The 100 Day Challenge

Let me apologize in advance. I signed up for an amazing 100 Day Challenge about ten days ago, just after the New Year.

Being sick with the flu the last couple of weeks, I didn't get a chance to start it yet - or to mention it to you.

I wanted to share this with you quickly though, because registration ends at midnight on Monday January 14th. Apologies for the last-minute notice!

I'm actually doing the orientation session tonight (Sunday), and officially starting the challenge myself on Monday. This is perfect for me, as I was so sick when the year started that I didn't get to jump in full-force on planning and goal-setting like I normally would... and I'm really ready to get back into some serious action! πŸ˜‰

What about you? Where are YOU with your goals right now? Maybe you got a slow start on the New Year (like I did), or maybe things aren't moving forward like you expected they would, or as quickly as you'd hoped...

Note: You can start the Challenge on any day you prefer, but you do have to register before midnight on Monday January 14th - or you'll have to wait a few months before they open again for new registrations!

I joined because I've been hearing great things about the 100 Day Challenge and Gary Ryan Blair. You may have read about his work in the Wall Street Journal or NY Times. The challenge is getting rave reviews and stirring up lots of talk!

There are over 51,000 registered for the current challenge already. That's a lot of people who are geared up to experience some serious results...

I don't know about you, but I want IN on that. πŸ˜€

The 100 Day Challenge is a rock-solid blueprint for creating your breakthrough and making 2013 the best year of your life. It's an incredible (life changing) program that shows you how to create mind-blowing results.

If you want to get seriously focused and fired up, this is for you!

There's another reason I joined the challenge, too...

Not only did it come highly recommended, but I knew I really needed a "push" to get things back on a roll. I have seriously ambitious goals this year, and I don't mind to admit that I need a little more structure and motivation to get things moving in the right direction.

Planning and ideas and brainstorming all come easy. It's the implementation where most of us struggle. Myself included. Going into the New Year I knew I needed more systems and more structure - and even more self discipline.

This challenge is exactly what I needed!

You can get all the details on the 100 Day Challenge web page, but I can tell you firsthand that the members area is very well organized - with TONS of cool stuff, including software and mobile apps:

There's lots of neat downloads, blueprints, goal setting forms, motivational videos, and even an active discussion forum. And of course a focused lesson for every single day of the challenge to keep you on track.

I'm excited. I'm planning to dive in and give this my ALL for the next 100 days. Once I get through the orientation and Action Plan, I'll know exactly what my specific goal will be for the Challenge. And I look forward to achieving that goal! πŸ˜€

Get All The Challenge Details Here: 100 Day Challenge

β€œEvery act of boldness accelerates the pace with which you enjoy success.” - GRB


p.s. In case you missed it above, be sure to watch this quick video:

Register today if you're up for the challenge! Registration closes on Monday, January 14th at midnight (I'm not sure which time zone)... and it won't reopen again for a few months. So now is the time. πŸ˜‰

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  1. Leanne King says:

    The 100 day challenge looks amazing. I haven't seen this before - thanks for drawing it to your readers' attention. Look forward to reading about your experiences with the challenge.

  2. This looks very cool. I'm in. Mark

  3. Hi Terry,

    Thanks for the information. I have joined the 100 day challenge and hope to exchange notes


    Mukesh Tanna

  4. Jeimy Andrade says:

    Ahh we could all use a little push in executing! I'm signing up right now! One tool I've been using is Astrid, which I was super excited just added re-occurring tasks, yay :) Excited to see what new tools this challenge can introduce me too.

  5. So glad you guys are joining in too. I'm super excited about the challenge, and ready to dig in and get started. Here's to an awesome 100 days and serious goal achievement! πŸ˜‰ *cheers*

  6. Marnie Byod says:

    The 100 day challenge sounds interesting. I wish to join but I am very much busy this week. By the way congrats to those people who are joined in and good luck!

  7. Ok, I've signed up. Like you Lynn, I've been sick so I'm slow to start this new year. Let the challenge begin!
    Kathy Alice recently posted..Google’s rel=author Authorship featureMy Profile

  8. I've just signed up because that is EXACTLY what I have always been struggling with. Unfortunately we are leaving for a 5 day holiday in an hour so I won't be able to start before next week! :-(
    Petra Weiss recently posted..Beach Wine CharmsMy Profile

  9. I just signed up this minute, under the wire. Unfortunately, I was sick all weekend and today too so I'll do the orientation tomorrow. I could always use a swift kick to get me moving. Guess I'm going to get 100 of them!
    Sharyn Sheldon recently posted..Time Management Tips – InfographicMy Profile

  10. I'm in and here's why - I rec'd my first promotional email on the 100 Day Challenge from Paul Evans. Knowing nothing about the challenge but coming from Paul I Googled it and then thought about it. A few days later I heard that Carrie Wilkerson was also promoting it and participating in it. So now I'm like this has to be legit and quality stuff. To find out that you're also participating in it and recommending it, any and all doubts I had completely vanished. When 3 highly respected people such as yourself, Carrie and Paul recommend a course (and 2 of which are actually participating) it has to be worth while to check out. Not to mention that Lynn Terry, Carrie Wilkerson, and Paul Evans just happen to be the Top 3 on my list of peeps with incomparable KLT factors. Y'all are the real deal - honest, transparent, caring, and giving!

    Knowing the 3 of you could care less about the commish you'll get from my signup and more about having a great 2013, I pulled a name from a hat to decide whose url to signup from.

    Thanks and See you on the inside!

    And Yes I realize Action IS Required!

    A : )

  11. Awesome! I love that you can join on your own "start date" and just go from there. I went through the orientation and Action Plan yesterday and am really excited about devoting 100 days to improving self-discipline and also improving my goal setting strategies & implementation!

    The challenge is closed now, but it will reopen in April I believe. So far there's a GREAT group of people on the inside. I look forward to getting active inside the group and meeting some cool new go-getters. πŸ˜€

  12. I miss this very interesting challenge. Hoping I could join next time. Thanks for the information.

  13. I started the 100 day challenge on Jan 15. Here it is Jan 25, 10 days into the Challenge. I just reviewed the Orientation again. It has taken me until today to write out my 5 timebound, specific goals. Commenting here is one of the action steps i have listed on one of my goals. This is my first comment post, but not my last. Thanks for this suggestion of the 100 day challenge and encouragement to GO.

  14. Well missed it this go around. But thank you for the great right up. Hopefully it will open again sooner then later. Thank You
    Tim Potter recently posted..Funeral home finds ropeMy Profile

  15. I cannot say that I started on a slow pace this year, but yes I can definitely say that I have been a bit lazy since this year started. I know I need to concentrate on blogging and set my goals in order to surely achieve them before it is too late. However, I am actually late for this challenge, hope to get in through next time.

  16. Woo hoo hoo...100 days challenge...I just read that from start to end and then came back right here again to say "Thank You Mam".
    saqib razzaq recently posted..14 Unusual Ways to Get New Blog Post IdeasMy Profile

  17. If you missed out on this in January, it's opening back up for the second quarter! πŸ˜‰ See:

    Or you can sign up and download the free report at:

    See you there πŸ˜€

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