Year-End Coffee Break With Lynn :-)

2013-2014As we close out 2013 and get ready for a fresh fun New Year, I would like to take this opportunity to say THANK YOU for being part of the ClickNewz community!

I truly enjoy my work, but without people -without YOU- it would all be pointless.

I've had the opportunity to meet (and get to know!) so many great people online via email, my blog & forum, Facebook, and other places around the web.

Some I've even had a chance to work with more personally, which I really enjoy. I've been doing quite a bit of year-end one-on-one brainstorming with my $99 special. That's been a lot of fun!

Speaking of, I've also been busy with year-end reflecting & brainstorming in my own business, which I imagine you've been doing on your end as well...

The end of the year always feels a bit overwhelming and "rushed" to me. It doesn't help that the last month or so of the year is jam-packed with holidays and social obligations, on top of New Year planning- lol. I'm sure you can relate. ;-)

Just like you, I always have more ideas than time, and the same 24 hours to work with in a day. This means we have to get serious about determining our highest priorities. It also means we have to be very disciplined with our time, focusing on those things that consistently take us closer to our true goals.

This morning I sat down and spent a couple of hours organizing all of my notes and tasks in Evernote. This is where I do all of my brainstorming, keep all of my running task lists, and even where I brainstorm and create products. It's the perfect all-in-one solution as it's synced across every computer and device you own, making it easy to manage and access - and of course it's always "backed up".

My highest priority right now is laying out my timelines and getting a structured schedule in place for the New Year. I have big plans for 2014 and a lot of FUN projects in the works! In my next post I'll share some of the details with you, including two new products I'm releasing in January that I think you'll be as excited about as I am. :D

2013 was an interesting year for me. It was a mix of hard times, fun times and big changes. I had major surgery, turned 40, got up on a water ski again, made some positive changes to my friend circle and peer network, launched a fun product that was a big hit, taught my favorite topic live at the Braintrust event in Vegas, and initiated some subtle but powerful shifts in my business.

As the year comes to an end, I find myself feeling particularly happy as I reflect back over it all. It makes me smile. I pulled through some pretty tough times, and also made a lot of fun new memories over the last year!

I would love to hear from you. What are your business goals for the New Year? I'd specifically like to hear what you do, what you'd love to learn more about or what you need the most help with - as well what you'd most like to achieve online in 2014.

I may not be able to reply to every comment, but I AM going to read each and every one. And for those of you that emailed in your replies over the last couple of weeks, I am still making my way through those. Thank you!!

Personally, I'm really excited about the year ahead. I'm planning to start two new podcasts, create more fun how-to videos on YouTube, release new hands-on training programs, offer tons more free content & informative webinars, etc. All of which will benefit you, of course. ;-) The more comments this post sees, the more I can tailor my topics and free content to bring you what you want and need most...


p.s. Take a moment to leave a comment below and share what you're working on, and what you'd love to see more of or learn more about here at ClickNewz!

I would also love to stay connected with you on your favorite social channels:


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Feel free to ask me business/marketing questions on either of those channels anytime. I've been working online for almost 17 years now, and I'm happy to help you out any way I can. ;-) *cheers*

p.p.s. If you're not already subscribed by email, you should make sure you do that in the orange box below. I'm in the process of outlining some great tips to share with my subscribers in 2014 to help you move forward faster in your online business! :D

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  1. Lynn, I am so grateful to be a part of your community and a part of your wise guidance.
    Your detailed advice, your generosity of spirit, and your valuable, valuable content has been and is wonderful!!!!
    I am so happy to hear that you will be doing 2 podcasts! I love listening to podcasts, love to make use of time when I'm out driving places or clearing up around home.
    ** I would love some more info on what to prioritise first in building a blogging business and even more detailed info on how to create a structured and organised plan to help create a great rhythm to all that needs to be done. There always seems to be an overwhelming amount of information and things to do and I need helping in chunking things down.
    ** I would also love a little tutorial on how to use Evernote. I've had a bit of a look at it, but don't quite get it all yet and would love a few shortcuts on how to get going with it.
    ** I would love a little more behind the scenes on how you run your business so successfully.
    Gosh so many more things but very open to your guidance..
    Thanks again for all you do, you're awesome and I am incredibly grateful!!!
    Lisa recently posted..Comment on Adrenal Fatigue Symptoms by Healing From BurnoutMy Profile

  2. This year I helped my wife get set up online with her doggy daycare business. I used a few tricks and tips gleaned from esteemed online pros like your good self, such as giving value before taking, keeping up an active FB profile. This year we'll be looking at building on the support from our followers to develop new products. Thanks for all your selfless input, it is appreciated. Have a great 2014

    • Thank you, Mark - and congrats to you & your wife on getting the business set up in 2013! Awesome accomplishment! Here's to great success in the New Year. ;-) *cheers*

  3. To be honest, the only requirement that I have for ClickNews is simple. Just keep going the way you are don't stop. You are educating so many people around the globe and giving them so much and I guess they are giving you back by showing ultimate respect for you.

    I am just one of those people. Thank you Lynn for creating, maintaining and developing this impressive blog. I wish you good luck for 2014.
    Saqib Razzaq recently posted..Increase Blog Traffic: 40 Ways To Boost Blog Traffic DramaticallyMy Profile

  4. I have to say that Evernote is an amazing service. I use it for school on my iPad and Bluetooth enabled keyboard to take lecture notes. It automatically adds the date and time, and then if I don't have my iPad I can later use my phone or laptop (home or work) to go back and do a quick brush up to study. It makes graduate school a whole lot easier!
    Nick recently posted..By: John WorthyMy Profile

  5. Its always a priviledge to follow your blog daily. I have learnt a lot and look forward to greater time in 2014.

  6. Podcast! Podcast! Podcast! (Wahooo!)

    Cannot wait to enjoy them :)

  7. One of the things I've learned recently is how much better I work when I know exactly what tasks I need to complete each day. As 2014 approaches, I'm trying to create more structure for my business so that each day I can jump in with total focus. Lynn your direction on micro-tasking, social media marketing and so many other things is always such a big help. I think I'd like to be Slim for a day and just sit and watch the way you work, as you seem to get so much done and still have a life!

    All the best to you in the New Year!

    • LOL Val - he says there's room on his couch if you want to come hang out. :D haha. I keep it super simple, using Evernote to organize everything - and starting each day with only THREE priorities to complete. Anything else is a plus.

      Micro Tasking and Time Blocks have been my save. ;-) *cheers*
      Lynn Terry recently posted..Top 10 Take-Aways From 2013My Profile

  8. Love being here learning and reading your post.
    Reorganizing and getting things done is my main goal for 2014.
    Also I would like to be live listening to your weekly sharing at your private forums.
    Your tips for Evernote is amazing and using it often to write , download articles and pictures.

    Definitely 2014 will be an amazing new lifestyle for me with your tips and all here.
    Thank you Lynn Terry​​ for everything you have done for us

  9. Stew Kelly says:

    Thanks for sharing another year of advice and insights Lynn. I hope 2014 turns out to be an even better year. It would be great to read more about interactive content and the social web as that seems to be the way things are evolving...and least that is what a hummingbird told me. Happy New Year Lynn to you and your family.

  10. Ahhhh, you drew me in with mentioning coffee.... LOL My business is doing exceedingly well, my net income tripled, and a new business partnership is now going to double that! So all is good in my world, just keeping me busy.

    So my 2014 goals are to tighten up and streamline my work efforts, utilize my Team better, so I'm not working more, even though my work volume has increased. So work smarter, not harder. ;)

    BTW Lynn.... if you ever get up to the St Louis area, would definitely love to get together in real life, over coffee (of course) and catch up! Miss chatting with you!
    Traci Knoppe recently posted..Forums, or Facebook Groups?My Profile

    • I miss you too, Traci - it's been too long since we got to hang out in person! ;-) Keep me posted of any events going on in that area. I would love to make it happen.

      Congrats on your success! I watched you work very strategically to build up your business, and your success is well deserved. :D Happy New Year! *cheers*
      Lynn Terry recently posted..Top 10 Take-Aways From 2013My Profile

  11. hey Lynn,

    2014, I keep having the feeling like this is the future, and you know what, it is!

    More books to write and publish. Stroke support groups to manage. Creative types to work with and communities to build with fostering change. More following of Lynn Terry.

    I HAVE seen the future and it is 2014.
    My first year officially as a senior, and I actually feel so 20ish. :p (69' was a GREAT year, "Good morning starshine" and "In the year 2525" were favorites that year.

    Thanks for you just being you. And of course Slim too. (you can take that two ways if you like) ;)

    Looking forward to being a Lynn Terry follower again this year. BTW I bought the copywriter course Thanks!

    smiles, :)

    p.s. (This is a copy of my email reply on December 15th)

    p.p.s. Today and tomorrow are days to chillax before starting the all new 2014 year. (wondering what the new shiny thing will be at CES this year)

  12. Lynn

    I've been a voyeur of you for many years. While I've found your writings interesting I've been distracted by the shiny object syndrome.

    As you can imagine this has led me to much frustration. The frustration needs to stop and I need a breakthrough.

    Are you the person?

    This is what I want to do in 2014.

    I have a mlm business that amongst other things promotes health and weight loss products. I want to establish a new blog and drive traffic to that blog to make product sales.

    Can you help me achieve some REAL results?

    What do I need to do? Private Mastermind Group??
    Greg Reed recently posted..The Opposite Plan – Your Success Plan For 2014My Profile

    • Hi Greg,

      I totally understand your frustration. There are so many products & promises out there, but the real key is in action & implementation. I have a personal rule which is: "Only buy what you need, to accomplish the one thing you are working on right now." And of course: "implement as you go." Otherwise they are only expenses, not investments. ;-)

      I can definitely help you achieve your goals, and see REAL RESULTS. The Private Brainstorming Group is the best option, as this will also give you access to my new Niche Success Blueprint course and my Social Marketing Results course - both very detailed training programs that will make a HUGE difference for you in 2014.

      They are broken down into step-by-step training modules, making it easy to implement as you learn. And with your membership, you'll have me to help you every step of the way. :D

      You can get instructions to join on this page: I look forward to working with you, and helping you make real progress this year!
      Lynn Terry recently posted..Take The Leap and Reach Your Goals!My Profile

  13. Are you still launching the Easy Unique Content course? I really hope so cause in my mind, creating content and marketing content are two different things. How is Smart Content Marketing different from Social Marketing Results?

    • The content marketing course will be "Fast Content Marketing" and it is taking the place of "" - I just settled on a new name for it. ;-) It will be all about creating and marketing your content to increase your reach, revenue and traffic - fast!

      It will be different from Social Marketing Results in that it will focus on content ideas, content formats, creating & publishing content for maximum results, and how it all ties in to your overall business (including your funnels, promotions, social channels, email marketing, etc). SMR focuses strictly on social media, where content marketing will focus on creating content that gets traffic and makes sales. :D
      Lynn Terry recently posted..Niche Success Blueprint: Start to Profit!My Profile

  14. Hi Lynn,

    Happy New Year, and thank you so much for the opportunity to be part of your online community!

    My main focus for 2014 is to build my own affiliate business. I operate an online puzzle membership site - the Clue Detective Puzzle Agency. I write the puzzles myself - crosswords, codewords, trivia quizzes and sudoku. I then sell them as part of an online subscription. I have spent considerable time adding the puzzle content to the website and perfecting the layout etc. I am now looking for people who enjoy solving puzzles to act as affiliates to promote them for me and grow the business.

    I am wondering what is the best way to attract affiliates to my program. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    Once again, happy New Year. I trust that 2014 will be happy and prosperous for you!

  15. My intention for the new year is; to write another children's book. Complete a program on abuse on have it on line 2014, and continue writing my novel. The most important this is of course is to continue to empower as many people as I can.

  16. Hi Lynn, I just started following you here and look forward to learning a lot of new things in 2014. I really want to grow my blog and maybe offer services and more products in the coming year. I also want to do more with video. I'm enjoying reading your post with my early a.m. coffee. I hope you have a Happy New Year.
    Lisa recently posted..Are You Hitting The Google Plus Button Now Or Are You Still Waiting?My Profile

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