Do You Buy PLR?

You already know that I'm a huge fan of Peggy Baron and her Easy Article Starters product. It's not PLR but a great way to spark creative writing ideas for your blog posts, articles, reports, etc.

She just came out with a brand new PLR Q&A Guide, and I decided to grab a copy yesterday - as it's priced at only $5.95 (this month only, until the end of July).

If you're like me, you buy a lot of PLR.

Admittedly, I buy a lot more of it than I actually use. LOL 😛

I bought the guide more to review it than anything, but I ended up getting a lot out of it. First, it really inspired me to use some of the PLR still sitting on my hard drive! It gave me a lot of creative ideas (and examples) for rewrites and for repurposing my PLR into different formats too.

It also came with a "PLR Progress Report" file in the download, which is an easy system for keeping up with your PLR and where & how you've used it - all set up for you to just plug in your details as you go...

Really, that's hard to beat for less than six bucks. Even if you're familiar with PLR, and know everything there is to know about it, it's well worth that for the inspiration & creative examples! Not to mention the PLR organizer.

If you're not familiar with PLR, it's content with Private Label Rights. Meaning you can use it as your own and modify or repurpose it any way you please - from editing to changing the format - and claim authorship and copyright. It's yours to change and use any way you like.

Peggy's new guide covers everything you'd every want to know about buying, using and getting the most out of your PLR content. There's almost 60 pages of pure content, including tips and examples you can implement immediately.

I recommend you read it (and don't worry, it's a quick and easy read!), then open the file for keeping track of your PLR and start organizing what you already have and plan out what you're going to do with it.

It's high time you got a nice return on your PLR investment. Because if you never use it, it's not an investment at all - it's just an expense. :)

For complete details, and an outline of what you can expect from this guide and the other downloads you'll receive, see:

Power Your Online Business With PLR!

Again, it's only $5.95.

But that price is good this month only - until the end of July.

Enjoy! 😀


p.s. Be sure to check out Peggy Baron's Easy Article Starters too. They're a steal, and extremely easy to use when you want to whip out some super fast content. You'll find examples of my own posts at that link. Good stuff! 😉

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  1. Answer is yes, I buy PLR and only use after rewriting it for my present niche

  2. Hi Lynn

    I followed this blog from a link on Peg's website.

    This is really an awesome resource and you clearly know your stuff!!

    I can see me spending some time here :)

    I love Peg's PLR stuff and will be taking a look at her latest offering for sure :)

    Thanks for a great post - I'll be back!



  3. Diane Comeau says:

    Hi Lynn,
    I have actually been following your blog for quite some time now. I can't tell you about all of the "tips and tricks" that you write about that I have put into action and have worked out great for me!
    After reading this post about Peggy Baron's new Q and A PLR book, I decided to give it a try. I am one of those who has tons of PLR content on my hard drive, not knowing quite what to do with it. I am so impressed with my new purchasefrom Peggy, that I went back and got the "Easy Starter's Guide", as I had remembered reading your post on that book, too.
    I am now so excited to get started and turn my "expenses" into money!
    Thanks so much for this review post and everything else that you have taught me along the way!
    May you continue to Teach and Prosper,

  4. Max Greenflame says:

    I never buy PLR. That's difficult to find truely oven fresh ones over the web. They are often picked up somewhere for free, spun or not and resold. Even if someone creates them from scratch and launches alive they get stale very fast when scattered virally everywhere online. It's always many steps too far from unique content. I read tons of them, bought or not, same things repeated in good or bad quality.

    • You obviously haven't seen what I do with PLR and the Article Starters. 😉 You'd be surprised too, how much purchased PLR never even gets used. Most people just use it to take up space on their hard drive. LOL.

      • Funny. And there is an interesting trick. Some people who sell this stuff don't want to sell really. They write or rewrite contents to promote their affiliate products and list their stuff in different digital downloads shops, small or big ones. Some of them allow sellers to give things away for free, others don't. But sellers desire to get visitors from both kinds of traffic sources, so there is nothing left for them but to give their items the minimal price and make their quickly made pieces of info visible. Good steps forward to their better success by the way. Some people buy PLRs just to save time searching for them.


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