Brand New Drag-n-Drop Sales Funnel System

Are you frustrated with your shopping cart system's recurring monthly fees and complicated set-up?

Or are you still researching & shopping around for the ideal solution for your business website and sales funnel?

There's a brand new product on the market called Site Sales that you should check out. Even if you haven't (yet) considered setting up a shopping cart & sales funnel type online business, you'll still want to see this. 😉

It just may spark some creative ideas you want to explore! Click Here to register for the free webinar & demo and take a look at it for yourself...

Unlike the two main competitors on the market, you can currently get Site Sales without a recurring monthly fee! It's a very easy to use DRAG & DROP style shopping cart and sales funnel system. It handles everything from one-click upsells to hosting all of your sales pages and thank you pages.

Site Sales fully integrates with every auto responder on the market. And it comes with detailed reports, graphs and statistics - right down to vistor value and lifetime customer value.

Watch The Free Webinar Here...

After you finish seeing this new technology in action, you may agree with me when I say... "They reinvented the shopping cart." What you're about to see is much more than JUST a shopping cart, though.

You can literally run pretty much your ENTIRE online business through this - and even build gorgeous high converting websites and sales funnels... all in one place. All with one fully integrated system.

In fact, when you go here, you can watch a complete business be built from scratch in a matter of minutes. It's about half way through, so grab yourself a cup of coffee or a snack - and enjoy the show!


p.s. If you're looking for a system that will enable you to sell all of your stuff in one place and have it all set up drag-n-drop style without needing any technical skills... definitely check this out today! 😉

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  1. I must say Lynn - this looks fantastic -I will deffo check this one out - as you say, compared to the alternatives it certainly has some awesome advantages.

    Thanks for the great info.



  2. I do wish I could just find out about the product without being forced to watch an hour long video.

  3. Hi Lynn-
    I'm currently looking for a better solution to my current hodge podge of WordPress plugins, Paypal,, Aweber, etc. When I saw your email I was interested in the concept... here is something that, as they say in their video, might compete with Infusionsoft, which has too many bells and whistles for my needs, is nick-named "confusion-soft" by new users who have a hard time figuring it out, and honestly is too highly priced for a monthly fee forever.

    I agree with Susan above that I'd like to see the details without a webinar. There is no way I'm sitting through an hour (or more) for something that I cannot find any other info on.

    So I opted in, hoping that I'll get the link to a sales page of some kind. And guess what? The system that is being sold as a good alternative to Infusionsoft is being marketed using Infusionsoft! That doesn't instill much confidence or credibility in their system if the people who created it are not even using it themselves.

    I'm not sure about this one.... I think we may go the route of using Premium Web Cart, which from what I have seen really is a good competitor to Infusionsoft.

    I know our businesses are different, but online marketing and sales, is online marketing and sales. I'm curious to know what system do you use?

    Looking forward to seeing you again at NAMS!
    Felicia Slattery

  4. Very great option for websites. I will definitely consider this option to make things easier on web hosts and their customers. Thanks for sharing.

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