well, when there are major life distractions, or when I don't really have a specific goal or vision to work toward.

That's been on my mind quite a bit lately: the source of self motivation. I would venture to say it's not the same for all of us, or even that it's different for each of us at various phases of our life and business.

That said, there are some core elements at the source of ALL motivations:

  • It starts with a want or need.
  • You brainstorm (or daydream) potential solutions.
  • Those solutions transform into workable ideas.
  • You churn them around, discard the bad, but one stands out as a possibility.
  • Possibility turns into potential reality (a vision of the outcome).
  • The vision inspires you, the more you imagine it as a reality.
  • Inspiration sets in and sparks motivation.
  • Motivation encourages specific actions that take you toward your vision.

It boils down to:
Want/Need > Idea > Vision > Inspiration > Motivation > Action

Of course, often we get lost somewhere in the process. Usually knee deep in the "specific actions", or the mundane tasks over a set amount of time as we're working toward that end result. Particularly when it's a long-term goal.

To maintain your Self Motivation, set short term goals along the way. Create a mind map with specific milestones to keep you on the right track. Each of these milestones should be celebrated, or at least acknowledged, as a means of keeping you on the right track toward your desired end result.

It helps to look over the list above as well from time to time, and consider where you lost your motivation. Perhaps you lost sight of your vision, or your wants & needs have changed. Or maybe you're feeling impatient and simply want the solution NOW without putting in the time & energy to get there.

Shortcuts never work, by the way. πŸ˜‰ Looking back over my 15+ years in business, it was the short term goals and the consistent daily tasks that got me where I ultimately wanted to be...

And once I got there? I created a new vision. A new "where do I want to be next?" to work toward. The vision is particularly important. You should know exactly where you want to be, how you want to spend your time, what your lifestyle is like, etc. That vision may be 6 months from now, one year from now or ten years from now. But it's that vision that will inspire you to continue moving forward, and fuel your motivation to work through the tasks it takes to get there.

Just wanting or wishing alone doesn't work.

Everyone wants and wishes, but not everyone takes action - or has the Self Motivation to go after what they wish for or want. You have to nail it down.

You have to get a very clear vision of what it would look and feel like to HAVE what you most want. Clear enough that you can imagine experiencing it, and getting a true taste of what that would feel like. THAT is what fuels us.

It's the very thing that will keep you inspired and motivated even when your trudging through the "yuck work" it takes to make it happen...

I encourage you to spend some time brainstorming, or creating a "vision board" if you work best with visuals, as we go into this second half of the year. At the very least, get a clear vision of what you want to achieve by year end!

Trust me, you'll be glad you did. πŸ˜€


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  1. Excellent post Lynn. I've been giving a lot of thought to where I am currently regarding my day job and online business and thinking about where I want to be by the end of this year. I'll share more in the forum. Thanks for the "we're halfway there" reminder.

  2. Domenic De Giorgio says:

    self motivation is so much needed in today's generation to keep yourself ahead of everyone. you wil meet people all over competing with you for something or the else.thats the point where some people dontn leave a single chance to demotivate you or oput you down, and that is when yiou need to motivate yourself on your own, set goals and work to achieve them. this is what i have personally experienced. so thanks for putting up such a topic.

  3. This post is just perfect because that's what I've been missing for a long time, self motivation. Ever since I was a kid, I never knew how to motivate myself. This article really helped me a lot. Thank you so much.

  4. Cindy Brock says:

    Hey Lynn! Do you have any vision boards you've created that you can share with us? ~Cindy :}

  5. You're so right here Lynn. I have motivation from time to time but I have to work in spurts because I always feel tired and uninspired, which is either medication, depression or just general lethargy; haven't had a big strike in a few years. In any case, when I'm ready for it I get some motivation in a few different ways, then I produce and produce until I'm tired once more. Luckily, sometimes the motivational boost will last a few days so that I get a lot done, and that helps me ride out the other periods.

    Vision board; nope, never created one of those, but I've thought about it. I have created mantras though, and I need to run them through my mind more often.

  6. Funny how we use the calendar to motivate us like a ticking time bomb! I guess it's the productivity equivalent of the "impending doom" sales close. Get it done or else yada, yada.

    One of the hardest lessons I had to learn in business was to be disciplined - by instinct I'm kind of an all over the place personality :) I've found I am most successful when I get organized in my thinking, setting manageable goals and measuring my progress toward achieving them. Of course bribery reigns supreme in the motivation toolbox, so 'rewards' figure very prominently at the results end of the process.


  7. Al Green says:

    Spoken very beautifully LT! I posted your equation on my office space wall because it definitely serves as a daily reminder. Thank you its just what I needed at the right time!

  8. Excellent article, Lynn :) It reflects Jim Rohn's advice, that when you have a big enough WHY you can always find the HOW. Getting a clear picture of that Why is such an important first step.

  9. I particularly like your point about "just wanting or wishing alone..." Vocalizing or sharing the vision or goal with others is an incredible motivator. Especially when shared with people who aren't in your family or direct circle of friends. After all, these folks often think you are going to fail anyway. Sharing with a mentor or coach is very motivational. Thanks for the link to Angela's Vision Board. Most helpful!

  10. I don't recall ever commenting here before but I found your blog a while back when I was looking up information on introversion because I thought something was wrong with me. And here I am again. Thank you Lynn for providing some useful tips. I find myself getting caught up in the brainstorming/daydreaming a lot more than I should and just getting overwhelmed with everything I know I need to do! Its frustrating because I can never get anything done when I'm like that and that always serves to completely destroy any motivation I had. So I have started making lists and taking things one step at a time. It has been working for me for about a week now but I haven't been getting much sleep now...If its not one thing its another. The sacrifices......

  11. Self motivation is a must. For me, it's triggered by future big income (Money), reading successful Blogger like Lynn, and appreciation from other peoples. Thanks for sharing from another perspective.

  12. Great Article. I'm a newbie to all of this and sometimes i do feel like giving up,but i look at my little girl and know i cannot. She is my why and my drive and my time is coming.

    Happy Blogging

  13. Jessica says:

    Self Motivation is a very important aspect not only in writing, but also in life. As the saying goes, "When life gives you lemons, make lemonade." But how do you even make lemonade out of those lemons when you don't even have the self motivation to do it in the first place? What happens if you can't motivate yourself? You get stuck with a bunch of lemons.

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