My Advice Is Completely Useless…

Advice, and knowledge in general, is totally useless - unless you act on it. πŸ˜‰ So here's some more "Useless Advice" for you to enjoy! πŸ˜€

Almost every week I get emails or messages from people who actually took my advice, or implemented one of my suggestions, and got IMMEDIATE results! I also see where people don't, and of course don't see results. As I mentioned in the video above, I'm all about FAST results...

Here's a comment I just received this week, for example:

"IΒ΄ve used the week to work on your suggestions. I can already see a visitor increase as well as an increase in sales, so thank you!"

And an email I received last week:

"I wanted to write and personally thank you for your advice on Brainstorming Hour last night. You suggested that I --- about the ---. I did that and got approved today!"

Here's a recent post on my Facebook wall too:


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I look forward to hearing your thoughts on this topic, on the video, and of course working with you if you choose to sign up to recommend my products!


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  1. Just like yesterday's video, I needed to hear this one, too! Gettin' my tuckus in gear! Woohoo! πŸ˜‰
    Lisa Roberson recently posted..I Love My SoulFlower TapestryMy Profile

  2. Hello again,

    First up, don't worry I'm not stalking you (lol) I just LOVE the results I get in my business every time I implement a piece of advice YOU give me, hehe and I love the community you'll built here.

    But on a serious note Lynn, I only get those results because I take action so I urge anyone watching this video to take notice because from my experience....

    EVERYTHING Lynn teaches just flat out WORKS!

    Have an awesome day!
    Kerry Russell recently posted..Thesis Theme vs Genesis and The Strategic Reasons Why You Should Choose Your Blog Theme CarefullyMy Profile

  3. Hi Lynn, You are absolutely right and with your advice and the help of some good friends, I've been putting things into action and things will start to pick up and you will see a change in whatever you do.

    Thanks, Lynn

  4. Great advice Lynn! It's HARD to take action, but if you really DO, inevitably there will be results. I am determined to get my website seen as a top-notch knitting blog very soon! With every Module I'm implementing ideas found in them and they are making a real difference! Then on the Social Media info!
    Enjoy! Alice

  5. Hi Lynn,

    This is vital advice (but useless unless it's applied, right? πŸ˜‰ ).

    I see so many people complaining that such-and-such a strategy isn't working or that they're not getting such-and-such results that they want. But they're not APPLYING what they've been taught! It's like someone complaining that their new bike isn't helping them to reach their destination quick enough, therefore it mustn't work. Of course, if they'd learned to ride it first it would have made all all the difference!

    You absolutely have to apply what you learn, or else what's the point? As you say, it just ends up being a waste of time.

    I like how you talk about only investing in what you need to right now. I know only too well how easy it can be to attempt to absorb too much info all at once. This can end up being counterproductive as you either don't truly get the sense of any of it or you end up forgetting a lot of it and have to spend more time going over it more thoroughly at a later date anyway.

    Thanks for the great advice, Lynn. I will be sure to implement it so that it's not useless! πŸ˜‰

    Glenn Shepherd recently posted..The Great Traffic IllusionMy Profile

  6. Tracy James says:

    I think many people cannot seem to take action because when they are trying to find the best way to generate traffic they succumb to the dreading "paralysis by analysis" syndrome. I know I have been guilty of that in the past as well. I try to keep it simple and provide my readers with quality content and everything in the end will eventually work out.

  7. Lynn, I received your G+ connection. Thanks. Do you watch the #DMEShow by Eric Enge? I'd like to say you are so, so right about focusing on what you're doing now and only buying - learning into that stream! The Internet evolves so fast, as you know. Samsung say that 'speed of implementation of innovation' is evidenced by the fast release of smartphones - taking market ACTION. I study spontaneity in mindset and have made some vast inroads into Instagram profile marketing, using 'speed' of implementation and 'response' exactly as you have suggested in this video post. Keep moving forward into growth.....

  8. Huh?!?

    It's completely ... USELESS?

    Oh ... man ...

    Here I was. Thinking that all I needed to do was sit around all day.

    And read your stuff.

    Watch your videos.

    And somehow ... just somehow ... income would magically roll into my JV Zoo account.

    And I would be a better person, marketer, and action hero.

    You can't imagine how sad it makes me ...

    ... to hear the truth.

    *sobs uncontrollably*
    Daniel Dou recently posted..How To Multiply Your IM Productivity By 10 To 100 Times For Life!My Profile

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