You’re Guaranteed To FAIL If You Do This…

Do you suffer from a "Failure to Launch" or a fear of failure? Is self-doubt and a lack of total confidence holding you back from reaching your goals in life? Watch this video to discover the ONE thing that will guarantee you to fail... and read on for 7 simple solutions to the things that keep you from achieving success!

Ready to get over your fear, get over the hump, and have a successful business running at maximum profit potential?

Schedule a private strategy session, join my group of serious action-takers and let me help you personally, or follow my own niche success blueprint from start to profit. Whatever you decide, take action today! ;-)

The Freedom in Discipline: How to Create the Amazing Life You Really Want!

Lynn TerryLast night I hosted the Brainstorming Hour session with my Private Brainstorming Group poolside in Marco Island, Florida. That's 815 miles south of my home in Tennessee, where it's been storming & cool (yucky weather! :P ).

I made the 12 hour drive (which turned into a fun 20-hour road trip!) with my two great danes on a whim - just for a change of scenery and a fun getaway with my pups.

I love being able to do that! My life is not all fun and games, but I definitely have a lifestyle most people would envy...

"I worked hard to be this lucky."

Finding freedom in discipline may sound like an oxymoron, but it's actually the key to success - or achieving anything you want out of life!

Marketing Mayhem Hits San Diego!

E Brian RoseThat's me with E. Brian Rose, taken recently in Atlanta. He's the founder of JVZoo, author of The Millionaire Within Me and Expert Fame (to be released this year), and puts on a seriously amazing event called Marketing Mayhem Live.

He's just officially announced that they're putting on a Marketing Mayhem Live event in San Diego in March!

I've already booked my ticket. :D

The August event was AWESOME. See my recap here. MML is hands down THE marketing event of the year, and the best live event I've attended in ages!

What you can expect:

- HIGH Quality Content
- Serious FUN
- Top Notch Networking

It's a "who's who" event so you'll get to hang out and brainstorm with some of the best minds in the industry.

The early bird special ends in a few days, so grab your ticket now and join us in San Diego! ;-)

Is Passive Income A Myth?

Lynn Terry on Passive IncomePeople ask me this all the time, and they often lean in and whisper it even: Can you really make passive income, or make money online even when you're not actively working? That always makes me smile.

The answer is YES. :D

Not only is it possible, it's very important.

You definitely need to make it a goal to create sustainable passive income in your business, and I'll tell you why... with some personal horror stories.

You may have heard that I've been sick lately. I traveled most of August, and came home at the end of the month with a dreaded respiratory virus that was sweeping the Midwest. It took hold as a wicked case of bronchitis, among other symptoms, which landed me in bed and kept me miserable for weeks.

4 1/2 weeks later I finally started feeling like myself again, although I'm still battling a cough and my usual high-energy has yet to return. Still, it's nice to be back to work and back on my feet! So what happens when you're knocked off your feet unexpectedly, and can't work for several weeks in a row?? It depends...

Create Ebook & Kindle Covers Like A Pro!

Create Ecovers with CoversCrushThis has to be the BEST, and definitely the cheapest, resource I've found for creating professional cover designs for your products!

It's called CoversCrush and I just purchased it myself for only $17. I've already started making a cover graphic too, which I'll show you...

I added on the 3D Pro version too, which was well worth it (for only $37), to create a variety of 3D cover graphics - which are great for selling your ebooks and reports.

This is a GREAT investment considering what professional cover graphics can do for your book and/or info product conversions! And of course it's a great (AND cheap!) investment if you're a service provider or VA (virtual assistant), and want to boost your resources & skillset for paying clients. ;-)

Celebrating 10 Years of Blogging! My Life As A Blogger & What I’ve Learned Along The Way…

Lynn Terry 10 Years BloggingAugust 2014 marks 10 years of blogging out of my 17+ years in business. What a fun milestone! :D

10 full years of blogging... and I haven't run out of things to say yet. LOL. People who know me would laugh. I can be a real talker when I get on a roll. ;-)

Interestingly, I'm a true introvert. While I'm not shy (anymore), I am definitely introverted - which is why working online has suited me so well. I can be as social as I please, and talk/blog away, all from my "comfort zone". We live in amazing times full of incredible opportunities - for anyone, anywhere!

I started out broke and clueless just like everyone else, and had to figure things out along the way, through MUCH trial and error. I now make a 6-figure income online and from home and have a fabulous lifestyle.

Let’s Work Together! :-)

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