Checklist For Organizing Your Digital Files

file organization

Is your hard drive a mess?? Learn simple systems for organizing your digital files, and for keeping those files safe. And how to dramatically increase your productivity and efficiency!

How To Organize Your Desk For Productivity

Organize Your Desk

It's Clean Off Your Desk Day! Want to learn how to organize your desk in a way that increases your productivity and efficiency? Keep reading! I challenge you to get your desk cleared TODAY. Then leave a comment letting us know ONE odd thing you found on YOUR desk while cleaning it off... ;-)

Reminder: Last Minute 2014 Tax Deductions!


I know you're probably busy winding down from the holidays, hitting the post-holiday sales, or just coasting through these last few days with intentions of getting back to work in the New Year. But this is definitely something you want to consider before time runs out and the 2014 year ends...

Getting On The Fast-Track For 2015! :)

2015 Goals

In addition to helpful tips, how-to's and videos you can expect live chats & challenges. We'll all work together to get on the fast-track to reaching our 2015 goals. This will be much better than going it alone. We'll have a great time and get TONS accomplished!

The Freedom in Discipline: How to Create the Amazing Life You Really Want!

Finding freedom in discipline may sound like an oxymoron, but it's actually the key to success, or achieving anything you want out of life. Find out how to get that motivation that drives you, that fuels your focus and determination to a point that it's actually FUN to get up and work toward your goals every day...

Is Passive Income A Myth?

Lynn Terry on Passive Income

What happens when you're knocked off your feet unexpectedly, and can't work for several weeks (or even months) in a row?? It depends. This is my story, but fair warning - it may make you VERY uncomfortable...

How To Outsource Tough Tasks For Only $5

Fiverr Examples

The amount of creativity brimming in this single website is nothing short of amazing. Or you could also say... It's amazing what people will do for five dollars! Need someone to model your merchandise or hold your sign for an awesome unique selling graphic? No problem. You can get cool gifts created on Fiverr, too. For example, this one artist offers to create Personalized Family Tree art for you...

Choose Your Internet Marketing and Business Groups Wisely – Both Online and Offline

Internet Marketing Groups

It's important to surround yourself with people who are actively working online. People who are "in the trenches" and learning by trial and error, by testing and tweaking, who are true action takers. And you want to avoid people who are just talking theory, or just teaching but not actually doing...

Get REAL Help With Your 2014 Plans (Today)

My goal is to help you see FAST RESULTS. Period. And just to be totally upfront, I do have an objective. As long as you are seeing results, and your business is growing and becoming more profitable, you'll continue to be a valuable reader and customer in my business. So I guarantee you I am going to go out of my way to make sure you see success...