Outlining Your Priorities, Goals & Tasks

I had an interesting discussion in a recent Brainstorming Hour session about the difference between priorities, goals and tasks. This is an important distinction as you set out to create the life you want, or the success you desire in your business...

  • A priority is something you consider more important than other things, it takes precedence over other things in your life.
  • A goal is the object of your ambition, the desired end result.
  • Tasks of course are the steps you take, the things you do, to reach that goal.

This may seem obvious, but the distinction is key when you sit down with a head full of thoughts & ideas to brainstorm the direction you want to take your life.

See the "Evernote Productivity Tips" at the end of this post. You'll learn my simple system to "gamify" your priorities and stay on task! ;-)

Checklist For Organizing Your Digital Files

organize your filesJanuary is "Get Organized" month, so this is a great time to organize your desk and also your computer files. We'll look at simple systems for organizing your digital files, and for keeping those files safe. Fun, right? :D I know, I know - don't groan! lol. It's definitely necessary. ;-)

You might just be surprised at how much money is hiding on your hard drive! From half-finished products to complete & sell, PLR Content you can use or repurpose, or training material you can implement for quick results.

Listia: Trade Your Old Stuff for New Stuff – Free!

ListiaIn my ongoing effort to organize and "get my home and work space in order" I came across Listia. It's similar to eBay... except everything on Listia is totally free!

The site runs on credits, so there is no exchange of money. You simply "trade" items you no longer want, for items you do want. How cool is that?! :D

As a bonus, you'll get 1000 credits when you sign up and another 500 credits when you list your first item - so you can go ahead and start shopping right away.

You can find everything from books to antiques, computers and electronics, basically anything you can imagine! You buy/sell through credits. So you can get rid of things you're not using, and get things you want - without spending a dime!

How To Organize Your Desk For Productivity

Today is "Clean Off Your Desk Day!" I challenge you to get your desk cleared today. Then leave a comment letting us know ONE odd thing you found on YOUR desk while cleaning it off. ;-)

Organize Your Desk

Need some simple home office organization ideas?

Want to learn how to organize your desk in a way that increases your productivity and efficiency? Keep reading!

Out With The Old, In With The New

Avett Brothers Concert on New Year's Eve 2014"Happy New Year." I thought about those words as the balloons and confetti fell all around me in what seemed like slow motion. Time stood still inside me as I watched it move all around me.

People embraced, and kissed, and cheered as I stood there... watching, feeling empty, completely detached from the scene I was standing right in the middle of. A part, but apart.

A few moments later Taylor, the vibrant young lady beside me, threw her arms around me and said "Happy New Year!" and jerked me out of my silent time warp. She was alone at the concert too, so I'd invited her to sit in my extra/empty front row seat. I smiled and wished her a happy new year too as we hugged, two strangers enjoying a night alone - together. The moment ended, the music resumed and the concert carried on...

Reminder: Last Minute 2014 Tax Deductions!

home business tax deductionsThe year is quickly coming to a close (with just a few days left!) so NOW is the time to consider any last minute tax deductions you want to document for the 2014 year.

You may want to pay your affiliates, virtual assistants, coaches/mentors and any other upcoming business expenses before the end of day on 12/31. ;-)

Consider any upcoming business expenses you may have. Do you plan to attend an event in the first half of the new year?

For example, I'm going to Marketing Mayhem Live in March 2015. I already purchased my event ticket and booked my hotel. But I just realized I haven't yet booked my flight, and definitely want to get that expense in before year-end!

Tip: You can prepay for hotel bookings, and often get a discount for doing so!

Getting On The Fast-Track For 2015! :)

Attend the free "Launch Your Year" live webinar on December 30th to kick off 2015! Register today & download your Free 2015 90 Day Journal to plan out the first quarter. ;-) See you there!