Well, maybe two words... because seriously motivating is suiting too. πŸ˜‰

Did you get a chance to listen in to the DIY ESCAPE series on Friday?

I meant to tune in live, but ended up having a dog training session for Slim - so I listened to the Replay last night.

One of the first things I wrote down was: "Freedom Comes From Structure."

This was a very empowering statement that really resonated with me. That's the exact conclusion I came to earlier this year, though not in those exact words. I don't mind to admit that I have (for the most part) been "flying by the seat of my pants" over the last 15+ years I've been in business. As entrepreneurs we tend to rebel against schedules and systems and such. Carrie talked about her struggle with that as well.

Oh, and I finally got to find out what "ESCAPE" actually stands for... πŸ˜€

Inspiring, Engaging... and Seriously Motivating!

Session Four isn't available yet (or it wasn't before I went to bed, lol) but I listened in to all of the first three sessions. It was very engaging with tons of ideas you can apply immediately - that you can implement in your business and see immediate results.

I can say this in full confidence because I have been applying some of the same concepts and strategies in my own business this year already.

I can tell you firsthand that putting just some of these ideas in place in your business will be worth SO much, not just in a substantial monetary return - but also in how HAPPY you are in your business, and the improvement to your overall quality of life.

Click Here for details on the E.S.C.A.P.E. Series

For me personally, given what I took away from it, it was an excellent investment to listen in. I'll keep this short, but I'll give you a quick run-down of the first three sessions in this series, and what I took away from them specifically...

Session One: E.S.C.A.P.E.

Carrie Wilkerson lead this session as the ESCAPE method is her own personal formula, and she explained it in great detail.

This is the key I've found, with successful people: they have a system in place. And everyone does things differently, so you can pick up a lot of great ideas by studying formulas & systems they use to manage and grow their online business.

Carrie uses the acronym ESCAPE to describe her model, which stands for:

  • Education
  • Systems
  • Content
  • Admin
  • Promotion
  • Embracing/Engaging

She walked through each step in detail, and with many live examples, explaining how she manages her time and outlining each of these elements of her business.

Many of the bonuses offered with the series are meant specifically to help you implement these tasks, and get them done - including the ESCAPE Form document, the Goal Setter & Tracker, the Human Time Machine, etc.

She touched on many of the points we ALL struggle with:

Keeping your momentum to take a project from start to profit. Giving up on projects, or stalling due to overwhelm or a mental block, and then starting on a new project or task instead - only to go through the same process all over again. Missing deadlines, getting overwhelmed, and never getting your business off the ground - or to the next level. She talked about why you lose the excitement or love for a project, and what to do about it.

Even if you're a super productive type like Carrie Wilkerson - or myself - these things happen. That's the purpose of having a system or a formula that works for you, and constantly analyzing your performance and tweaking your system. Which she has obviously done very well. πŸ˜‰

She encouraged us to ask ourselves, "Where are my systems failing, what's not getting done, what's falling through the cracks?" (I made notes!)

She talked about "being reactive all day long" instead of being PROactive at building and marketing your business.

She went into detail on how to promote your business and sell products (she was very passionate about this particular topic!) and encouraged us to constantly ask the big question: "How are you going to make money TODAY?" - and then take action on it.

It was a very high-passion, incredibly detailed session. And like I said, I took tons of notes - both on her systems & methods and also on my responses to the 'big questions' and how I can implement those to improve my business structure.

DOWNSIDE: The audio was clear, not choppy, but in the first session (only) Paul seemed to lag and his audio overlapped with Carrie's. His audio was lower than hers too. Not a big deal, and I got all the main points. Man, she is really high energy lol. The other two sessions had *much* smoother audio...

Session Two: FUEL

Paul Evans lead this second training session. He uses less of a "system" than Carrie, and has a more philosophical and conceptual approach to business and productivity. Given he is just as successful and productive, it was interesting to listen to the contrast between the way they manage their businesses and their time.

He went through the FUEL acronym, discussing what FUELS you (and why!), and how getting it right - or wrong - affects your productivity and follow-through dramatically. This session alone makes for a great exercise in determining your purpose, finding the motivation to follow through to completion, and keeping your momentum strong as you work toward your ultimate goal.

It's all very much about mindset, but he outlined some very simple shifts - and the questions you need to be asking yourself to make this shift.

This alone makes a HUGE difference in your productivity!

I loved Paul's talk on "discouragement" and how to deal with it - and what those things that discourage you are *really* about. πŸ™‚

He discussed avoiding burn-out, and talked about all the negatives we deal with in our online business - and how to deal with those. We ALL have them. Including frustrated, overworked, impulse buying, negative projecting and the subconscious sense of entitlement. Really good stuff!

Session Three: ESCAPE Live Lab

This was an interesting session where Paul and Carrie took live examples, and walked through the business issues of three different attendees. It really helped you see how you can implement Carrie's ESCAPE system, by watching them apply it to a variety of different business models - on the spot.

There were lot of GREAT marketing tips discussed as well, that anyone could implement in their business. I really enjoyed this session...

Session Four + Bonuses

They will be loading up the fourth session, and the remaining bonuses, later today (Saturday, September 15th). There will also be a Follow-up Q&A Call in a couple of weeks to make sure the concepts are anchored, and you're able to implement everything you've learned using the tools and downloads they gave as bonuses.

I especially liked the "3 Steps To Getting Things Done" download, and printed it off to pin up over my desk!

Paul & Carrie talked a lot about keeping time logs, working in time blocks, and many of the same things I already do & teach - which was great confirmation for me personally. As I've mentioned before, I've really been working on streamlining & organizing this year - and putting more structured systems into place.

The timing of this series couldn't have been better for me! πŸ˜€

I would love to hear YOUR thoughts. If you tuned in live, or listened to the replay, what were your biggest take-aways from the DIY ESCAPE series?


p.s. If you missed the live event, you can still get access to all of the replays and bonuses - as well as the follow up Q&A call coming up soon. Just click here to Register. If you're ready to "escape" from frustration and finally get your business on track and moving in the right direction (faster!) you'll be really glad you tuned in to the ESCAPE series. πŸ˜‰

It's well worth it. Making even just one or two small changes they teach in your own business model can have a huge impact on your profit potential.

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  1. Overwhelmed? How about paralyzed? The farther behind I get the less motivated I getbo catch up, and I hate myself for it. I would love it if I could just shut myself away for a week when I wasn't obligated to anyone but myself...and work. Not oing to happen so I just need to suck it up and dig back in! Thx! Needed to get that off my chest!

    I so admire what you accomplish every day and week and year!

    • I said almost that exact same thing earlier this year, Marge. I had gone through several life-jolting incidents and circumstances, got behind and really struggled to get back on track. And just to get my "drive" back, even. These phases DO pass.

      For me it makes a big difference to get outside input, and to have accountability partners. I've been reading and studying a lot of models and material on the topic of structure, productivity, "self management" etc over the last few months - and *finally* hit my breakthrough.

      I'm rooting for you! Come over to the private forum and let's do some serious brainstorming. πŸ˜‰

      • Marge Burkell says:

        Thx Lynn, I have been struggling because I am so alone here surrounded by all sorts of people that want my time. It's fine but so distracting. My main website just is such a time suck for the ROI that I am finding it harder and harder (you heard the same thing earlier this year from the phone app guy) to get motivated to do all the work to write each review.

        Initially I thought, okay maybe if I start another site that is totally not a tech site... but when you're pulled in multiple directions and find yourself distracted by everyday life... well you know what I mean.

        I just started a local business repping a product I really believe in. Besides you kick-start to watching my carbs I used some products from a company called It Works Global and after five years of struggling to lose post-menopausal weight I finally found something that works. So I signed on as a distributor. I want to do a website but they are pretty restrictive on what you can put up so I am not sure on that right now... I did buy a domain name (WrapAndLoseWeight) and redirected it to the website I pay them for that tracks all my activity, etc. They do encourage Facebook pages so I just started one for it using my same domain name and am trying to make mine more well rounded than others I have seen. Most only tout the products, I am trying to give low carb recipes, ideas, inspiration, etc. as they may pertain so I give my readers (only a handful right now) more bank for the buck using everything I have learned from you. That is why I asked about TrustJacker (I HATE the name) because I thought I could give them a really good article on using say, whey protein and then have the popup show the page on my company website where they may buy it. I have no idea if that will work but I went ahead and bought the plugin while available just in case.

        All that said, I am NOT giving up on my online businesses. But I made more money last week, in two days, with this product line than I have in months on my main site. That's pretty sad, but true. Please don't give up on me, I am just struggling, not dead....

        • I would never give up on you. πŸ˜‰ I think it's awesome that you've found something you enjoy doing in addition to your primary website! That may just be the thing that pulls you back into productivity.

          And honestly, if it's really dragging you down, why not consider selling it? You've invested a lot into building that site, have some great content and list + social media. It would definitely be of value to someone else if you simply don't want to work on it anymore...

          But let's move this over to the private forum where we can brainstorm freely and hash out all of the ideas! πŸ˜€

  2. Lynn,

    I'm sure I got $47 of value out just the ESCAPE training. The concepts Carrie taught really made sense for me, at least in theory. As she was teaching, I immediately thought of ways that I could implement the concepts to make a difference in my business right away. I look forward to putting it to the test in my day to day routines.

    The biggest value for me was definitely in the first session, but I haven't listened to session 4 yet. I know I'll appreciate the follow-up session, because questions always come after you start something new.

    Thanks for the recommendation!

    • I'm looking forward to those last two sessions as well. And I keep referring back to the "3 steps to get things done" download, which I printed out - love it! So glad to hear you enjoyed the series too. πŸ˜€

  3. Sources of inspiration are vast and come from various people which are either positive or sometimes even negative. If someone has the ability to inspire people, he must be too much experienced because inspiring someone is not an easy task. However, to achieve our goals, inspiration from a strong source is necssary.

  4. Improvement in the business with the help of this escape series seems important as well as very informative. I do not know much about this series, but after reading your post, I am trying to get it right. Hope I get known to it soon and help myself to increase my business potentials.

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