Home Office Ideas: How To Set Up A Home Office For Productivity & Ideal Workflow

Home Office Setup

My Home Office Project is coming along nicely! I've been busy cleaning, rearranging and organizing. My goal: the ideal home office setup to increase my productivity and improve my daily workflow. On that note, here are some simple ideas for how to set up a home office (of any size) to make you more efficient...

Productivity Tip: Why I Use 4 Facebook Apps

4 Facebook Apps for ProductivityWe've been discussing simple ways to become more productive and more efficient while working online & from home.

In my post on how to break bad work habits, I briefly mentioned Facebook as a potential "Time Suck" - especially in an online business where Social Marketing is incredibly important.

It's easy to get on Facebook between tasks, or to procrastinate on Priority Tasks, and call it "work".

This is why I installed 4 different Facebook apps, and here's HOW I use them...

My Own List of Basic Office Organization and Home Office Supplies

This month I'm getting my home office together and doing basic office organization. The goal: a more streamlined workflow and increased productivity! It's already working. :)

Since you're following along with this project, I wanted to share the things I ordered yesterday. Just a few standard home office supplies really, with a few add-ons. Like this Dr. Seuss "Oh the Places You'll Go" Mug ... to remind me why I do the things I do. (And because I need serious amounts of coffee for this project!)


Here's are the new home office supplies I ordered, and WHY...


Magazine Organizers

For my growing magazine collection: 5 Magazine Organizers, Assorted colors

I use niche mags to scout for new affiliate programs, and sponsors & brands to work with. :) Why? Because they are currently paying to be in front of my target market. I also scout the articles for influencers, bloggers, authors, etc in my market.

See: Make Money With Brands

3 Steps To A Clutter Free Office: Fast Organizing & Clutter Control For Serious Productivity!

Clutter DefinitionDealing with serious Desk Clutter?
Or maybe you need "Clutter Control" for your entire home office - like me, lol. :)

A clutter free office = productivity.
It creates a more streamlined workflow - allowing you to easily find what you need, and focus on what you need to do.

Organizing clutter is not fun.
In fact, it can seem downright daunting. But office clutter is not fun either. It hinders productivity, costs you valuable time, and it could cost you a lot more than that in late fee's, missed deadlines, missed opportunities & more.

I'll make this easy (I like easy!) and break it down into
THREE simple steps so we can get this done in FAST time...

How To Break Bad Work Habits + 3 Simple Tips To Stay FOCUSED On Your Goals…

Getting Focused While Working OnlineDo you ever sit down to work (with good intentions)... but minutes later you're checking email or looking at facebook instead?

Before you know it the day gets away from you, and you've barely made a dent in your priority tasks!

It's a habit. A bad one, of course. That's what I'm going to share with you today: how to analyze your bad work habits, break them, and finally get (and stay) FOCUSED on your highest priorities. :)

Bad work habits can range from "piddling" (procrastination) to not having good systems in place for documenting your ideas, putting those ideas into action, prioritizing your work tasks, etc. These habits don't just affect your productivity, but ultimately your success and your overall quality of life...

If you really want to reach your goals in life and business, you have to buckle down and get seriously disciplined. Know what you want to accomplish, how you're going to accomplish it, and GET IT DONE.

Reclining Office Chair With Massage & Heat – You’ll LOVE This One!

Massage ReclinerAs part of my Home Office Makeover, I needed a new office chair for one of my workstations. I had a recliner at that desk before, but it broke after years of hard use (lol). I find reclining at your desk - either with a pullout keyboard tray, or the keyboard on your lap - to be MUCH better on your neck and back long term.

Given I'm dealing with a knot in my shoulder and a pinched nerve, I decided to get this reclining massage chair. :)

It arrived MUCH faster than expected, based on the expected delivery date. I got it within the same week... and the shipping was FREE on this chair.

If you've never tried a reclining office chair... you should. It's a much more ergonomic position to work in - meaning it's way more comfortable, and helps you avoid repetitive stress or injury to your body.

July Home Office Organization Project

Home Office Organization Project