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As my online business continues to grow, I find myself looking into dedicated servers. I've already upgraded from shared hosting to a VPS account, but control and security are becoming more and more important.

While doing my research, I had the pleasure of speaking with someone from ServerClub. They were originally founded as a private dedicated hosting facility for their own company, which is Florida-based company Fresh IT Solutions Inc.

With the facility in place and running smoothly for their own company and clients, they ultimately opened their services to the public under the name ServerClub. They offer a variety of dedicated host servers, starting at under $100/month. They offer free instant setup, free lifetime customer support, and full control of your server - among many other features.

More recently they have released the ServerClub iPhone App which allows you to manage your server on the go. You can view server details, reboot your server, submit support tickets and much more. This is a very nice feature!

Remember last Spring when I went to Virgina Beach? While traveling, my sites were hacked. There's nothing like trying to deal with *that* between flights. Fortunately I have a great assistant and security team, and was able to coordinate with them on the phone. But I can certainly see where the mobile app would come in extremely handy in dire situations like that one - or just for easily managing things on the go, even.

What type of hosting plan are you using? While I still have a number of shared hosting plans, and the VPS server, I am seriously looking into upgrading to a single dedicated server. There are many perks, and significant savings over what I am paying now across the board. I'd be curious to hear what you're using, and who you host with, and your thoughts on using dedicated hosting servers. Leave a comment below! 😉


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  1. Using Hostgator shared but will probably go VPS. This sounds like a great service, especially it being mobile and all.

  2. Robert Nelson says:

    Also HostGator shared. Sounds good and maybe at some poin in the future I'll consider. Does HostGator even have anything similar?

  3. Robert Nelson says:

    Did some searching, they have Dedicated Servers from $139@mo (introductory) $174 reoccuring on up to $374 re-occuring. Info taken from on 09/14/2012.

  4. best feature of these serverclub guys -- free lifetime tech support , which means if you decide to up or downgrade your server they will do it in no time for free

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