Fun Q&A: What I’m Working On… And Why! -(Writing Blog Tour series)

Lynn Terry

Find out what I'm working on, WHY I do what I do, and how my writing process works. You'll see just how simple I make the writing process, and which FREE tool I use!, whether I'm writing a blog post or creating a detailed information product... 😉

The Art of Keyword Targeting (Live Example)


We'll look at keyword research (simplified!), how to select keyword phrases to target, the importance of examining the intention of those searches, and how to create blog post titles and content that get clicks and make sales...

New Blog Review: Q&A with Vera

Vera is setting up her her new blog, step by step. Today we'll review her new blog together, and you can follow along as I make suggestions for her to continue to set it up to be a profitable affiliate niche blog...

How To: WordPress Categories and Tags

understand wordpress categories

Today we'll look at how to set up WordPress Categories, and the best use of Tags in your blog posts, using Vera's new blog as an example. You'll learn common mistakes with Tags and Categories, how to fix them (or how to improve yours!), and the proper way to use Keywords...

Case Study: WordPress Sidebar Customization

WordPress Sidebar

Vera now has a basic WordPress install for her new affiliate blog. Today we'll review her setup, and go over basic WordPress Sidebar elements and simple customizations...

Case Study: Social Media & Mailing List Set-Up

The Engagement Factor

Today we'll look at Vera's brand new blog and discuss the set-up of her social media accounts and mailing list. These are essential steps for your blog, so we'll dig in to the practical how-to so you can set up (or improve) your own...

Act Fast: Implement & Revise As You Go!


As soon as Vera decided on her affiliate niche she registered the domain name, set up WordPress (her blog), and next I suggested she go ahead and set up social media accounts and an email list. Why so much so soon, you ask? Here's the answer...

Affiliate Niche Blog Setup: First Steps

Seth Godin

Right in the middle of this fun Cross Blog Conversation with Vera, super affiliate Rae Hoffman (aka Sugarrae) posted this Seth Godin quote/graphic on her Facebook Page and said: "That's affiliate marketing in 2013 in a nutshell. Creating a site or presence on the web of value centered around a topic you can actually contribute […]

Choosing Your Niche… Without Research?!

Lynn Terry and Vera Raposo

I know this may be backwards from what you've heard or been taught by others in the past. But you may have also heard that you should choose your niche based on keyword research and competition analysis - and pick a topic with high profit potential and low competition. Which often leads you to choosing a niche for your online business that you could care less about!...