Social Media Marketing Q&A

I've been doing a lot of Social Media Q&A around the web lately, and I thought you would be interested in these topics - and my answers. :)

Social Media MarketingI recently ran a special offer on my Social Marketing Results course, and I got a great question about that in response to my email:

"Are there any updates since its release? I know some things have definitely changed, on Facebook for example."

Interestingly, my methods haven't changed, and are still working exceptionally well! But that's because I do all "organic audience building". The paid methods have changed dramatically over the years, and are still constantly changing, but I haven't used them myself - and haven't needed to...

Truth Talk: Is This Internet Marketing Stuff… Impossible or Unrealistic?



I've had some interesting discussions over the last few days, especially after sending out a message titled Earn 10x your money in 30 days - Guaranteed. :) It's an outrageous guarantee, no doubt. I was actually shocked when I saw it...

It brings up a great topic though, and I'd love to just discuss this publicly and openly. Here's a response I got earlier today on the topic:

"They say they guarantee you will earn X in a month "if you follow these steps." That's the catch: They make the steps humanly impossible to follow in that amount of time, so almost no one can get their money back because they couldn't follow the steps."

You may have felt that way yourself, not just with the offer we were discussing but with other things you've run across online. So I'll share my response with you, and my thoughts on the topic - because I think this will make for a GREAT discussion.

Struggling to find TIME to blog? Read this…

You probably have a million blog post ideas. The real problem is finding TIME to blog. Right?!

You're not alone. Almost every blogger I talk to deals with this, including me. :)

I have a personal rule that serves me very well, and I challenge you to take it on too, which is this: Create as much content as you consume.

I'll share how that works, how to MAKE it work for you, plus other common issues bloggers face - and how to get over them...

Two Internet Marketing Fast-Action Guides

Internet Marketing Guides 
As promised in my recent email, I have two low-cost highly detailed training guides and actionable tutorials prepared for you.

You'll love these if you prefer self-paced learning where you can study live examples at your own pace & implement as you go.

I made the price a total no-brainer too so you can get a FAST return upfront, in addition to very profitable long-term results...


Today: Get Both Guides For Only $15


Note: This is a pure low-cost offer and a sweet deal. No upsell, no mailing list or email followup, no hoops to jump through! If you do want more from me, there are options on the download page you can check out on your own terms - or just get in touch with me. :) *cheers*

Tutorial: How To Crop & Resize Images Inside WordPress (Live Example)

This may seem like "basic information", but I discovered recently that some of these little tips & tricks aren't exactly common knowledge.

In this tutorial, I'm going to walk you through the use of images & pictures in WordPress... and some of the most common mistakes you should avoid.

We'll take a look at one of my own blog posts as a live example, which I just published this morning, and I'll walk you through the details. Some of which you may have totally missed no matter how long you've been using WordPress!

I'll share some GREAT (must-use!) Image Optimization tips with you as well. :)

My Problem, And How It Benefits You…

My problem, besides the fact that this photo is blurry and totally unfocused (lol), is that I have some extra time on my hands for the month of October.

It's a sad, sad story. One you probably don't want to hear. Heh. The short version: I was engaged, I was happy, we were meant to move in together last month, he bailed, it's over. There ya go.

Unlike the photo, I am focused. :)

Sure I'm struggling. This has been the kind of hell nobody would want to go through. Yes, it sucks.

That said, I'm handling it like a champ. After the necessary state of shock, I sat down and made a "Lynn List" - basically a "here's what you do now!" list.

It includes a lot of sunshine, serious workouts, ambitious goals, traveling, and all the GOOD things life should hold.

What I do NOT want to do is sit around twiddling my thumbs...

I refuse to let this consume me, derail me, or keep me down. It's far too easy for that to happen when life throws you a curve ball - but I am NOT that person.

I want to use this time to do some GOOD. That's where you come in...

How To Finish The Year… STRONG!

Make Things Happen!The 4th Quarter is on us. As I write this, we have just 93 days left in the year...

How will you look back on 2015?

Will it be with excuses and regrets? Or will you look back on this last quarter with a huge sense of accomplishment and an awesome success story to tell?

It doesn't matter if you haven't yet met your goals for the year. What matters right now is how you FINISH.

You still have plenty of time to totally turn things around in your favor... and achieve amazing things! I'm going to help you do exactly that in this quick post. :)