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  1. Cristian Stan says:

    Hi, Lynn! Aren't you afraid that sharing a video, without text, you neglect readers with hearing problems or those who read your blog from their jobs and don't have speakers?

  2. Great video, Lynn. I love it when you share your methods. I've kept a swipe file for decades. Paper ads (as from magazines) go in a paper file folder. Anything online I see that I really like get's put either in its own folder, or it goes into a folder specific to a particular part of my business I "think" I'll use it in, like my "Blog ideas" folder, for instance. I've been lax about photos because I've never been a "picture person" but that is changing, I think. So I'm starting to snag photos and images now, too.

  3. Hey Lynn,

    Swipe file, GOOD. Evernote, not so much.

    Ideas are awesome to collect. Especially ideas that convert.

    Unfortunately this is an area that I struggle with. I tried to use Evernote several times and every time it ends in disaster. 🙁

    I have yet to set up a great swipe file system, but I do try to keep ideas that speak to me.

    I hope you are having an AWESOME swiping great content ideas day!

    smiles, 🙂

    p.s. Today I get to hang out with some of the artists of Artisans On Main at the marina. I am looking forward to a great day to get back into doing some art. An interesting challenge as I am now Right handed. I haven't practiced a lot since I have changed my dominant side.

    Ahhh, the Cha-llenge!!! 🙂

  4. It's a great idea. I've heard that suggested for ideas, but not from the angle of keeping track of what gets me to buy. I think Yard Sales signs get the most attention from me - LOL

    I haven't started a swipe file yet so I don't know how I would keep it. I use multiple computers and a smartphone so something in the cloud would be best. I'd probably use Google Drive.

  5. Iris Johnson says:

    Hi, Lynn!

    I have been keeping a "Swipe" file for years, even when I didn't have a name for it.

    I used to pull things out of magazines that inspired me and put them in manila folders, i.e., fashion, hairstyles, photos of beautiful rooms and furnishings, fabrics, etc.

    When I became an IMer, I started "swiping" things that inspired me and put them in respective files, i.e., copywriting/sales copy; autoresponder email series, blog themes/layout, headlines, Privacy Policy, Disclaimer, etc.

    I also bookmark pages online and label them "Swipe File", in addition to other keywords that pertain specifically to what caught my eye, to make it easier for me to retrieve the information when I needed it.

    When I get the time, I would open up those files and look at what I collected to see if there some common factors and ways I could combine the best of ideas to create my own unique "whatever". It is a great time saver and stress reliever!

    As for Endnote, I have never used it but I do remember taking a look at it when you mentioned it a couple of years back. I will have to give it another look.

    Thanks, Lynn, for putting together this great video to share these tips!

  6. I do have swipe files. Most of them I keep electronically in a folder on my computer. However, the majority of my best ideas come from either print media (e.g., the magazines I read such as O, Woman's Day, Good Housekeeping, etc.) or TV (commercials primarily). I do feel that this type of media still has value in what I'm doing.

    The problem I have is managing the massive amounts of information--and I'm on overload. As a result, I have cut back on saving swipe files to my computer by 75%, and am continuing to gather tidbits from magazines and TV.

  7. I use a Google Chrome extension "Create Link" that helps me a lot in making a copy of anything I thinks is important and going to help me in my online business.

    It's great in copy and pasting works too.

  8. Hi Lynn - I use a *swipe* file, but I didn't realise that I did, as I don't call it that 🙂
    I save headlines, sales letter layouts that I like, & email copy.
    I've sort of forgotten about the offline world resources, so thanks for reminding me of that.
    Organisation and retrieval is always the challenge. I do use Evernote, and it is controlled, but it always seems to be verging on the brink of 'breaking away' from me.

  9. Absolutely, I've kept swipe files for years. Now, with my iPhone, I love taking quick screenshots of things that I see (or I can take photos of things IRL), so I have an instant record of everything.

  10. Hi Lynn,
    Thanks for your video. I believe I have something like a swipe file although i never called it like that (nor did i know the name exists ;-)). i usually keep everything in my notes file in my ipad - e.g. when listening to an mp3 file from the brainstorming hour i usually have in one hand my ipad making notes whenever necessary. later i get back on that, implement it into my site, etc.
    i have evernote installed but unfortunately i´d need training to make it work for me better. guess i should watch out for some tutorials 😉

  11. Yes, I grab copy and links that catch my attention or feature something I'd like to do in the future. Right now, I'm working on a Holiday Gift Guide. So I've been reading others to see how it works and make sure I meet my deadlines.

    When I see something I want to keep or need to make note of - I write it in a document on my MacBook or write a note on my iPhone.

  12. Hi Lynn!
    Yes, this is def a winning, almost instinctive, idea. I've been swiping since I was a kid, its just back then I had to use the scissors and a notepad!

  13. You're a genius, Lynn. I've been keeping a swipe file for a few months now, but it has just been a collection of fun and interesting phrases that I can put into my writing. Now I'm going to start one on what you suggested...phrases that sell.

    By the way, I use Google Drive for keeping my swipe file.

    Thanks, Lynn.

  14. Swipe file. Awesome! Like many other people have mentioned, I’ve had a swipe file for years also. However, the BEST place to get headlines at the grocery store check-out. Just read the goofy tabloid headlines. They draw attention and generate a response. You can even read some of the ads in the back. Some highly skilled highly compensated copywriters were hired to write those ads. Many times you’ll be ready an ad written by Dan Kennedy, John Carlton, Gary Bencivenga, and Dominik Bjegovic.

    It sounds crazy at first, but you can actually learn a lot from the goofy tabloids. Just don’t buy into the alien abduction stories eh?

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