The 10 Books On My Desk Today

10 Business Books

Here are the last 10 business books I ordered from Amazon, which are all currently on my desk. These are not my Top 10 - just my most recent additions. This should give you an idea where my focus lies right now with marketing online...

Take A Spin In My Reclining Massage Chair!

Reclining Office Chair

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A Bedtime Story – (Product Review Discussion)

Nodical Bed Unboxing & Review

Product Review Discussion: Why I decided to review a (seemingly unrelated) product, what I negotiated with the company (and why), how this opportunity came about, and how I'm promoting it for them. - - This should easily give you some creative ideas for your own blog!

Reclining Office Chair With Massage & Heat – You’ll LOVE This One!

Reclining Massage Chair

As part of my Home Office Makeover, I needed a new office chair for one of my workstations. If you've never tried reclining at your desk... you should. It's a much more ergonomic position to work in - meaning it's way more comfortable, and helps you avoid repetitive stress or injury to your body...

Taking Good Photos For Blogs & Social Media

Photography Resources

I've been working on setting up a Food Photography corner in my home office. This is a great opportunity to share some cool resources & apps with you, and also hear YOUR favorite gadgets for taking good photos and video...

Wishlist Member + LeadPages = Easy Money

If you're serious about building your list and increasing your passive income this year, in a way that pays off for YEARS to come, Leadpages and Wishlist Member is an ideal combo...

How To Make $1,000 With Teespring

teespring payout

The first time I sat down to sign up and create my first Teespring campaign, I expected it to take a lot longer than it did. I was pleasantly surprised at how quick and easy it was! I was also impressed with it as a fun new revenue source for my niche site...

Why You Shouldn’t Ignore Twitter…

Twitter Power 3.0 by Dave Taylor and Joel Comm

What I'm going to say might offend you, hurt your feelings, make you think I'm a social media SNOB -- or it might just enlighten you and make a few light bulbs go off in your mind. Or all of the above! LOL...

Another Exclusive Coupon Code For You! :-)

exclusive coupon code

This awesome deal is for one of my favorite training packages, on the topic of copywriting - and one I've recommended to everyone I know since I discovered it myself. Check it out, apply the code, enjoy the savings - and convert on! 😉 ..