Successful Blogging: True Story

I just returned from a "working vacation" which makes for a great example of just how important it is to choose the right niche for your blog...

If you want to be successful, make money AND have fun at it, that is. ;-)

Want To Make More Money With Your Blog?

Who doesn't, right?! :D

The 7 worksheets I mentioned in this blog post are invaluable if you're thinking of working with Brands, Advertisers and BIG sponsors that will pay to be featured on your blog.

In that post I mentioned that I've been going into great detail on how to sell advertising and work with Brands in the last 4 Modules of my Niche Success Blueprint weekly training series.

Be sure to see the email I received from David Leigh, which I shared in that blog post too, where he shared how he's seeing success (already!) with a blog he otherwise found very difficult to monetize. He said:

"I'd never even considered working with brands for some reason, and now see what I've been missing out on!"

Fun Q&A: What I’m Working On… And Why! -(Writing Blog Tour series)

Lynn TerryIf you've been following my updates and photos around the web, it may not *seem* like I'm working much at all. :D

It's true that my life has been a busy whirlwind lately. Especially with my youngest graduating high school and getting ready for college, along with beach trips & other events mixed in.

And of course I'm water skiing every chance I get now that the weather is turning HOT here in Tennessee!

I'm actually looking forward to the slower Summer months settling in, but lately I've been really grateful for a (very) flexible work schedule and on-the-go devices. Because I DO have some awesome projects in the works, and that allows me to live life to the fullest while also enjoying my awesome career.

On that note, Ann Smarty asked me what it is I'm working on, and why - in her invitation for me to join in on a popular "Writing Blog Tour" on the topic. I haven't been invited on a Blog Tour in ages, so of course I said YES! Here goes...

Making Money With Brands & Sponsors

Bloggers & BrandsIn the last four weekly training modules of my Niche Success Blueprint series, I've been going into great detail about how to attract brands and sponsors, and form (very!) profitable relationships with advertisers in your niche.

This is a great source of additional revenue for almost any blog or niche site, and one I use myself of course, so I've been teaching the step-by-step practical application of this monetization strategy to NSB readers.

By sheer luck, coincidence, or perhaps the stars being perfectly aligned with the freckles in my eyes, I ran across Shannon Acheson's book titled Bloggers & Brands: The Blogger’s Guide to Pitching and Working with Brands.

To clarify, I'm not talking about selling banner ads in your sidebar for $30/month (or even $300/month) or being "a total sellout". In fact I advise against that, and recommend much more profitable methods of working with advertisers & sponsors... that your readers will actually LOVE! Plus it will give your credibility a *serious* boost...

Do Affiliate Marketers Qualify As Entrepreneurs?

How to Write a Product ReviewJustin Brooke started a great discussion on Facebook a few months ago, asking if Affiliate Marketers qualified as Entrepreneurs.

I'm a Super Affiliate and earn the majority of my income online via Affiliate Marketing, so I found this topic very interesting.

You may be asking "Why does it even matter?" - and in fact, several people asked that very thing in the original thread. And while I'm not sure it does matter, some very interesting things came up in that discussion regarding the difference between making money online, being an entrepreneur, and being "just" a business owner...

Text Link Ads is now Matomy Media Group

If you've been around for awhile you may remember Text Link Ads. I worked with them myself several years ago. They've now rebranded to Matomy SEO Media Group and offer a variety of new solutions for both advertisers and publishers, including:

Update w/Free Download & Cool Resources :)

Lynn TerryI have some great links for you in this post - a download, freebie, resources to help you in your business, etc.

Speaking of business, it's Saturday evening as I write this. I've been criticized (more than once) for "working on a weekend" - at which I just smile.

I love my flexible hours and working when I please. I don't live on a schedule, and certainly don't subscribe to the 9-5 lifestyle. It's one of the (nice!) perks to running a business online from a home office - or from wherever I happen to be on my travels.

Lately though, I've really been struggling with work. I'm sure you've been through phases like that too. I've been sick for several weeks straight. It started with a stress overload: entirely too many things on my plate at once, and not just business related but in my "real life" as well. You know what they say: when it rains it pours. :-|