What if Max Wrote Your ABOUT Page…

Guest post by Anita Hampl

The ABOUT page is the second-most viewed page by new visitors to your website or blog.

You need it to catch their attention. You want the visitors to think, "Hmmm, let me read a little more about this person (and their business) before I click away."

Problem is, even the most accomplished marketers and service providers tend to choke when asked to write their own ABOUT page. They know what they do, and what service they provide, and how much time and money and frustration they save people, but something prevents them from putting it all together...

Your dog thinks you are wonderful.

You KNOW Max would write the most flattering, yet honest, ABOUT page bio for your website. One that visitors to your site would stop and actually read. One that would perfectly blend your accomplishments, skills, experience, work ethic and loyalty. One that might tell a funny little story about you to weave all of those together in a non-bragging way.

An ABOUT page bio that would surely convert prospects into customers.

Too bad Max lacks opposable thumbs.

So one technique to try when asked to write or update your ABOUT page, is to ...

Think like Max when you write your ABOUT page.

What does s/he observe when you are awake? When you are sleeping? When you are not home and s/he has the run of the house?

Max-inspired idea-starters for your ABOUT page:

  • "She always feeds me when my tummy alarm goes off." (Responsive to the needs of clientele.)
  • "Throws the ball for me. Over and over again." (Active and engaging.)
  • "Always laughing when he holds that iPhone-thingy to his ear." (Fun, and clients like your sense of humor.)
  • "Other dogs' parents ask her questions when we go to the park." (Trusted advisor, resource for the community.)
  • "He got real mad when I chewed up the new blanket with his college logo." (Active in college alumni association.)
  • "But not as mad as when I barked all through his coaching webinar." (Meets clients at their convenience, in-person or online.)
  • "I miss the days when I could chew on her high heel shoes." (Corporate refugee, bringing skills and experience to your own venture.)
  • "Throws wadded paper balls into the trash." (Not satisfied with the obvious solutions, tries various approaches to get just what the client needs.)
  • "Friendly to strangers at the front door but doesn't always let them in." (Offers free consults to see if working together would be a good match.)
  • "Hugs me when I hide under her desk during thunderstorms." (Quickly identifies with clients' concerns and offers concrete solutions.)
  • "Pats my belly while we watch football." (Loyal and has priorities straight.)

The point is, you can isolate what really matters when you look at yourself from the perspective of your favorite clients. Or friends.

You may be surprised at how special you are. (Max already knew.)

Let that free you up to write or improve your own ABOUT page!

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  1. Hello Anita,
    Thanks for the funny post. You are right - the dog most probably will think that and friends as well but we ourselves have often a hard time to present ourselves in a good light. A good idea might be to put a list together with all the facts about us and then ask others why they like us, especially friends. I usually try to think: how would I like others to see me? What do I have to offer for this market that is really me? For example: I would like to be seen as a honest person in internet marketing - we have enough shady gurus out there. So when I write a post I think usually: is that how I presented myself? Is it ethical?
    Monja recently posted..Why Infographics Can Make A Huge Difference On Your Traffic VolumeMy Profile

  2. This only goes to say that the only person (or pet, for Max's matter) that will write good on your page are those people that knows you the most personally. I totally agree with you that sometimes, you will have a hard time talking about your page when in fact is one of the most visited page in a site.
    Dylann Andre recently posted..Business to Business Marketing StrategiesMy Profile

  3. Hey Lynn, I simply loved the way you put the post across, using Max so nicely. I have come across this thing many a times, when a company with good name has a bad about page. The worst part it they take it lightly, they don't take any initiative to mend it. How I wish they knew what harm they are doing to themselves.
    Jack recently posted..Comment on Hello world! by Mr WordPressMy Profile

  4. I agree Lynn, about page has a strong role to play in a company's success or failure. I mean it is the only thing which gives people information about your company. It should be handled very carefully, to avoid potential traffic from sliding away.

  5. I think the about page should really capture the personality of the company or the individual. After someone is done reading about you they should be compelled to reach out to you from the connection they made when reading your about content.

  6. One of the biggest killers for an about page is using too much jargon, whatever your field. That and failing to make yourself look approachable as well as qualified.

    Which means, my "About" page needs a review.
    Linda Varone recently posted..Organized Home Office Space: A Divided Home Office Creates ConfusionMy Profile

  7. Great post, Anita! I love the idea of shifting perspective in order to write about yourself. AND tailoring it towards what (potential) clients will actually care to hear about versus going on and on about yourself. Thanks for the fun article!
    Jenny recently posted..From SEO Beginner to Keyword Research Addict – Lessons Learned From an SEO Intern (Guest Post)My Profile

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