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Whether you are just getting started with Email Marketing, or have been building mailing lists for awhile now, you'll want to check out these great Free Webinars and Free Video Tutorials that Aweber offers...

The next Webinar is scheduled for Tuesday, September 18th and covers how to Create and Send Effective Email Newsletters. On this Webinar (an online seminar), they'll discuss:

  • Why Use Email Newsletters?
  • What Objectives Might Your Newsletter Have?
  • What to Write / Where to Get Content
  • How Often - and When - To Send

… as well as offer general advice on running an email newsletter.

More upcoming Webinars from Aweber include:

How To Get Started
Wednesday, September 19

Getting Started Workshop and Q & A Session
Thursday, September 20

Get More Subscribers With Optimized Opt-In Forms
Tuesday, September 25

Click Here To Register, and get more information.
Each webinar is held online, is free to attend, and registering entitles you to replays when they are available.

Aweber also offers free video tutorials that you can view online 24 hours a day. Here are just a few examples of the videos you can check out:

How To Build an Effective Follow Up Campaign
Start an effective campaign with an autoresponder and a follow up message. Not sure what to say in your autoresponder? Watch this video for ideas on how to build trust and credibility via opt-in email.

How To Convert RSS to Email with Feed Broadcaster
This tutorial shows you step by step how to setup Feed Broadcaster on Google to send email updates about new posts to subscribers. This also includes adding a web form to Blogger.

How To Send Newsletters to List Segments
Search subscribers to segment your subscriber list based on custom fields and geographic data and then send newsletters to only those segments.

Click Here to see all Video Tutorials
There are currently more than a dozen free video tutorials on list-building and email marketing!

Aweber is the mailing list manager of choice for Internet Marketing professionals. You can host unlimited mailing lists, newsletters, autoresponders, feed broadcasters, and more from your one account.

Set up a free trial and give Aweber a test-run by visiting


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  1. Best affiliate marketing training says:

    Hello Lynn,

    Thanks for this opprtunity. I'd gone ahead and registered for the webinar.

    Now I want to ask: Must I be a subscriber to Awebar to gain from this webinar?

    Anyway, I will not be able to call in but I hope I can still download the material. 🙂

  2. I imagine you will learn a lot about list building and list management, even if you dont use Aweber to manage your mailing lists.

    That said, I'd highly recommend Aweber. What are you currently using for email marketing?

  3. The affiliate marketing training program says:

    Hi Lynn,

    I guess I may have to send you a PM about this if you don't mind.

    But in a nutshell my site doesn’t have a list form yet and Awebar don't do business with my country because it has a 'high fraud' issue online. They will not even consider me to promote their program when I sent them a mail that I am genuine.

    What is delaying is how to get payment across regularly. But once am a able to solve this then I may go for Getresponse.

    I must do it soon because my site of few months is already getting some traffic on search engine.

  4. This would be a great topic to bring up on my discussion forum - we have an Email Marketing section there, and I am sure there are others in the same situation.

    If you arent already registered (it's free) you can join us at:

    See you there 😉

  5. Aweber has got to be one of the best marketing tools I use. The price is cheap, I have multiple lists and sites and it helps keep it organized and "click of a button easy. Whether dealing with promoting traffic to my site via returning visitors or landing extra sales through email lists aweber is really the easiest way to go.

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