Home Office Ideas: How To Set Up A Home Office For Productivity & Ideal Workflow

Home Office Setup

Want a home office setup that improves your workflow? Follow these simple tips to create a work space that improves your productivity and efficiency, no matter how small or large your home office is...

My Own List of Basic Office Organization and Home Office Supplies

Dr Seuss Mug : Oh The Places You'll Go!

This month I'm getting my home office together and doing basic office organization. Since you're following along with this project, I wanted to share the things I ordered. Standard home office supplies, with a few cool add-ons...

3 Steps To A Clutter Free Office: Fast Organizing & Clutter Control For Serious Productivity!

Home Office Desk Clutter

Here's the fix: STOP MAKING A MESS IN YOUR OFFICE! lol. If that really worked I wouldn't be writing this and you wouldn't be reading it. So here's your Clutter Control Checklist... Enjoy!

How To Break Bad Work Habits + 3 Simple Tips To Stay FOCUSED On Your Goals…

Anatole France Quote

How to analyze your bad work habits, break them, and finally get (and stay) FOCUSED on your highest priorities...

Reclining Office Chair With Massage & Heat – You’ll LOVE This One!

Reclining Massage Chair

As part of my Home Office Makeover, I needed a new office chair for one of my workstations. If you've never tried reclining at your desk... you should. It's a much more ergonomic position to work in - meaning it's way more comfortable, and helps you avoid repetitive stress or injury to your body...

July Home Office Organization Project

Home Office Organization Project

I thought it would be fun to share with you what I'm changing, what I'm fixing, and more importantly... WHY, and how those things affect productivity & workflow. You'll likely get some creative ideas for your own home office, and also learn cool new ways to increase your productivity while working online...

Looking For Writing Jobs? Get Paid For Content

Writing Jobs

There are enough jobs listed inside this site to keep someone in a sweet "work at home" position. But there also tons of paid writing opportunities that will give you awesome exposure TOO. This is what appealed to me personally, given I'm already in business online. Some of the opps are PERFECT for me, and a great way to get in front of my target market... and get paid to do it!

Choose To Live Life On YOUR Terms!

Lynn Terry at Niagara Falls

If you run yourself in circles trying to fit in every single opportunity or experience under the sun, you'll just exhaust yourself. You won't get to fully ENJOY anything if you're always busy planning or thinking about the next thing on your plate...

Outlining Your Priorities, Goals & Tasks

Put Your Plan Into Action

I had an interesting discussion recently about the difference between priorities, goals and tasks. This is an important distinction as you set out to create the life you want, or the success you desire in your business...