Step-by-Step Blueprint for Success Online

If you're easily distracted, this step-by-step weekly course will really keep you on track. You'll know what you need to do, in what order, and have a detailed plan to follow. It's great for getting set up part-time, or for working online full-time - even if you've been trying to make money online for years! The tasks each week are easy enough to do (with detailed instruction) but they are the things that will move you forward the fastest - without any fluff...

Video Lighting Comparison – See For Yourself!

Video Lighting Review & Comparison

Video Lighting comparison with and without the Continuous Lighting Set I recently ordered from Amazon. As you can see, there's a HUGE difference. I'm using the...

Using a URL Shortener? 8 Reasons To STOP!

bitly warning

I've never understood why anyone would use a URL Shortener, but A LOT of people do, so it's time for a discussion and some eye-opening facts on this bad practice...

Free Google+ Guide by Guy Kawasaki

What The Plus!

Get a free PDF copy of the Google+ guide at this link... If you're not yet using Google+, or using it actively as part of your online business, now is definitely the time to get started. Find out why!

Free Blog Planner & Marketing Content Calendar

Marketing Content Calendar

This is one of my absolute favorite resources as a blogger and content marketer. I print it out every year, and keep it in a binder on my desk for planning and organizing my Content Marketing throughout the year. Grab it today - you'll love it! ;-)

Easy Infographic Maker | Infographic Templates

checklist graphic example

Wow, right? :) This only took minutes to make. Imagine easily creating graphics like that for your blog posts and sales pages! And I STINK at creating graphics. These templates are amazing - and SO easy to work with!!

Evernote, Apple Store, Geek Squad & Mozy


An interesting story about an unexpected hard drive failure, Apple's crazy policy regarding my equipment and data, and how Evernote totally saved my a$$ last Tuesday...

Learn Copywriting Techniques, Plus Awesome Sales Letter Example (Must See)

copywriting course

Over the weekend I was doing some research, looking for a great sales letter example, and one dropped right in my lap. It's already been featured as the product of the day on it's network... TWICE. Which means it's converting exceptionally well. And then there's the true test - the fact that the copy worked on ME and I decided to purchase the product. That's how I KNOW it's good...