New Software Creates High-Converting Copy… In Minutes!

What does it do? Allows you to create highly customized, unique sales copy for any situation that fits with YOUR story, product and audience - in minutes!

Successful Product Launch Checklist

If you plan to create products this year, or relaunch some of your products with MUCH better results (smart!), this set of checklists and templates is invaluable in getting your strategy organized, and making your product launch super-successful...

Download: 50 Ways To Sell Your Product – Fast!

If you're looking for a way to sell A LOT of product online this year, you'll love these lists and templates as much as I am myself. This is a very actionable package you can put to immediate use, getting your goals set and your promotions off the ground... fast.

Niche Marketing & Lifestyle Business Discussion

Pick My Brain: a fun discussion on current niche marketing strategies - that work! - and creative angles for doing business online.

FUN Challenge: BOOST Your Business – Fast!

I challenge you to do something outrageous & ambitious in your business every single week for the rest of the year. Consider ways you can step WAY outside your comfort zone or usual tasks, pick a day of the week, and do something BIG in your business!

What will YOUR story be this year?

How much time have you invested in your business so far? How much money have you invested? Are you where you want to be?? Maybe you started out with a great idea but got frustrated or derailed along the way...

Why $0 Is My Favorite Number

If you can make $1 online, you can make $10,000. This is the reason that $0 is my favorite number when it comes to revenue. I look at a revenue source and ask myself: How can I add a zero to that number?

6 Free Internet Marketing Worksheets

All six of these free Internet Marketing cheat sheets are incredibly well done. They're designed in a way that makes them FUN to study! Here are my thoughts on each of the six sheets to give you a sneak peek of what to expect...

Untold Stories from the Internet Underworld

It's juicy, crazy, funny, sad, inspiring, shocking, insanely motivating - I just finished it, literally turned the last page and set it down and am letting it all settle in, just now. My mind is still REELING...

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