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Backing up your data to an off-site source is super-important. Its something that most of us dont think about until its too late, and then we kick ourselves for not having backed up files that we cannot replace.

Honestly - when was your last backup? If your computer died right now, what would you lose? If you have automated nightly backups set up that back up your data at regular intervals... then you are in the minority. Most of us back-up on a weekly basis to disc or external hard drives at best. (True?)

Here's a super-simple solution: an Online Backup service from IDrive. It is FREE (no catch) for up to 2 gigs of data, so its great for personal use or for a secure place to back-up your most important files at the end of the day.

It shows up as an encrypted mapped drive on your PC, so its easy (drag 'n drop) to backup and restore files just like you would to an external device.

And if you need unlimited storage space? Its less than $5/month!

With so many options available, there's no excuse for lost files. Its just a matter of getting in the habit of making those daily back-ups. I'm curious - how often do you backup your files, and what service or device do you use?


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  1. I use Mozy. It's very easy to use, actually once it's set up it backs up files automatically. There is a free option but for online marketers I think the paid one is best, it's $60 a year.

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