Auction Ads Case Study

Michael Brown is an SSWT subscriber, and an active member at my Discussion Forum... and he has found a way to dramatically increase his online income using Auction Ads.

I have been talking with him about his success with Auction Ads over the last few weeks, and convinced him to share those details with you as a Case Study that you can use as a model to duplicate his success.

This case study is chock full of nitty gritty detail. One of the most interesting things about it is that Michael used a brand new website to earn over $5,000 in under 3 months...

Auction Ads Case Study: $5,000 in 3 Months...

I published Michael's in-depth Case Study at Self-Starters Weekly Tips. You can read it online at the link above.

signing up for auction ads!

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  1. Great case study report, Lynn! Thanks to Michael for sharing.

    I'm all for increasing the output for the same amount of input.

    I'll be putting this into action immediately.


  2. Excellent - glad you enjoyed it! I got a lot out of it myself, and am looking forward to seeing some of the same results 😉

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