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I don't usually watch many training videos online (I prefer reading), but I just started watching the new series from High Traffic Academy by Vick Strizheus and I'm really enjoying it so far.

You may not have heard of Vick before. He's been one of those "underground marketers" for the last 7 years, figuring things out and perfecting his strategy.

He talks about his start-up in the first video, which I think most of you can relate to. The videos are very well done, so it's very entertaining and fun to watch. But not being familiar with Vick either, I really felt like I got to know him. He is very real, down to earth, and conversational. So far I really like his personality and his style...

All you have to do is sign up on this page and it will take you straight to the first video. There aren't multiple (annoying) splash pages to click through or anything like that.

You'll also get an email confirmation with the link to the video page so you can go back to it anytime - and it explains exactly what you'll learn in the first video:

"...a video series I made for you where I pull back the curtain and show you exactly how I get over 100,000 visitors a DAY to any website, anytime I want... "

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=> Proof that getting over 364K visitors a day is possible
=> The "3-Pillars of Good Traffic" no-one really teaches
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The only thing that bothered me is I had no idea how long the video was (it doesn't give you a status bar at the bottom). You can pause it though, thank goodness. :)

The first video is around 40 minutes, just so you know going in. Like I said earlier, I don't usually watch long training videos. But Vick really had my attention from the start. And it ended up being worth it.

Not only did I *enjoy* the video, but I walked away seriously inspired...

"When I figured out traffic generation... everything changed for me."

Vick showed real-time stats in the video, going back 60 days even. Not just screenshots, and his method is obviously not a one-time shot kind of success. He also logged in live to show stats from last year (2011) as well. He calls what he's doing "the roll-out method" which he teaches in the third video in the series.

"the beauty of this method is that you can get targeted traffic any time you want, virtually on demand."

His ClickBank stats alone, which he showed live, were over $400k last year.

His method relies on paid traffic, and he goes into great detail about why he chose that method and why it works so well for him. With proof, of course!

What he's teaching is not a flash in the pan "trend" but a traffic strategy that is dependable, consistent and scalable.

Since the method uses Paid Traffic you can do this without a website or a list, simply by promoting ClickBank products, CPA offers, etc.

In the first video, he closes by taking you to ClickBank - and starts with setting up an account if you don't already have one. Next he shows you how to look for products to promote - which you can do without a list, without a website or blog, using Vick's "formula" - which is a process he's created and perfected for himself over the years.

He says that following his formula, it's almost guaranteed to be profitable every single time. The second video is a "workshop" all about picking a product and "creating cash out of thin air."

After watching the first video, I'm anxious to see the next one - where he really digs in to the "how to" behind his method. I'm guessing the end result is to invite you to join his High Traffic Academy, which is not even open to the public yet. But the videos so far are WELL worth watching.

I have to admit, the first half of the first video was VERY inspiring. ๐Ÿ˜‰

I like that he doesn't just tell you what to do - he shows you, in detail. I'm going to follow along with the free video series which is meant to teach you exactly how and where he gets his traffic - and how he converts that traffic into sales.

If you would like to follow along as well, click the image ^ above and get registered. It's been years since I've dabbled in paid traffic sources, but after watching the first video... I'm getting ready to dig back in and give it another go. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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This post was sponsored by High Traffic Academy.

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  1. Wow Amazing! Great Video series, i've never seen anything like this...........AMAZING!

  2. Working with Vick is more than just earning quick cash. High Traffic Academy and his past programs really teach you for yourself how to utilize online marketing as a tool to earn sustainable income and valuable skills.

    If you're interested in online marketing (really devoted to getting trained on how to make money online) the High Traffic Academy videos are for you. Great review, Lynn! I'm glad you're also impressed with the videos!

  3. Patty Scheeler says:

    Great review! I was totally impressed with the video series and how much information Vick shared. I joined High Traffic Academy as soon as it opened :) One of the biggest selling points for me was his teaching style and that he believes in time freedom. Just what I was looking for. Thanks again for sharing a wonderful review! Cheers

  4. Have been with Vick for nearly 2 years and HTA is by far he's best work

  5. Alexander Korobchanskiy says:

    Great review!
    Thanks!Great Video series, i've never seen anything like this.

  6. Vick is the number one traffic generating Guru out there no doubt. He's teaching are easy to understand and follow. I've been with him for two years, and hes by far the best out there.

    Great Video Series, I've never seen anything like High Traffic Academy.

    Vick you rock!

  7. I watched the first 3 videos and enjoyed the presentations. I haven't seen the 4th pitch video or price.

    Although I know nothing about the caliber of HTA as a course I did look up reviews of Vitaliy Strizheus and found this.

    All gurus have their avid followers and disappointed detractors, and convicted felons can reform, but I am skeptical.

    If anyone has actual experience in getting Mr Strizheus' techniques to return over 200% I'd like to see it.

    • Milo i've been with HTA for two years now, and i haven't experienced any problem with the program, it's been working for me and many others. Send me an email and i can prove my 200% ROI. cittyamoto @ gmail . com

      Thanks John!

    • Milo

      I joined a few weeks ago and I'm already seeing results, you could send me an email and i can share my results and success with you, i don't mind.

      katdona 14 @gmail


  8. Milo, I'm sure we've all seen the video clip you're referring to, a lot of us make mistakes in life (I'm amongst them) but in the last 2 years working under Vick's guidance I've had absolutely no problems. Unlike the so-called 'gurus' that abound in this industry Vick is the 'real deal', what he teaches really works, The others run out of ideas once they've got your money. I know I've been caught enough times.I doubt you'll regret joining Milo.
    Brian Fowler

  9. Milo

    Sorry its:

    cityyamotto @gmail . com

    One T

  10. Tali Birkmanis says:

    I have been with Vick for 2 years now and I am an avid student for his coaching, have made some money(and I am sure I will make a lot more) only because I have not promoted as much as I should have. We all have skeletons in our closets like myself , but they are in a past life , the future is the way to go with internet marketing, and Vick is showing us the way.There are a lot of so called systems out there in cyberland but Vick is totally straight and honest.
    Regards Tali

  11. I have joined HTA - and I all I can say is "WOW"

    Before I came across HTA I didn't have a clue how to send traffic to my offers and failed miserably - but now thanks to VIC and High Traffic Academy, all my traffic worries are long gone, and I can send thousands of qualified traffic to my websites and offers, and because this is traffic that converts, I am making a very decent monthly income.

    Thank you HTA and Thank you Vic for your wonderful course.


  12. It is a great review and sharing information about driving traffic to our site from High Traffic Academy. I will watch video you describe soon. Thank you very much.
    minka kelly recently posted..Ergonomics Desk Height Can Prevent You from Back PainMy Profile

  13. I'm online from 6 years, and before High Traffic Academy i never earned good money online, but today thanks to Vick Strizheus , Global Success Club (i'm VIP member from 16 months) and now in HTA, i wathcing finally the light 'Sun- and i'm very happy because earning good money!! look the proof on my blog-website
    thanks Vick, Thanks HTA family!

  14. Vick is an awsome guy, who really knows how to drive insane amounts of traffic. And even better, he knows how to teach his exact, proven traffic getting -and conversion tactics to others! I just love following his webinars, because he's so positive and energic, and also extremely concerned about the success of his students.

    Since I started following him, I have unsubscribed from nearly all of the so called 'Guru' email lists, simply because Vick's stuff works! I can tell you that my last Clickbank payment put a biiiiig smile on my face... :-)

    It's just a question of following Vick's teachings to the T... In the world of Online Marketing, Vick is my 'One In a Million'.

  15. I have been following Vick for the past 18 month's and through his teachings made my first sale online, High Traffic Academy will teach you all you need to know from the basic's to more advanced stuff...
    Without Vick's guidance I would still be flopping around like a fish out of water.
    I have made a great deal of money since I started my online journey
    and I owe Vick a great deal of credit for my success
    I will continue to follow him and continue learning
    Thank you Vick and my HTA family

  16. I've been also following Vick for a long time, and all i can say is that he is a good man with great intensions!!

  17. Memory Rameka says:

    seriously if you have a website/or any website you want to expose on the need traffic right???
    well high traffic academy is the way to go...
    i have been with vick since july last year and yes i have made money...
    follow vick's video, tutorials you will be right...
    nothing but positivity within the HTA family...
    without bumping into vick's Global success club lastyear i would have never have found vick or had never made a decent dime online...
    so before you judge check out the High Traffic Academy video series..
    alot of hardwork, and dedication has been put into the program
    and to top it all of vick has included the Easy Landing Page Pro
    where you can create any landing page for any niche you want to promote
    how awesome is that...I have never seen that done anywhere...

  18. Thanks for the review...I'm one of those folks that are just going to have to check this one out. I'm always on the lookout for new traffic generation methods to use and to teach to others, so this is up my alley!

    Not too sure about the defend Vick comments, but it does show that he has some loyal subscribers and followers. One comment on that subject is that many of us, especially when we first start marketing, have followed bad advice from other people and that will sometimes land us on the "wrong" side of things...doesn't mean that is a lifestyle, but then again, it's always wise to be a little skeptical.
    Mark Graham recently posted..[Podcast] โ€“ Are You Making The Biggest Marketing Mistakes Ever?My Profile

  19. Thank you so much for sharing. This was the most comprehensive short series on internet marketing and getting traffic to your site. I really wanted to learn more and join Vick's HTA at the discounted ("Early Bird") rate but I kept getting links to a more expensive price and there was no customer service # to get it corrected or to pay online unfortunately. :-(

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