Why You Should Be A Social Media SNOB

social media snobIf you know me at all, you know "snob" is not a word I would be associated with. Or not often, anyway. 😀 Every now and then someone mistakes my introverted personality for something other than "omg, get me out of this crowd before I implode!!" -lol.

It's true that I'm a classic introvert. I'm not shy (anymore), but the true definition is someone that gets drained by a crowd. An extrovert gets energized by a crowd. An introvert is happiest in their own little space - and they don't know the meaning of the word "bored".

Why does this matter? Because you can learn A LOT from introverts, such as how to become more efficient and effective on Social Media for one. 😉

That's what we're going to talk about today - how to use Social Media more efficiently, or why you should be a Social Media Snob, and what that means...

Why You Shouldn’t Ignore Twitter…

Lynn Terry on Twitter Power 3.0Why you shouldn't IGNORE TWITTER - hmm, a great title considering how far behind I am with my own Twitter accounts. 😛 lol.

(No worries, I'll catch up! I always do...)

This is a great topic for the week though, as Twitter Power 3.0 was just unleashed on the world today... and it's making a HUGE splash!

So let's talk about Twitter.

In more than 140 characters, even. 😉

What I'm going to say might offend you, hurt your feelings, make you think I'm a social media SNOB -- or it might just enlighten you and make a few light bulbs go off in your mind. Or all of the above! LOL...

Another Exclusive Coupon Code For You! :-)

I love negotiating exclusive deals for you. 😀 And this is a GOOD one!

This awesome deal is for one of my favorite training packages, on the topic of copywriting - and one I've recommended to everyone I know since I discovered it myself. It's simply a must-have if you're doing business online, in my opinion.

The package is the Sales Letter Writing Formula (our exclusive coupon code is: "lynnterryonly" - without quotes) by Richard G. Lewis. This is NOT just for writing awesome Sales Letters, although it's IDEAL for that. To be truly successful online, you really must nail copywriting. You'll use it in practically everything you do - email marketing, writing blog posts, even your social media updates!

Your Questions About The LeadBox… Answered

questionmarkAfter my post with the landing page tips & ideas, I received several questions about it across the web - so I thought I would answer those here for everyone...

That post serves as a live example that proves an obvious fact: If you can write a blog post, you can create a "lead magnet" (or write a report). Easily. **If you look at the free download, you'll see what I mean.

It's also a live example of one of the points in my notes about "a content upgrade". It's such a simple concept, but a brilliant way to build your email list... fast! I'm testing it in my other niche with GREAT results so far, by the way. Not to mention it's also a live visual case study of "smart affiliate marketing" for you to study. 😉

But for now, on with the leadbox questions (and a BIG tip!!)...

Fast, Easy Landing Page Tips & Ideas

As promised, here are my notes & ideas from the LeadPages training session we had earlier this week...

It was a seriously enlightening webinar, and I walked away with TONS of notes and creative ideas that I can implement immediately. 😀

The webinar itself was super informative, with several eye-opening insights, but it also sparked specific ideas I can USE in my business - which I loved!

My biggest take-away from the session was this:

LeadPages + Imagination = Unlimited Possibilities!

I have tips from the actual webinar, plus my own ideas for using LeadPages, so I'll just share them with you (unedited) and we can continue to discuss it from there. I look forward to hearing your thoughts & ideas too! ...

4 Steps To Grow Your Email List – Quickly

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