Premium Proxy Service: New Geosurf Features

Last September I told you about GeoSurf's GeoTargeting Toolbar. They've made some interesting updates and additions over the last year I wanted to share with you.

First, they were getting tons of feedback from their users regarding the Chrome browser, and so have just released a brand new Chrome version of their toolbar.

They are now the only Premium Proxy Service toolbar with full cross-browser compatibility: Internet explorer, Firefox and Chrome!

Note: If you decide to download the Chrome Version, be sure to read the installation document as it explains step-by-step how to install it.

GeoSurf has gone through some major enhancements over the past year. They invest a lot of attention in user feedback and in making GeoSurf a premium up-to-date product, including consistent quality Toolbar upgrades and increasing their wide network coverage to more than 100 proxy locations. Their goal is to continue providing their clients the best user experience when they are working in a multi-geo advertising world and need to be on top of everything.

An attractive functionality that just was added a few months ago is the GeoSurf+ Premium Toolbar. It allows you to explore the online media and get actionable insights as an active player in this arena. You can read more at and you can explore it yourself using the Firefox toolbar.

The new Plus option lets you explore online media campaigns published on sites - including banners and stats, advertisers campaigns and stats on certain sites, and Mediators (agencies, networks, exchanges, etc) that are involved in campaigns. It adds your requested sites for online media buying analysis and online media planning insights, to improve your online media business.

In terms of Geo-Coverage, they are constantly searching the market for new "hot" locations their customers are most interested in analyzing. Speicfically where a lot of online advertising and e-commerce activity is happening. Their customers recently asked specifically for better coverage in Latin America, which is a rapidly developing area in terms of online advertising.

Getting a fast and secure connection to servers in those countries isn't necessarily easy, and sometimes very hard to find. But GeoSurf has just added more than ten new servers in various countries in Latin America including: Argentina, Brazil, El-Salvador, Chile, Columbia, Costa Rica, Mexico and more. They now have over 100 locations worldwide including this wide coverage in Latin America and in many US DMA's.

The GeoSurf network is fast, secure, reliable, and transparent. The content you see is never manipulated and your search history is never compromised. There are a number of ways to access their proxy servers: browser toolbar, VPN Connection, Mobile Proxy, PS3 Proxy and API Proxy.

Any of these interfaces will connect you to desired locations on their network. You can then access the internet as if you are physically IN that location. This enables you to check local Search Results in various areas, so you can see real-time location based (unfiltered!) results. It also allows you to track mobile advertising and in-app marketing, and monitor online media campaigns - just to name a few options.

To see everything GeoSurf offers, and what it can do for you, see their Product Demo videos.

This post was sponsored by GeoSurf and written by Lynn Terry.

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    Hi, Lynn! I'm a Firefox fan 😀 so I'll try the toolbar for this browser. I think Chrome loads pages too slow.

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