How To Find GREAT Blog Post Ideas – Fast!

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If you want an EASY way to come up with great blog post ideas, you'll love this tip! Not only will it give you endless content ideas, it will make blogging a total breeze. :)

"Stop Blogging, Start Talking."

Blogging can be difficult. Talking is EASY. Especially if you love your topic! But how do you come up with those great blog post topics that you can whip out in quick time - consistently? I'll show you!

How I Lost BIG Money In My Online Business, And What I’m Doing About It…

Internet Marketing Lifestyle

That conversation ^ happened this morning. :) You can click on it to read the fun discussion. I have a quirky lifestyle, but it's an AWESOME thing - the freedom and flexibility of working online.

Which brings me to today's topic - and how I lost BIG money...

So You Want To Do Facebook Advertising? Master The Cheap $5 Posts Method!

Facebook MarketingWhen the $5 Posts Quick Start Training Program was first released, I bought it.

Sadly I haven't done anything with it. YET. That is about to change... :)

I've mentioned several times that I use a purely organic marketing strategy to build my online business. I haven't done paid advertising in at least a decade, back when Google Adwords was HOT.

So why now, and why did I pick the 5DP method? Two good reasons...

Free: Get The Secrets To My Niche Success!

Internet Marketing : Niche SuccessIn these two live Brainstorming Sessions I opened my private webinar room and let subscribers ask ANYTHING about my niche business, and my business & marketing advice from 18+ years of experience working online.

There were a lot of great topics covered! :)

Here's the direct download link:

FREE 10-Page Report FULL of Actionable Tips

Want to attend the next free live session?

Just make sure you're subscribed to ClickNewz to get an invitation and the log-in links! In the meantime, grab the download above which contains the interactive replay of our first session plus a detailed report of all the topics & tips covered. I've included both replay links below too...

Social Media Marketing Q&A

I've been doing a lot of Social Media Q&A around the web lately, and I thought you would be interested in these topics - and my answers. :)

Social Media MarketingI recently ran a special offer on my Social Marketing Results course, and I got a great question about that in response to my email:

"Are there any updates since its release? I know some things have definitely changed, on Facebook for example."

Interestingly, my methods haven't changed, and are still working exceptionally well! But that's because I do all "organic audience building". The paid methods have changed dramatically over the years, and are still constantly changing, but I haven't used them myself - and haven't needed to...

Truth Talk: Is This Internet Marketing Stuff… Impossible or Unrealistic?



I've had some interesting discussions over the last few days, especially after sending out a message titled Earn 10x your money in 30 days - Guaranteed. :) It's an outrageous guarantee, no doubt. I was actually shocked when I saw it...

It brings up a great topic though, and I'd love to just discuss this publicly and openly. Here's a response I got earlier today on the topic:

"They say they guarantee you will earn X in a month "if you follow these steps." That's the catch: They make the steps humanly impossible to follow in that amount of time, so almost no one can get their money back because they couldn't follow the steps."

You may have felt that way yourself, not just with the offer we were discussing but with other things you've run across online. So I'll share my response with you, and my thoughts on the topic - because I think this will make for a GREAT discussion.

Struggling to find TIME to blog? Read this…

You probably have a million blog post ideas. The real problem is finding TIME to blog. Right?!

You're not alone. Almost every blogger I talk to deals with this, including me. :)

I have a personal rule that serves me very well, and I challenge you to take it on too, which is this: Create as much content as you consume.

I'll share how that works, how to MAKE it work for you, plus other common issues bloggers face - and how to get over them...