Is Passive Income A Myth?

Lynn Terry on Passive Income

What happens when you're knocked off your feet unexpectedly, and can't work for several weeks (or even months) in a row?? It depends. This is my story, but fair warning - it may make you VERY uncomfortable...

Do Affiliate Marketers Qualify As Entrepreneurs?

How to Write a Product Review

Learn the Top 12 Differences Between A Small Business Owner and Entrepreneur in this interesting discussion on whether affiliate marketers are actually entrepreneurs - or not...

Case Study: Social Media & Mailing List Set-Up

The Engagement Factor

Today we'll look at Vera's brand new blog and discuss the set-up of her social media accounts and mailing list. These are essential steps for your blog, so we'll dig in to the practical how-to so you can set up (or improve) your own...

Affiliate Niche Blog Setup: First Steps

Seth Godin

Right in the middle of this fun Cross Blog Conversation with Vera, super affiliate Rae Hoffman (aka Sugarrae) posted this Seth Godin quote/graphic on her Facebook Page and said: "That's affiliate marketing in 2013 in a nutshell. Creating a site or presence on the web of value centered around a topic you can actually contribute […]

Choosing Your Niche… Without Research?!

Lynn Terry and Vera Raposo

I know this may be backwards from what you've heard or been taught by others in the past. But you may have also heard that you should choose your niche based on keyword research and competition analysis - and pick a topic with high profit potential and low competition. Which often leads you to choosing a niche for your online business that you could care less about!...

Brainstorming Affiliate Niche Ideas (Part 2)

Lynn Terry and Vera Raposo

Did Vera drink the koolaid? I'm going to be *blunt* and get serious in my reply here, for the sake of helping her make a solid affiliate niche decision - as well as anyone else reading along...

Affiliate Niche Selection (Open Discussion)

Lynn Terry and Vera Raposo

Affiliate Niche Brainstorming: If you were given 10 hours a week and a bottomless bank account to start a new hobby, with the condition that a television crew would follow you for those 10 hours every week, which hobby would you pick? ... Join us for this fun discussion!

The Affiliate Survival Guide: Dominate Your Niche and Blow Away Your Competitors!

Discover how to become a better affiliate marketer, increase your commissions dramatically, show up on (more) launch leaderboards, and best of all - have fun doing it!! ...

Give Visitors Deals and Price Comparisons

People WANT to buy products online! Your job as an affiliate is to help them make an informed buying decision, and help them find the best product - and the best deal on that product. See live examples...