April 2007 Blog Stats

Statistics for ClickNewz.com during the month of April 2007

Last month saw a 37% increase in Unique Visitors, which toalled almost 2,000 more unique visitors than previous months (see March 2007 stats).

As you can see in the graph to the right, the increase in traffic is even greater this month. In fact, I shared the stats last week when they finally broke 5 digits - totalling over 10,000 unique visitors this month. By the end of April, the stats were showing a 75% increase in Unique Visitors over the month of March...

April Stats for the ClickNewz Blog:

  • Inbound Links (main page): 22,702
  • Inbound Links (total): 25,915
  • Unique Visitors in April 2007: 12,624
  • Total Number of Visits: 31,700

For Comparison, here are the March '07 Stats:

  • Inbound Links (main page): 22,968
  • Inbound Links (total): 31,391
  • Unique Visitors in March 2007: 7,221
  • Total Number of Visits: 21,368

The most popular pages during the month of April, or the most viewed, were: Writing Reports, Traffic Tips for New Sites, and How to Monetize Website Traffic.

Top 8 Referring Websites:

  • SSWT Discussion Forum
  • Stumble Upon
  • V7N Forums
  • $7 Secrets Forum
  • 5 Star Affiliate Marketing Forums
  • Memoirs By Me
  • Internet Marketing Sweetie
  • MySpace.com
  • Top 8 Keyword Phrases:

    • internet marketing blog
    • content composer
    • gary halbert passed away
    • online marketer of the year
    • wireless satellite tv
    • april 15 tax deadline
    • online marketing blog
    • lynn terry

    There is a substantial increase in the number of hits from googlebot and msnbot, with yahoo staying about the same. As a result, traffic from Google alone more than tripled this month.

    Since there are approximately the same number of posts for both March and April, and no major increase in referrers (outside of the addition of StumbleUpon), the only logical conclusion is that the new template has worked some kind of magic.

    I installed the Presscut Theme around March 30th. Perhaps it is ‘more optimized’ than my original template, or maybe it is just the change itself that attracted the search bots. I’m honestly not sure.

    But that is where the additional traffic is coming from: mainly Google, with Yahoo traffic more than doubling as well.

    There are currently 569 posts and 2,371 comments...

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    1. That's really interesting Lynn - and inspiring! Especially interesting that more inbound links are showing in the previous month. That makes me feel better because mine never seem to reflect the true amount of links I have. Thanks for sharing.

    2. That seems to be a trend the last couple of months, but I havent taken the time to dig into it and see if I actually have less links - or if Yahoo Site Explorer is changing the links they show or the way they show links...

      If anyone has any insight on that, let us know 😉

    3. Oh my, Lynn...my face flushed when I saw "Memoirs By: Me" up there as a top-referring site. That's actually my "dashboard" page where I keep all my links for various tasks that I do throughout the day/week/month. I deleted the page from the site when I saw it there...there's a bunch of links on it that I don't really want public (personal stuff). I didn't realize that it could be "picked up" like that since I don't have it optimized for anything and there's nothing linking to it. I had the page housed on one of my domains, so I could access my "dashboard" from any computer, but now I'm having second thoughts about the security of doing that.

      I must say I was flattered to make your "top 8 referring sites" though...I do visit you often. 😉

      I did think about changing the HTML on that page to say "Lynn Terry is the greatest!" in big bold font...in fact I still might do that. LOL

    4. Now that's funny! 😆

      I feel bad that you had to change it though. I admit I wasnt sure what I had stumbled upon, but it was a neat set-up. I've done something similar before and set it as my home page, so I understand the concept.

      I'll be more careful about what I report out of my stats - promise! 😉

    5. My stats updated again yesterday - I didnt realize they were a day or so behind. Here are the updated numbers for April:

      Unique Visitors: 12,830
      Total Visitors: 32,294

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