Quick 7 Point Checklist for Tuning & Tweaking An Aging Website

Every now and then I like to sit down and analyze stats, track details from individual marketing campaigns and make some minor tweaks and updates across the board.

There are a lot of little things running behind the scenes that keep our Online Business performing its best.

Over time links and information can become outdated, autoresponder sequences can run out, and while you are busy working on other projects... your once well-oiled automated machine shows signs of needing a serious tune-up.

7 Places to Check for Leaks:

  • Autoresponders
    Check messages in the sequence for broken links, or places you might want to add new information. You may also need to add new messages to the sequence to keep your list from growing cold.
  • Email Confirmations for Mailing Lists
    If you manage a double opt-in email list, check to see what the confirmation email looks like. Is it personalized and does it compel your brand new subscriber to confirm their subscription?
  • Confirmation Pages for New Sign-ups
    Analyze the page that your subscribers are taken to after they submit their email address. Consider any changes you might want to make. If you are using a stock message, sit down and create a custom page for visitors to see when they subscribe and when they confirm.
  • Follow-up/Welcome Messages to New Subscribers
    Whether you manage a newsletter, notification list or an autoresponder you should have at least one follow-up autoresponse that goes out to each subscriber as a welcome message. If you dont have one, create one. If you do, go over it again to see if you can make any changes/additions to this first point of personal contact.
  • Error Pages (404 File Not Found, etc)
    Customize your error pages so that you can apologize and then redirect your 'lost' visitors (example). If you did this when you designed your website originally, double check to see if it needs a quick update.
  • Profile/About Pages
    Are your profiles up to date? Make sure they include the correct details and information, a solid call-to-action, and links to current points of interest. Dont forget profiles on networking groups, social networking sites, etc - in addition to your own websites.
  • Forum Signatures
    Go through the list of forums that you visit and update your signatures. Add new links, change your photo, or just spice it up a little.

While you are in tune-up mode, consider any elements of your online business that you can automate or even outsource. Start with the tasks that take up the majority of your time, or those that you dread the most. Automating & outsourcing can free up valuable hours that you can spend working on even more profitable ventures.

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  1. Vera Raposo says:

    Thanks Lynn for sharing, I think this is stuff people avoid doing, I know I was, but now I'm more on top of this.

  2. Mara B. says:

    Once again, great information. I can see where these tips will come in handy in the future. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Sujan Patel says:

    Great tips. Error pages is the biggest problem I am having.

  4. What kind of problem are you having with them?

  5. Phyliss Bachrodt says:

    I have been hunting all aroundfor a ton of opt-in mailing data for a mailing marketing test. It is virtually impossible andhard to find anything of any quality. I've been stung about tentimes. Is it possible to findany decent publishers of real opt-in ?

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