3 Video Sharing Apps to Improve Your Social Media Campaign

Guest Post by Adam Snape

Sharing is a feature that has become integrated into many applications, and this integration is partially responsible for the massive advent of social networking sites.

No one has benefited more from apps geared towards sharing than marketers, as they provide revolutionary ways to promote and propagate content. In addition, smart phone apps give marketers the mobile freedom to operate their business on the move.

Consider using some of the unique features suggested by Vidify in the following top three video sharing apps to improve your social media campaigns...


This handy app gives you the ability to record, edit, and annotate videos before posting them on one of the three major media sharing outlets – Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter. If you're promoting a specific product or service for a client you can use this app to record and publish videos with high contrast, slow-motion, or various zoom levels enabled. An interesting feature in Vlix is the ability to add text boxes that can be used to assist in persuasion or convey a basic message below the video.


This app is more useful for applying advanced editing techniques and posting high-quality videos that are visually stunning. Of course, beautiful high definition videos tend to attract viewers and encourage sharing on social networks, which is why this app is a must-have for any marketer trying to generate the coveted viral effect.

If someone likes a video you've posted to the Viddy network they can begin following you to receive regular updates of videos you post, creating additional opportunities for content promotion in the future. Furthermore, this app allows for viewers to submit their own comments and ratings.


This interesting app gives you the enhanced ability to engage audiences and encourage social sharing because it includes integrated chat interfaces, and a unique LoopIt button that drastically simplifies the sharing function.

The latest version also allows for video filter effects to be applied to recordings in real time, and includes a built-in video player for easy viewing.

Bio: As a London video production company,Vidify provides the highest quality digital videos and video applications which are created specifically for your website.

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