Working in Multiple Niches? Three Reasons You Should Keep Your Projects Separate…

As an Affiliate Niche Blogger I work in multiple niches, and each project has it's own set of goals and tasks.

This can prove challenging, and even be overwhelming, if not managed properly.

You've probably already figured that out. πŸ˜‰

Of course, when you're starting out you should focus on ONE site - all the way from start to profit - before branching off into other projects or businesses.

Once you have your primary online business running smoothly (in profit, and in maintenance mode), side projects can be a lot of fun. I blogged about that recently in a post titled How To Manage Multiple Niche Sites, where I shared my own current projects in detail and how I manage them all.

If you have multiple sites or work in multiple niches, you should definitely keep them separate. I'll explain why (because it's important!) and show you how I do it...

Creating An Easy Exit Strategy

While you may go into a niche or project expecting to keep it long-term, you never know when you may get an offer on it that's too good to pass up. Or you may lose interest in it. Either way, having it set up as a stand-alone business makes for a super-easy exit strategy.

Compartmentalizing Niche Tasks

The first thing you should do when starting a new project is set up separate accounts. You'll want to secure the name or brand across all Social Media channels, and also set up a dedicated Google account for that site or niche.

Obviously each project will target it's own specific target market, and you want dedicated channels to communicate with those markets.

Having separate accounts also makes it much easier to work in dedicated Time Blocks and batch your work more efficiently. For example, if you set up a Google account for each niche, you'll have a dedicated Gmail account and you can focus on email for one business/site at a time. You'll also have a dedicated Google Feed Reader account so you can keep up with relevant content for that niche.

See: How Batch Processing Made Me 10x More Productive by Problogger

I find it much easier to focus when everything is separate, and I am only working on one project or business at a time. This definitely cuts down on the overwhelm! πŸ˜‰

Outsourcing Niche Tasks

Not only does it make it easier for YOU to work on your site, it makes it much easier to outsource certain tasks - or to hire a Virtual Assistant for just one of your businesses, or a certain set of tasks in just one of your niches.

Let's say for example that one of your sites has a serious growth spurt and you decide to outsource the email to an assistant. That's going to be difficult if you have ALL of your email combined. (I learned this the hard way! - lol)

It Pays To Plan Ahead...

When things are "small" in the beginning it may seem to make the most sense to keep it all combined. However, it really pays to plan ahead - and to plan for growth. Otherwise things can get out of hand quickly, become overwhelming, and be hard to untangle when you DO get ready to outsource and/or sell.

Batching tasks and keeping things compartmentalized for each of my niches is how I keep my sanity and avoid total overwhelm. πŸ˜‰

I would love to hear what works best for you when working between multiple niches. Or if you have questions, feel free to ask those below as well!


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  1. Mark McKnight says:

    I have just been introduced to your blog and find in very informative. I started using the method you mentioned above to keep my niche sites separate. I also do this for any clients that want me to build a website or social media profile for them. I use a tool at to check if the name of their business is available across as many social media sites as possible. I also check the domain to see if it's available as well. I then use a new Gmail account and call it the same and put everything to do with the new brand in there. If I can't get my business name at any of the big social media sites or can't get the .com domain name, I brainstorm a new one.

  2. That's a really helpful blog post. I am in the process of starting my natural health blog again.
    Maketta recently posted..5 Social Networks You Might Not Know About And Now You Do So Start Using Them!My Profile

  3. THis is something I've been wanting to do for a long time but I can't quite figure out how to monetize it. I have some ideas, but not 100% on it.
    Alyssa recently posted..How Marketing is Like a Broken RecordMy Profile

  4. Good post Lynn,

    Managing time has to be the most difficult thing to do of all when you have multiple niches.

    Have you tried the multiple account sign on with Google? I had some iffy results in the past.

    I have found however that it's better to use ONE primary social media account per platform as people don't like to interact with "Brands" they want to talk to another person with a real name.
    Darnell Jackson recently posted..Alex Jones is crazy, like a fox.My Profile

    • Hi Darnell,

      I actually interact with a lot of brands online. But unless you're a big company or name brand product, it is definitely best to be personable and to be "a face" instead of "a logo."

      I haven't tried multiple sign on with Google. I simply use separate browsers to be logged into multiple accounts at the same time. Having dual monitors set up helps with this a lot! πŸ˜‰
      Lynn Terry recently posted..The 100 Day ChallengeMy Profile

  5. Build multiple niche websites if you have the skills, time or manpower to devote for the development of each niche.

  6. While working on different themes, chances of mixing them incorrectly is always high! So one should make sure to devote separate a lot of time for different projects and try to work on them single mindedly.
    Abhishek Bhan recently posted..So What’s Stopping You?My Profile

  7. Asiru Nasir says:

    Previously I was running 3 different niches but was not able to handle all that and start working on single project, but the above points are great to follow and will be on mind if thinking of multiple niche again.....


  8. Hey Lynn!

    This is such great advice, especially the point you make that you might be small now but you want to plan for growth. I think doing that alone helps you get into that successful mindset. I have two sites in the same type of niche but slightly different audiences.

    I definitely didn't split things up in the beginning but wish I had as I had to go back and waste time doing so. For example, I realized right away that I would need separate emails and social media accounts. But, I have a place where I keep all of my passwords for everything I'm involved with and both businesses are just all jumbled together in there.

    It was the same thing with my idea notebook for the first year. I got smart last year and now I keep separate notebooks for the two businesses. This also helps with staying single-minded with my tasks as you mentioned in your post. If I'm working on a project for the one business and a thought for the other business pops into my head, I just jot it down in the correct idea book to get it out of my head and move on with my task! πŸ™‚
    Alicia Jay recently posted..My Guest Post: Explaining How To Make Your Audio Work For YouMy Profile

  9. Very useful advice for those of us who have multiple sites. It's often true that we concentrate on one site to the detriment of others. With your plan, keeping them all rolling (while maintaining our sanity) becomes a lot easier.
    Chimezirim Odimba recently posted..How To Make $10k Every 90 Days β€” Smart Hard Work RequiredMy Profile

  10. Claire Arnold says:

    Nice work! exit strategy is one of the things every niche website should have. Sometimes it might seem crazy but yes, it is very possible to one day sale for huge profits! trust me I've been there and it's fun!

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