Ucoz: How To Create A Free Website

If you're looking for ways to create a free website, Ucoz.com may be your solution.

Their Website Builder packages include hosting, with unlimited traffic and disk space, and they also give you a top level domain name free.

While I personally use and prefer WordPress to create my websites (not just my blogs), there are thousands of people every day searching for free website hosting or how to create a free website...

The downside to this free website host is that they run ads on the free accounts. If you don't mind the ads on your site, the free account should suit you fine. You can upgrade to an ad-free website for as little as $3.09 per month.

Note: The ads I've seen running on Ucoz sites I have viewed so far are text links in the footer. Not flashing banner ads, or anything.

They offer 250 templates to help you create your website. They also have a number of modules and widgets to help you set up things like a store, blog, polls, forum, portal, and more. Of course, you can also customize the template - or even design your own website template using their Visual and HTML editors.

Here is an example of a website I found on Ucoz at myrecipes.ucoz.com

Something like this is fine for a personal project or a hobby website, but you'll definitely want to upgrade to a paid option if you plan to create an online business or high-traffic website of any kind.

One interesting thing to note is that they automatically block new sites from being indexed in the major search engines for the first 30 days. This is to prevent abuse or spamming of the Ucoz system, and also gives you an opportunity to create your website and populate it with quality content before it gets indexed.


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  1. Hi, Lynn! Of course, every free service has its cons, after all, in order to provide it, they do have costs, so they need to monetize it somehow - through ads. But above all, Ucoz is a pretty ok solution.
    Cristian Stan recently posted..Food Processor ReviewsMy Profile

  2. I had looked at Ucoz but I didn't look into it thoroughly. I have been having some problems with my site some of the older blog posts are not showing up when you click on them. I have contacted support but they haven't suggested any solutions. So, I think I am going to move it to Ucoz as I do want to eventually be able to upgrade. That has always been my intention. Thanks for allowing me to see Ucoz in a different light.

  3. Thanks for sharing this site for creating free websites of our own. This solves half the problem because such sites have a guide that directs you to create and design the entire website and also add data to it. More than half of the cost is thus saved. I also once came across this site called as hpage.com where we can create free websites of our own but never tried. Hope it works too.

  4. Nowadays we get so many websites online if we search on google and yes these are also free. I have not tried any of them yet. However, if you have suggested Ucoz, it is surely trustworthy and worth using it. I will use Ucoz to create a website of my own and let you know about my experience with it. Thanks.

  5. priyainterpret says:

    Hi dear,
    I went through the website http://www.ucoz.com should i tell really the website is cool, i like it it have some very easy steps to follow to create a website, & probably i think for some one it is not hard to follow such steps, which we go through every account creation like google, yahoo etc.

  6. Lynn, Thanks for sharing your review on Ucoz.com. Templates look good as well as some of the widgets and modules. Don't care for the ads on free account feature. Will certainly paas this along to others.

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